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The (Im secretly BONKING Johnny'Thread.

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Oh dear ... sorry Mrs Depp but your Johnny is a bit of a bad lad. I met him in Asda a couple of weeks ago in the shampoo aisle - he asked me what I thought of Charles Worthington shampoo but I had to confess I was an Asda Smart-price girl so couldn't help. It was just a ruse to talk to me though because he already had a bottle of Head & Shoulders in his trolley!!

Anyway, we've been secretly bonking ever since.

I fessed up to Mr RD but he said it was OK ... I had to have some kind of a distraction now that Cheesy Wotsits are off the menu.

Anyone else fallen for JD's charms??


Talks too much
sorry mrs depp but i met jonny at a local 'chic sheep' competition here in northern ireland, (its well known that mr depp is a admirer of the irish sheep and is a regular at such events). anyway, me and him had a quick fumble in the hay between the 'Swimsuit Sheep' and 'Sexily Sheared Sheep' events.

SO sorry Mrs Depp! i couldnt resist!!


Talks too much
i dont know, hopefully she wont be too mad with us, but just with him. maybe she will chase him round the kitchen with a frying pan and knock some sense into him??

when jonny wants u, its hard to say no!!!
The bright lights, the noise, the flirting, his sexy jawline, too much champagne etc etc....

I feel so cheap......
I know! I am not sure how I can look Brad Pitt in the face anymore.....


has started again!!
TUT TUT girls!! And MIKE.....OMG!! You little monkey!!

Any way, I met JD at our local fish fanciers convention. It seems he is partial to long evenings discussing the merits of the Fancy Fantail. Well, once we knew we had that one in common, it was fantails all the way, if you get my drift........
I knew he was BAD!, I knew he was irresistable but who cant forgive such a sexy man, please tell me MORE of your encounters.
As for me, I was minding my own business in Woolies whne he came along and asked me which way it was to the rest room and could I help him??? Obviously rest rooms empty and both os us on our lunch hour, one thing lead to another and the excitment of nearly being caught by Mrs Depp who was looking for household items......... needless to say HEs a VERY VERY BAD LAD!!!!:D

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