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The hangover munchies :(


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Only my second week on plan and I was VERY bold this weekend. Was drinking on Friday night and was quite good all alcohol was syned, but when I woke up on Saturday god love anyone who stood in the way of me and food :17729:. I wasn't in my own house which didn't help because biscuits etc were readily available. Saturday turned into Sunday and even though the hangover was gone the munchies it seemed wanted to stay :sigh:. Oh well the weekend is over and I started back yesterday being very good,trying to avoid syns altogether (well as much as possible anyway don't wanna end up binging again because of it). What happened happened and I hope it dosnt affect the scales too much on Thursday evening. :ashamed0005::ashamed0005:
Any one got ideas for SW safe hangover munchies, for next time?
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We've all been there, and I know I certainly will again. Haha.

Slimming world chips are a great hangover food, even better is a slimming world chip butty.

Also, tortilla pizza - tortilla wrap (5-7 syns), tomato purée, cheese (HEA) and whatever veg and meat you have all free. :)

another one is slimming world KFC. All delicious and hangover friendly.


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Slimming World Burger with potato wedges.....nyum


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Full on english 'dry' fry up. Yum.

Seriously though, I know we're all different but I would draw a line under the weekend and start afresh. If you try to play catch up you're perpetuating the binge/starve/binge/starve mentality. Not good.
We all slip up, and that's ok. One week isnt going to break you :)

Have your syns, ENJOY them and stop punishing yourself. Start again and carry on.



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I am guilty of this its like my stomach feels like a never ending pit whenever i drink alcohol, and the urge strong, but have to try really hard and eat something filling like as mentioned fry up in the morning and some pasta with cheese as your hexa is always a winner :D


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I have a hangover today and a busy day in work! WI tonight I must be good!


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If you are suffering a bad tummy hangova?? Anything tomato based really helps, i.e pasta in tomato sauce, homemade tomato soup?!? Something to do with wots in the tomatos?!? Sometimes i will syn some tomato juice with tabasco and worcester sauce, yuk i know but does help?!? Also a glass of slimline tonic helps a hangova?!? (just dont put another gin in it lol) and then i try to keep some syns for takeaway, chow mein, chicken jalfrezi + boiled rice etc!!! I need a bit of stodge!! Always helps me!! Xx