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The Fear of Food


Guess who's back...?
Ok - I know I am a long way off RTM, let alone eating properly... but I am starting to really worry about going back into the World of Food..

Until now I was pretty optimistic and looking forward to the challenge of maintaining, but now I am absolutely sh*tting myself about coming off the foodpacks.

Everyone has been so so lovely about my losses - making me feel a million dollars - I'll feel even worse if they then see me pile it back on, after all the little snipes about it being a stupid diet that won't work in the long run... I'm so determined to prove them wrong that I feel like I am putting extra pressure on myself, making it all the more scary.

Anyway - not sure what has triggered this today, just had an 'oh crap' moment, and needed to share.

How have you RTMers found introducing food? Are there any bods on here that have been back on food for a while - if so, did you find you put any weight back on?

Ok - i'm done. Sorry for lowering the tone :(

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Hi Anna
I'll be honest, I've really struggled psychologically with introducing food back into my life after 7 months without it. HOWEVER... I've not put any weight on so all my worrying is for nothing really.
It is hard, especially after having the comfort of not having to think about it. But I'm sure you'll be fine. Especially as those compliments will keep on coming as long as your confidence is sky high.
I met with my original group last week and none of them have put on any weight so it's testament to how well this programme works.
Try not to worry about it and just enjoy the flavours again!

All the best

ps Love the new hair. Been thinking about getting a fringe myself!
I can remember when I came off of Lighterlife/Cambridge back in April 2006 and went straight on holiday, I was absolutely panicking my butt off that I would put 12 stone on in a month but the reality is very different.

Yes it is true that a lot of people put weight on after dieting but that is because they eat too many calories, it is not the diet they did as that did a job in the past i.e. doing a diet is just a phase.

To long term maintain then you need to make changes to both your mindset and also your environment and the way you eat.

I think especially with VLCD because it is so very quick and you get so many compliments then the "being judged by others" thing comes in because you don't want to be seen to fail, and for me that was very much I didn't want to be judged by others.

But what I came to realise that it was because I didn't like myself that much and needed others to bolster me up that I was so desperate not to be big again, and therefore I put so much pressure on myself that eventually I totally fell to pieces as I couldn't use food anymore to cheer myself up.

So anyway I am waffling lol!

My advice is to forget the diet once you have finished it ! The diet is done...

You then need to think ok I am slim and I love it and I want to continue this way so how do I moderate my food intake to allow that to happen, clear any emotional eating issues, join a site like weightlossresources.co.uk to learn about portion sizes and portion control and then go live yer life like naturally slim people do.

But trust me ! Don't focus on not being big again! If you focus on what do you don't want then you will get it! Therefore focus on being slim instead......
All good advice. Especially about focusing on being slim - not on being big again.

Remember this simple saying as well:

If you always do, what you always did - You will always get, what you always got.

So its all got to be different this time. Portion size is a biggie...getting your head around what a true portion size is is a challenge.

I have followed al the reccomended foods as per each weeks addition without altering. As you know, I gained three pounds on holiday which I fetl was great. Last night, I found out I have gaine another pound. Now, that could well be the last of the holiday. Or it could mean my portion sizes are too large. Though compared to past history they seem average.

Last week was my trigger week, and the Locum adv'd me many people gain in the trigger week - but usually more than a pound, so if that is the case, then I am happy.

However - I need to pay very close attnetion this week - If this is a trend, I need to address it now. Not later. So will see what next week brings.

Thats going to be the key I think - address it NOW.

My LLC has a good litmus test:

When you take your jeans off, if it still looks like you are wearing them, take action. If not, relax.

It is scary - because its new - but you will be fine. :)

Remember that emotion of fear is very similar to the emotion of excitement (think about why rollercoasters are so popular!).

Therefore be excited about being slim and learning new ways to be healhy and happy in your life. You have done a great job on phase 1 which is getting to goal...now use the same determination and experience to get busy with phase 2 which for me was being slim 1 year after getting to goal.



Guess who's back...?
Thank you all - in particular for the advice about 'thinking slim' rather than worrying about getting fat again... it makes perfect sense.

I will try and put it out of my head for now, it's just so intimidating. I will definitely get to RTM, get through that and rule a line under the diet and try and look forward.

I will be getting a tattoo at goal saying Don't Look Back - a bit of a nod to various health problems I've had, parental bereavements etc - I've always had 'something' to use as an excuse or a reason to avoid looking at my weight as a problem ("life is too short", "there are more important things..." blah blah blah...) - so Don't Look Back would also work pretty well reference the diet... don't look back to the days of dieting - look forward to a new healthier Anna... that's the plan - AND I'M STICKING TO IT!

Icemoose - obviously you're maintaining now, and have been for a while... does CD offer a free management programme like LL (free ongoing monthly workshops for life that you can turn up to or not, depending on whether you need a bit of a boost)... part of me thinks I will probs keep visiting my counsellor regularly, even if I'm doing ok - just to keep my 'hand in', so to speak... got visions of myself leaning on a zimmer, desperately trying to get up the stairs to her office... HELP ME LLC!!! :p

A x x x


Guess who's back...?
When you take your jeans off, if it still looks like you are wearing them, take action. If not, relax.
Hahaha, Blonde!! Do you mean that rather fetching look when each and every seam and button has engraved itself into your flab?? I LOVE that look - you mean that's going to stop happening?? :( NOOO! :p xxx
lol Anna....I feel the same, thugh I won;t go weekly - but plan on a monthly attendnace, once I am well and truly confident, etc.

There is a lady in our group - she has been coming (and maintaining) for 5 years - she swears its the connection she has kept with LL.

Whatever works - whatever it takes - do it! :)

I like the tattoo idea. I am getting one, hopefully in the spring. Like yours, it is very significant of many things in my life. I drew it last year, before I started LL when I faced something very painful after denial for 22 or so years. Drawing it became my way of acknowledging and seeking forgiveness from myself. And then it became so mnuch more - it became something to acknowledge ALL loss, and it means the world to me. I cannot WAIT to have it be part of myself forever. :)

If I can find it in my photos, I'll post a pic up. :)

I really like "Don't Look Back".
Hahaha, Blonde!! Do you mean that rather fetching look when each and every seam and button has engraved itself into your flab?? I LOVE that look - you mean that's going to stop happening?? :( NOOO! :p xxx
heheh - yes! Thats the one!! :D

ANd you will also lose the permanent bra strap! :D :giggle:


Guess who's back...?
Thank you - I've never had a tattoo before, but I think you'll agree... after a journey like this, it is a very fitting time to do something as a permanent reminder... for me, it's just an added kick up the arse - if I did put weight back on and someone saw the tattoo and asked 'why Don't Look Back?', I'd feel like a total plonker...

I'm still a long way off, the design/wording etc may change... but I'm set on doing something that is significant for me.

Can't wait to see your design :)

A x
Hi again. Here is mine. :)

The butterflies will be placed on my shoulderblade and the design is on A4 paper to give you an idea of the scale. I want it worked out so I can just peer over my shoulder and see the ivy growing up and then slightly down my arm - just a bit.

I can;t wait. Been longing to have it done, but am so glad now that I didn't, as I was quite heavy - at the time knew nothing about LL - but now it will be nice to place it more accuratly :)

Here's to our new permanent badges of courage, ay? :)



Guess who's back...?
Oh wow, that's wicked!! Did you draw it?? If so, you are one talented artist!! :O

Love the idea of the placement too... I was always desperate for ivy, but couldn't get the design sorted. I might re-investigate, and maybe have it trailing around my words... hmmmm... that's thrown a spanner in the works! :D:D Hehe.



Guess who's back...?
Ooh another stunner. I'd probably do her a max of about 3/4 inches tall - she's very delicate and any bigger would take that away and make it look a bit bulky.

You really are a talented so and so, ain't ya? :p
I feel panicky too

I know what you mean Anna. I'm starting RTM next week andit's very scary.
With total abstinence it's black/white - all/nothing. Relatively easy.
Re-introducing food means CONTROL -that's the hard part for me.
I will definitely be attending the classes for the forseeable future. Most people I see on here as returners are the ones who either stopped or early or thought they didn't need to carry on with the LLC.
As for BL's art work. It's beautiful.
She is 1 very talented lady. I know of some of the signifcance of the first beautiful picture. It is poignant and ever lasting. I hope the tatoo artist can re-create the delicate design.
I know of some of the signifcance of the first beautiful picture. It is poignant and ever lasting. I hope the tatoo artist can re-create the delicate design.
<<<hugs>>> Thanks honey - you made me get all teary!! ;) :)

That is one reason it is taking me so long to get it - I want to find the right artist to do it for me - I want it "just so", so the search carrys on. I want it to be perfect. :)

Thanks doll!!


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