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The Highs and Lows of Development

Calling all Developers

Thought we could maybe keep this thread going for everyone in Development. There are quite a few of us who all seem to be struggling with it. Surely there is someone - anyone - who isn't!?!

A nice little Development haven thread for us all to chat about the highs and the lows. Unfortunately it's all about the lows for me just now, but lets see what everyone has to say...

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Good idea!

I only have a couple of weeks left in Development - but this is a great idea - could have done with it a few weeks ago to be honest - it might have stopped Chipageddon!
Great idea & thanks for doing it! I'm sturuggling with development as its just SOOO wishy washy & ustructured, although the LLC is trying to remedy this. Having people in & out all the time is also really unsettling for me! Still not cheated but defnately finding it harder but trying to stay in the zone and take it a day at a time!


has started again!!
Great idea TG. I am one who is finding developers a trial, a lot of the time. There are some fantastic highs but also some pretty miserable lows too.

I think our LLC is well aware of the shortcomings of this area of Lighterlife, and she too has attempted to make it more "user friendly" for us all.

If we all get together and share our knowledge, thoughts and inspiration it can only be a good thing. As mentioned on an earlier thread, we must also applaud our own successes as well as asking for help when we need it too.

See you there.......
Even our LLC has admitted to struggling with Development, Apparently they go in a 12 week cycle otherwise they are repeating themselves every 4 weeks, I have been in development for 4 weeks and seen 4 different faces, lost 3 faces and still not grasping development! We are all having a battle with it and there is little councilling more chit chat amongst ourselves, and nearly everyone is having a pick! there is a lot to be said about the "100 " magic figure. This week we are all to set ourselves a mini goal and work from there....... I have said I want to lose so much in 6 weeks and really we have all gone back to basics - SMART and thought records.
One of my problems is that I've only been to one Development session since starting this phase. But by the sounds of it - from chats with my Foundation friends who have been attending - it's all non stop chat about cheating!
So really I'm thinking that I haven't actually missed out on anything. From Day 1 I've had to seek my support from outside as I've found the counselling very basic and my LLC, as lovely as she is, is not a counsellor.

Sez - your LLC sounds fantastic! it's brilliant to hear that there is some genuine creativity out there.

So what is the answer in Development if you're not getting what you need from the groups?

Is it goal setting?
I'm going to set some around days I'd like to complete and a weight goal.

Maybe we can do our own version of re-hashing the green book on here?
A bit of sharing maybe on anyone's chapter of choice?


has started again!!
I think goal setting is a great idea, breaking down what we have left to lose in smaller, more managable chunks.

My current goal in a weeks total abstinence which I am thruthfully finding very hard to achieve. Some days it has "only" been a slice of ham or similar, but abstinence is abstinence and eating any thing just doesnt do it!

Another thing I am not very good at,at all, and would like to improve on is my thought records. I know they are a very very useful tool, and using them properly is a great way to help focus on the path ahead.

Mrs Lard

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Hello Everyone

This is a GREAT idea! Well done TG! I freaked out from the very first Development session and that...set the scene, I think. This will be so helpful for all of those who remain in Development and who are coming behind us; how great to give THEM the benefit of our experience. Good and bad, of course.

Cerulean and I have had a big debate about Development (into Management) and I have asked for lots of support while in Development. If it helps, I can find out all the relevant posts that I know about and link them here?

Second, having been diligent about writing up every single Foundation session on my blog, I stopped in Development. This thread has provided JUST the prompt I need to get them on paper (well, online!). We have a fantastic LLC and so I rate her sessions so could pick the best bits to share.

Like many others, I feel very very strongly that LL fails to deliver during this critical period and now that I have got the Management materials to read, the contrast is even starker. I feel strongly enough to write to my LLC tomorrow! She is very receptive to feedback and will definitely feed it back to HQ.

Knowledge is power so bring it on!

Mrs Lxxxxxxx

Mrs Lard

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Hi Sez

Not sure if you saw but I posted a "how to do a thought record" thread on minis. Several people have found it helpful so I hope it helps you, if you can find it.

Good luck.

And well done for keeping on!

Mrs L xxxxxxx


has started again!!
Hi Sez

Not sure if you saw but I posted a "how to do a thought record" thread on minis. Several people have found it helpful so I hope it helps you, if you can find it.

Good luck.

And well done for keeping on!

Mrs L xxxxxxx
Yes, read it avidly! Thanks!
Maybe post a thought record on here Sez, if you don't mind sharing? :D

Mrs L - I'm definitely sharpening the pencil for a letter to LL on Development. I wonder how many people they lose during this time? I really think they should offer a 1-2-1 session at the start to do some serious goal setting and planning. Even just one of these at the start would be better than what we get. And don't get me started on that scrapbook!

I really think we could help bring about a change for the better!! Let's keep in touch via this thread and build up a strong case - the more contributions we get, the better.

Just can't say well done enough!

Big kiss.

Mrs L xxxxx


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Cor - yes! I am absolutely livid that it costs £66 during Development - the £66 raise a couple of years ago was supposedly to pay for the DVDs and support materials - balls and bands and all that - but during Development there should, at the very least be some sort of book - one for each 4 week cycle. They should either drop the ongoing price or discount it for long term people who commit - perhaps at this stage you could buy your packs in 4 week chunks for a discount.

I've watched people dropping like flies at this point - I am only the second person to make it to management (I'm counting chickens but I think I'm entitled to!) out of 12 so far. The people with more than 3 stone to lose and make it through the 100 days and then continue are easy money for LL and we are being short changed. There shold be incentives. Maybe if you make it to a healthy BMI (or a pre agreed appropriate goal) you get a week free or something.


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This is great, thanks! I am also struggling in development, it definately lacks focus. We are the only group my counsellor runs during the day so have been mixed development and management which I think is quite unusual, no-one else has joined but several have moved on. Now there are only two of us left on development and usually only about 3 in the class every week (though not always the same 3). The other one in development is thinking about transferring to management so I will be facing my last 3.5 months of LL alone. I can't do an evening session as I have no-one to childmind (DH is often away in the week). I am really not looking forward to this and its this feeling of being left behind that is the main part of my problem I think.

I have said elsewhere I have recently gone back to my foundation book and have been taking notes from it and I am wondering whether to start working through it again on a weekly basis as I think I've got about 100 days left on this plan. I have also been rewriting my goals. Maybe we could list them here? They would feel more real that way - as if we were re-affirming them in class somehow.

I did ask at the beginning of development whether I could go back through foundation but was told I couldn't.

Mrs L - link anything you think will help! I was one who found your thought record thread very helpful. However I am still not sure when to use one and when I did I found my overwhelming feeling was boredom but boredom isn't a thought so the whole thing didn't really make a lot of sense if you see what I mean. Any thoughts that may help? A virtual slap would be fine too!

Cerulean - chipageddon, I just love it!


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Well at this rate Mrs L, I'm close to re-designing the entire Development phase myself! Hmmm...not sure they could afford my fee though - he-he-he... :D
How funny! And appallingly true. I wish I could tell you some of the things my LLC tells me ;)


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Wow, just read everything else thats been posted whilst I was thinking of what to put in mine. What fantastic ideas Cerulean, certainly the £66 could be reduced in some way as we don't really get anything now either in the classes or to take home.

In the case of someone like Sez (Hi!) who has such a thoughtful counsellor then maybe the £66 is still worth it but I certainly feel shortchanged at the moment.
Hi Helen

Can't sleep, won't sleep so am...back on minis! If it is any help, I have done some thought records on my blog and I know Cerulean has on hers.

My take on thought records is that they are there to reveal FEELINGS! And boredom is definitely a feeling - probably masking something else, I would guess. My thought records have tended to be pretty heavy but then that's because I do them in moments of complete crisis. I seem to remember one was prompted by eating crisps and it turned out it was something totally and utterly unrelated. But that's why they are powerful tools. If it helps, share the thought record - either on here or one:eek:ne. Another thought record - a Starbucks moment - was about feeling incredibly lonely. That thought (of being lonely) was the last thing on my mind as I queued up!!

The key thing to remember is that a thought record is never wrong - they are your thoughts (well, that's what I believe)!

Your LLC situation sounds quite...challenging! No wonder you are nervous.

I will definitely start hunting and encourage anyone else to do the same (for Development stuff).

Cerulean - more things to think about and some great ideas!!!

Onwards to victory!

Mrs L xxxxxxxxx

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