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The Goth Thread - Inspired by Jim

xx Cathy xx

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As the title says, inspired by Jim lol.

Jim says my Atkins journey thread is the Goth thread so I said I'd set one up.

Are there any Goths, Punks, Emos, Rebels out there? And what is it that makes you fit one of these categories?

I've been called a "Wannabe Goth" as I own New Rocks and some black clothing but thats about it! Oh yeah and I like Metallica and Iron Maiden but I'm not a Goth,...... think I'm just wierd! :p
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hahaha, nice thread ;p

I used to get called "mosher" or "mosh head" back in school, long hair, baggy clothes, always wearing a band t shirt, \m/ signs all the time, etc. etc.!

Still the same minus the long hair and baggy clothes :)

xx Cathy xx

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Yeah I love my Maiden Eddie shirts but they're starting to get a little big on me now which is a good thing but also a bad thing as I'm gunna have to get some new ones!

Goth/Rocker/boho! And latter-day hippie...

It's a state of mind, not just the clothes. I have always been 'alternative'...
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Lol I just turned 40 but back in the 80's whilst most of my peers were New Romantics and Brossettes I was a Goth!!

I loved The Cult, The Cure, Guns and Roses, and Gene Loves Jezebel, we used to go to Carnaby Street to get out clothes and the boots!! OMG I had a black stiletto pair of boots and all the 10 buckles were Skull and cross bones!!! It was black hair, white faces, loads of black eyeliner and red lipstick!!

Still wear a lot of black!!

I like a bit of everything so im joining in! haha

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
I'm going to the "Goth Weekend" at Whitby on 30th-31st October with my Sister. My Dad was out there on a lads weekend when the last one was on and he said the sights to see were fantastic. They'd got all the old car hearses, and some of the "real goths" were all there in victorian style dresses etc. Course there were a few "oh my god they're wearing that!" moments too so hoping it will be a fun weekend.
I think Goth's look great. I was an original hippie back in the day.


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I've black and purple new rock boots and i love them sooo much. Never considered myself a goth though. I do like that look, with mad eyeliner, black nail varnish etc and love the chance to dress like that on occasion if it arises.
LOL, they are very old and B&W Vicky, I'll scan some in if I can find them.


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Me. I'm fast approaching 40 and I think I'm reverting back to my old look more now I've got long hair again. I had short hair for 13 years and although still loved the music and wore the occasional bit of "not just black but different" clothing I looked pretty normal. Now I keep making myself clothes with skulls on (DH thinks I'm heading for a midlife crisis or something!), bought some new DM's (which need seriously breaking in) and have upped the black eyeliner! Never done the black nail varnish though. My music tastes run from soft rock to metal. I have a 19 year old niece who is very original in her style and when she comes to visit us she influences me a lot and tells me not to let my age or size make any difference to what I wear. I have my eye on some fabric that has skulls and roses on it and desperately want some to make myself a skirt or dress. I'd like to maybe add a smallish net petticoat underneath to make it a bit poofy but worried that at nearly 40 I'd look a bit daft.


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This is the fabric that I like and later I'll get a photo of me circa 1992. I was more difficult back then to get the sort of clothes we wanted to wear. I started sewing my own clothes in 1989 for that reason as I could never find what I wanted to wear.

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I was more of an indie kid myself but flirted with goth at about age 14, patchouli and eyeliner and back-combed hair but I didn't really know how to do it well, I looked a state. GREEN face powder, to balance out rosy red cheeks and get the pale skin look - do they still sell that stuff???

Does anyone remember Riot Grrrl?! I got accused of being that once, whatever it was. :confused:

Nowadays I'm just a boring old fart! :D
This is the fabric that I like and later I'll get a photo of me circa 1992. I was more difficult back then to get the sort of clothes we wanted to wear. I started sewing my own clothes in 1989 for that reason as I could never find what I wanted to wear.
Nelly that fabric is gorgeous-I am nearly 47 and i would wear it !! I'm not ready for my twinset and pearls yet !!

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
I'm slowly adding more and more rockish things to my wardrobe as suddenly don't want to go to work one day with the dark eyes and black n purple hair (though that would be cool!). My sister and her girlfriend especially are influencing me in wearing different things by taking me in a shop called Blue Banana if anyones got one local.

Jim would love to see the hippy pics!
Maybe it's just me but I find the very pale skin and dark red lips and black eye makeup very sexy indeed.

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