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The Gym and Ketosis do not mix!!!


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Oh my goodness, I'm just back from the gym and I am knackered.....and I mean knackered. I used to be able to run on treadmill, go on the rowing machine, the bike and do weights and be tired, but not like this. I know its because I do not have any sugar reserves to draw on, but it was quite a shock.

I know I shouldn't care what others think, but I could see people looking at me as if to say...'she's only just got here, why is her head beetroot red':eek:. I'm not going to let it put me off though...I will have to take it easier though as I felt really light headed, so I think I might leave the treadmill on Wednesday. I'm being good....I plan to go to the gym three times a week. That is my plan for maintenance....the dreaded EXERCISE!!

Just thought I'd share.
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Good on you for going to the gym honey - very brave!! lol

I find jogging on wii fit and boxing on my brothers massive! punchbag is a really good work out. I can only manage about 15-20minutes cuz then i am worn out! but every minute counts :D

Keep it up chicken x


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Well I really admire anyone that exercises on LT! I tried it and like that would be exhausted but not only while exercising but would have like dead limbs for 2 days after. I too would have used to a lot of exercise before. So I just decided not to do it till I am finished!

Well done and good on ya. But do be careful. Don't want ya fainting while jogging on the treadmill.


Here we go again!
I'm able to go to the gym 3 times a week and love it. I really need to cos I have so much weight to lose and don't want to have the dreaded saggy skin.

Just take it easy when you start and build up, that's what I did. You know the exercise is brilliant for you but don't overdo it!
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Well done, I'm hoping to go back to the gym when I'm doing maintenance too....after all, I paid £250 at the beginning of this year and have only been twice!!!
I havent even attempted any exercise! im a cleaner and thats tiring me out on its own!i used to go running three times a week but just not got the energy!
deb x
Its ok if my clients aren't in coz i can take my time and have a sit down from time to time but most of them are always in so there's no time for a rest!:( its strange coz somedays i have loads of energy and some days i have none! :cry:
deb x


It really does work! :)
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One step at a time Shazpaz....I did some weights last night, only little ones, not the heavy stuff like I used to do. Boy was a sore this morning....It's a good job my weights are in the back garden otherwise others would be looking over and saying, look at that pansy, can't lift anything! lol


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i have been going to the ym 5 times a week and its so tiring, i have been doing a proper work out -20 mins running, 15 mins cycling, 20 mins rowing and then 15-20 mins on the ski thingy machine, i burn about 500-600 cals in the session. I was thinking because i ate so much chocolate last week when i cheated it will still be in my system to burn off so thats why i hve been working out so much, i have lost 4 pounds in 3 days so going good :)


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Thanks guys. Wow SBR08....I don't know how you have the energy. Well done for losing 4lbs in 3 days....thats because you are burning off more then you are eating (well drinking!!!).


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Hey Shazpaz, I think a little at a time (like some of the others) is best. My energy is down too and cant seem to do as much exercise as Im used too. but exercise has so may more benefits than just losing weight.I have 4 active kids, single parent. I need the exercise to releive stress and besides it makes me feel proud to do it (although Im hateing it all the way through. Slow and steady wins the race??
Maybe. I hope


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yes i was loosing a lot of weght but today i have PUT ON 1Ib since yesterday and i think its because im working out so much and my muscles are getting bigger etc so will lay off it a bit, but i am loosing inches still!
Ladies, just remember muscle weighs more than fat! If I dont lose much weight I'm still happy as I'm actually starting to get a waist, WOOPWOOP!
I've been trying to go to the gym 4 times a week and find it actually gives me more energy, must be all the endorphines.
But make sure you drink lots of water before and after and this will help to stop the tiredness.x

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