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The good, the bad, the ugly...


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The good - wore work trousers today with NO elastine/ lycra/ stretch anything in them and they didn't rip or split or anything and I even forgot about sitting down carefully "just in case"

The Ugly - I have a boil, on my cheek, the cheek on my face :( so I am on antib's for a week so am moving up to SS+ to make sure they have the best chance of getting rid of it.

The Bad - The nurse practitioner who I saw about the boil telling me that 5 portions of fruit and veg a day would prevent me from getting boils and was very negative about VLCDs and very dismissive. However when I told her that I had reduced my BMI from 40+ to under 30 by reducing my weight by over 5 stones in 4 months and felt better than I had in years she actually wished me luck with the rest of the diet and stopped telling me how bad it was! That is the first conversation I have had on this diet with someone who was very vocally against vlcds - guess I am lucky to only have come across one!!!

Right, am off to find a bag to go on my head for work tomorrow!!!
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Please kick my butt!!
My good - beautiful long strong nails
My Bad - My hair falling out
The ugly - the boil on my bum (so i cant sit comfortably :)
Hi Wales
I have encountered a few negative remarks from nurses about VCLD's - being a nurse myself I also recall that in my days of attending Lighterlife, there were a number of nurses, pharmacists and other health care practitioners following the diet. So don't worry; there will be plenty of time in the future for the famous '5 a day'.
As for today:
Good - won some Benefits goodies (I love that range)
Bad - I have to organise a cream cakes session for work on Friday
Ugly - would a photo of my ex-boyfriend count, ha ha!


Please kick my butt!!
Bling - Does he resemble a boil? its a running theme on this thread so far LOL


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I know, what is it with the boils? Perhaps it is more like the plague than swine flu???

I did say to the nurse that in fact my mum was a Practice Nurse and in the 90s they used to treat patients with Lipotrim out of the surgery. She wasn't interested though!!
Lol! The specific ex-boyf I am recalling did have a particularly large, red and shiny face, so there was a more than passing resemblance to a boil.
But it seems I have somehow been punished for my unpleasant references to this unfortunate chap - a spot on my chin has emerged.
Serves me right!