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The Final Push- 6.5 pounds to go......

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by LynnyH, 6 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. LynnyH

    LynnyH Full Member

    I have been checking out food diaries on here for a while now and thought I would post my own in the hope of keeping me focused and on plan. Any advice is appreciated!

    A little about me......
    I have been a serial dieter most of my adult life, I think I started my first diet when I was 18 and only a few pounds overweight, my top weight was 14stone 11pounds about 10 years ago, I have been up and down the scales like a yo yo but finally found success with the Slimming World Plan- I think the main reason is it is a plan rather than a diet and a plan I can stick to for life.

    However I have been struggling the last few weeks with cravings and bingeing. I recently returned to work following maternity leave and I am struggling with the availability of food at work. I want to achieve my healthy weight, I am the lowest weight I can ever remember being. I would love to achieve my target before my birthday at the end of august which should be easily achievable if I keep my focus!

    Thank you for reading and hopefully we can reach our goals soon!

    Weigh Day: Saturday
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  3. Elvisfan4life

    Elvisfan4life Silver Member

    Fantastic weight loss good luck for the final few lbs
  4. LynnyH

    LynnyH Full Member

    Thank you so much for your message, its good to know someone has read it and gives me the incentive to post my food diary!
    Your doing fantastically well- I can only dream of being 9 something! Maybe when I get to my healthy BMI I may reset my goal for a little lower.Good luck on your way to goal.
  5. 3mercer

    3mercer Full Member

    Good luck!!
  6. LynnyH

    LynnyH Full Member

    My First Food Diary:

    Snacks:Boiled eggs, grapes

    2 weetabix (HEB) 100mls semi skimmed milk(part of HEA) 1/2 teaspoon sugar (0.5)

    Snacks: 2 x Mint shaper bar (8) Pineapple

    Lunch:Jacket Potatoe, spinach, baked beans, Danio strawberry yogurt (1)

    Dinner: Rice, chicken, Petit pois, mushrooms, onion, pak choi, mangetout, babycorn, broccoli, fry light

    Snack: 150mls semi skimmed milk (part HEA), bourneville highlights 11grams (2) egg white (made into chocolate ice cream using chillfactor)

    Syns: 11.5

    Exercise: 60 minute walk.

    Weird food day as I was working last night and I have stayed awake all day so a few snacks consumed but within syns.
    I planned my food for tomorrow just need to keep to plan!
    Hope you've all had a good day.
  7. LynnyH

    LynnyH Full Member

    Hungry day but managed to stay within syns!

    Breakfast: omlette (eggs, bacon, mushroom), baked beans, pineapple

    Lunch:Wholemeal roll (heb), egg, lighter than light mayo (0.5), cucumber, spinach, grapes, strawberry 0% fat danio (1)

    Snack: Nakd cocoa delight (6.5) pineapple

    Dinner: Risotto, onion, leeks, mushrooms, garlic, chicken, parmesan 15grams(hea), banana, kiwi, light chocolate mousse (3.5)

    syns: 11.5

    30minute walking

    Feeling positive about the next few days before weigh in.
    Hope everyone is having a good day
  8. LynnyH

    LynnyH Full Member

    Good day- lots of walking pushing the buggy!

    Breakfast: banana, beans, eggs, mushrooms, bacon

    Lunch: Jacket potatoes, beans, lettuce, cucumber, onions

    Snack:2x mint shapers bars (8)

    Dinner:wholemeal roll (heb) 30grams cheddat (hea) lean beef mince, onion (burger), potatoes, fry light, cumin, paprika, lettuce, cucumber, spring onion, tomatoes 2x light chocolate mousses (7) kiwi

    Syns: 15

    Exercise: 50 minutes brisk walking, 40 minutes moderate walking.
  9. LynnyH

    LynnyH Full Member

    Thursday's Food Diary-
    early post today as I'm working tonight and will be going for a sleep straight after my dinner which is already to go in the oven, not a great day for super free mainly because I had to go and do a bit of food shopping-

    2 eggs and 2 slices wholemeal bread (heb) muller light banana and custard

    ​Snack: Nakd cocoa delight (6.5)

    Lunch:-frittata- eggs, bacon, potatoes, onion, herbs. lettuce, cucumber, spring onion, tomatoes. pineapple grapes, lighter than light mayo (0.5)

    Dinner: Pasta , arrabita- onion, mushrooms, pepper, passata, chilli, mozzarella (hea)

    Drinks: water and diet coke

    syns: 7

    exercise: 30 minutes walk
  10. LynnyH

    LynnyH Full Member

    Fridays Food Diary

    Quick one tonight as I'm off out for dinner, the night before weigh in isn't the best idea but nevermind!

    I worked last night so another day of staying awake and lots of snacks to keep going!

    Breakfast: Pineapple, strawberries, shredded wheat (heb + 2) 150mls semi skimmed milk (hea) half teaspoon sugar (0.5)

    Snacks: nakd bar (6.5), 4x brownie bites (10)

    Lunch: jacket potatoes, beans (boring!!!) lettuce and spinach danio (1)

    Dinner- plan to have chicken salad with no dressing, water and diet coke to drink

    Syns: 18- over syns:sigh::sigh::sigh:

    Hope the high syns today don't show with a gain tomorrow. I am a bit annoyed at myself for eating the brownies- they are for my sons birthday party on sunday- this is exactly why I don't keep high syn snacks in the house as I can not resist!!!

    Hope your all having a fantastic friday evening!
  11. LynnyH

    LynnyH Full Member

    Saturday's Food Diary

    Busy busy day, over syns (not sure by how many now) but a good start to the day
    1.5 pounds lost at weigh in, only 5 pounds left to go!

    Snack:nakd (6.5)

    Lunch: 7/8 pizza express cheese and tomato pizza (?)

    Snack: nectarines, grapes, nakd (6.5), 2x brownie bites (5)- looking forward to getting rid of these at the party tomorrow!!

    Dinner: chilli- extra lean beef mince, onion, peppers, kidney beans, chopped tomatoes, beef oxo, cumin, paprika, chilli. rice

    need to find the syns for my pizza, over syns day but I am feeling in control of my eating.
    Hope your having a fantastic Saturday.
  12. LynnyH

    LynnyH Full Member

    Sunday Food Diary

    Well I'm not sure were to begin! I am way over syns. It was my sons first birthday party today and we had a lovely day but I did eat more than I had originally planned. I started the day ok with syn free breakfast lunch but then it all went a bit wrong, but its happened now, my husband will take all the leftovers to work with him tomorrow so back on track from now!

    Breakfast: eggs, bacon, baked beans, mushrooms, banana

    Lunch: chicken, new potatoes, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, spring onion

    Party: brownie bites, chocolate/caramel bites, rockyroad bites- lost count!!!, cheese and onion sandwich, egg mayonnaise sandwich, birthday cake x 2 slices
    Its in the past, the line has been drawen and I am back on plan!
    Now should I try and lower my syns for the rest of the week or should I stick to my normal syns and I hope I manage to lose on Saturday's weigh in? How many syns would you suggest to have?

    Hope you've all had a great weekend.
  13. LynnyH

    LynnyH Full Member

    Monday's Food Diary

    Well my dilemma of how to use my syns has been resolved for today at least! After yesterday's indulgence I was unwell overnight and this morning, vomiting and upset stomach, not sure if its a stomach bug or as the result of eating food that I don't routinely eat. I still have an upset stomach this evening and haven't felt like eating very much. So here's my food for today-

    Breakfast: Nothing

    Snack: Grapes

    Lunch: 2x weetabix (heb) 100mls semi skimmed milk (part of hea) half a teaspoon sugar (0.5)

    Dinner: Risotto, petit pois, broad beans, onion, mushrooms, asparagus, 15gram parmesan (part of hea)

    Snack: Muller light chocolate dessert (5)

    Syns: 5.5

    Exercise: None

    Really hope I feel better tomorrow and I get a better nights sleep. I hope to get out for a walk tomorrow and to eat good food. I've planned my food and hope to keep on track and not to use food as a way of changing my mood.
    Hope your all having a great week.
  14. LynnyH

    LynnyH Full Member

    Tuesday's Food Diary:

    An early one today as me and the hubby are having our version of a date night- no baby sitter so sitting down to dinner once baby is in bed and then no internet (facebook etc) for me and no work for hubby.

    Breakfast: banana, weetabix (heb) 100mls semi skimmed milk (part of hea) half teaspoon sugar (0.5)

    Snack: mint shapers bar (4) muller light chocolate dessert (5)

    Lunch: jacket potatoes 15grams cheese (part of hea)- think it was cheddar cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, spring onion, lighter then light mayo (0.5) less than half a tablespoon, white wine vinegar

    Planned dinner: minced lamb koftas (0.5) with rice and salad, possibly a lighter chocolate mousse (3.5)

    Syns: 14
    Exercise: walking at least an hour with the buggy

    Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon and evening.
  15. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    Thought I'd pop in and say hi!

    I can relate to your situation- hoping to lose around 7lb to reach a comfortable and hopefully sustainable target, but as it inches closer, my willpower seems to diminish! I think I have become complacent :-/
    Hope you're having a lovely date night! Me and H2B try and have one every so often too- got one planned for thurs and I've been looking forward to it for ages!
    Rosie x
  16. LynnyH

    LynnyH Full Member

    Hi Rosie,
    Thank you so much for your reply, its good to know someone is reading my diary and helps me stick with the plan a bit more! I keep trying to think about my motivation when I am craving high syn food. Your wedding must be helping keep you on track, have you got your dress yet?
    Have a great day
  17. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    No problem! I know what you mean lol I was rambling away to myself for ages :)
    I wonder why we have started craving now! I try and distract myself- bath, painting nails, washing up etc and also have my "things to look forward to at target" list handy!
    The wedding is a great motivator, though as its still a while away its tempting to think ohh ill worry about it later....
    But the aim is to reach target and stay there!
    I haven't yet got my dress, I've been shopping and found things I like but not the one! Xx
  18. LynnyH

    LynnyH Full Member

    I manage to resist cravings most of the time but sometimes I just get on a bit of a roll and eat far too much, I know I'm not hungry but want it all the same, I can't keep anything high syned in the house that I like because I can't resist the temptation, I would love to reach a point when I can just eat one or two biscuits but I don't think I'm able to, each time I try and test this out it always ends the same way (the packet/tub empty and me guilty and further from my goal)!

    I do really enjoy the slimming world plan and can see it working, it will be fantastic to get to goal and stay there, its taken me long enough to get this close! I think plan is something that you can stick with for life and getting to goal way before your wedding will hopefully mean you will feel comfortable on your special day and one less thing to worry about as all the planning kicks in. Is your wedding in August or is that just an ideal goal date you have in mind?
  19. LynnyH

    LynnyH Full Member

    Wednesday's Food Diary

    Terrible terrible day, there are no words to explain my blatant diversion off plan, I only know I have to get back on track now. Only Two full days before weigh in, can I turn it around? Lets wait and see......

    Breakfast: omlette- eggs, bacon, mushrooms. Pear

    Snack: 2x cocoa crunch nakd (11)
    Snack: mikado sticks (16)- why I really do not know, I saw them on offer in the shops, bought them thinking they are only about half a syn per stick but I couldn't stop!

    Lunch: egg, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, spring onion, lighter than light mayo (0.5), grapes

    Snack: one and half slices of birthday cake (this was in the freezer and I actually got it out of the freezer and defrosted it after eating the mikado sticks so had a lot of time to think if I really wanted to use syns on this as I was already over syns, I binned half of the cake as I felt quite sick)- so silly.

    Dinner: pasta, onion, spinach, fresh tomatoes, chopped tomatoes, chilli, basil

    Syns: 27.5 + 1.5 slices birthday cake-? 20

    Exercise: 1 hour walking with buggy

    Terrible day, what on earth is going through my mind when I make the decision to go off plan, I know the plan works so why don't I just get on with it and get to my goal? I want to be in control of my eating, if anyone has any words of wisdom or what they do when a craving hits please let me know?!

    Hope your all having a great evening
  20. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    Whoops to falling off plan! It's a different kind of struggle to those who, say, can't resist a takeaway or a cheat meal- not sure if its easier to overcome though?! Your meals sound great which is good- as you said before maybe it'd be an idea to simply not have the high syn stuff around?
    I go through varying stages of self control, at the moment I'm ok in the house so got some small chocolate bars, but I went through a phase of no self control so refused to buy it!
    Could you keep other stuff handy to snack on? I always have pineapple, apple, bananas and fat free yoghurt in so I've no excuses, or its a very conscious "I would like to use syns on this" kind of decision.
    Wedding isn't til June! Hence I have a long time to lose it and stay there :) planning is in full swing now! It's so exciting! Xx
  21. LynnyH

    LynnyH Full Member

    Thank you for your reply. I hope your enjoying your wedding planning- loads of time to get to your goal and find THE dress!! I think i will have to go with not having high syn things in unless I have the syns to use and not buy in bulk as I know I can not resist these things around me. It is hard but its also hard being overweight, I think I just need to remember what I want more.
    I hope your having a good week.

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