The Good and the Bad...


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I'll start with the bad first...

Me and the OH had a massive argument yesterday and I ended up eating a piece of toast, then because I thought I ruined it all I ate some bolognese whilst I cooked (I stopped myself having pasta though) well - I'm now on day 1 again and have found it really hard as I don't have the enthusiasim as last week when I first started, so I couldn't manage 100% and ended up having a SS+ day - tuna / cottage cheese and lettuce (It's my new favourite meal -yum!!)

The good....

I no longer bash my hips going through the stairgates in our house... I know simple things... I only noticed today and was really upset about what I had done last night, the second good thing.... The towel now closes (well nearly) over my hips and thighs!!

I must keep on remebering these things to spur me on in the evening. I'm ok when I'm at work but it all goes to pot in the evening : ( I'm really dreading my WI on Wednesday I really wanted to lose 4lbs this week but I think I've messed it all up..

Sorry for the whinge

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Whinge awat stokegal. You are very right to point out all the good stuff that CD has helped you to already achieve - and there will be so many other benefits as more weight drops off.
Forget the little blip and good luck with your dieting x