The Habit Audit


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This to me is one of the most important parts of the book! But I have to admit to doing the quiz, and then forgetting about doing anything to help! So... here are the possible habits that people would need to work on:

A) Non Mover
For one reason of another, you're not exercising at the moment. It's important to get moving, so start to...

Habit to work on: Be Active

B) Short on Support
You'd like some help with losing weight, but it never seems forthcoming. In fact it seems as if people around you try to sabotage your efforts...

Habit to work on: Get Support

C) Low Confidence
You want to lose weight but you're not sure whether you have the skills or determination to succeed...

Habit to work on: Manage Your Thoughts

D) Others Before Self
You are one of those people who is always busy sorting out others' problems, and consequently you have little time for yourself. Your needs have been last on the list for too long...

Habit to work on: Take Care of Yourself

E) Because It's There
When you see food, you want to eat it. And there seems to be food everywhere you look...

Habit to work on: Sort Your Surroundings

F) Unrealistic Goals
You're used to setting goals, but they are often too unrealistic and so difficult to attain...

Habit to work on: Learn From Experience

G) Risky Routine
You find getting into a routine with your eating tricky at the best of times - and when it comes to high days and holidays all your good intentions fly out the window...

Habit to work on: Plan Ahead

H) Comfort Eater
You tend to reach for food as a way of dealing with your emotions. It seems as if your feelings are in control of you, rather than vice versa...

Habit to work on: Manage Your Feelings

I) Snack Attack
You're not really aware of how much you're eating, and your constant snacking is piling on the weight...

Habit to work on: Measure and Record

Low Priority
You've joined Weight Watchers but are not sure that you want to lose weight right now. Maybe you came with a friend or perhaps someone has persuaded you to come along when you're unsure...

Physical Problems
You're concerned that physical or medical problems could hinder your weight loss.

The last two it says before you choose a habit read page 151/152.

After doing the quiz, the two habits I need to work on are F and H. (Unrealistic Goals and Comfort Eating) I've tried to set realistic goals now - see the January Challenge. My aim won't actually be that high in the future months, it's just because I know that you tend to lose more in the beginning. After January I'm going to aim for a loss of 1lb a week. True, I'll always want more... but that's going to be my aim.

Also, with comfort eating... I'm trying to deal with all my emotions. It's really difficult and has been a struggle the last week but I've been dealing with it. I think just taking it one day at a time is the key. But it's something I'm still working on.

Have you taken the quiz in the book?? If you have, what habits will you be working on?
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