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The journey that keeps on beginning....

Why am I starting this thread ... well i guess it to remond myself that I have done well in so many ways since starting slimming world.

My weight losses have been, well, rubbish.. and yes I hold up my hands Ive stopped and started with plan, basically because Ive been enjoying my life.
I do want to lose weight, but Im not miserable in my current body, I have clothes that I love and feel good in, I guess i know how to dress myself whatever the weight (i work in fashion) however... my BMI is way way too high, the fat level in my body is apparently 44.2% and that to be frank is awful.
Im newly wed, have a daughter aged 12 and a stepson 15, I love my husband I love my life, I dont want to cut it short !!! Simple... ish.

So a few false starts, but Im moving forward, the scales arent sayin much, BUT the tape measure is going in the right direction, and i suppose if the inches are coming off Im doing something at least half right!!!

I deceided for sure tonight after much umming and arring that I have to try red and green days as well as EE as Im not convinced that EE works for me ??? I know loads of people love it but a handful dont so need to rule that out.

I started SAS log, which highlighted immediatley that I was getting some bits wrong even though I thought I was being a saint :angeldevil:

I have been organised the last few days and planned things out a bit more and admit that it does avoid trouble.:flirt2:

Im pleased with myself that I have stopped eating some of the crap and im losing inches. AND I HAVE NOT INCREASED WEIGHT FROM MY START WEIGHT -YES THAT MEANS IM BACK TO SQUARE ONE, BUT HEY IT COULD BE MINUS ONE !!!!!!

Now I know that a few of you wont agree with my next decision... but here goes anyway.....

Im not going to the class !!!
  1. I got a promotion at work, workload is very heavy for the next 4 weeks. The local classes are random times and Im struggling to get there.
  2. I be-grudge having to pay the fee when Ive not made it due to work.
  3. The leader at my group doesnt inspire or motivate me, and to be honest Ive seen her de-motivate some people more than once.
  4. My husband has agreed to be my mentor/leader and I ll be his.
  5. If I cant go it alone I ll join the online, but its £80 to start and dont want to fork that out just yet.
So thats it!!!
Ive made the decision and Im going to stick with it.


Just done the shopping and stocked up on my bits and bobs to stick with the plan, so here goes yet another new beginning.

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Hi red, so is this going to be your new food diary too?
Shrimpy said:
Hi red, so is this going to be your new food diary too?
Yes shrimpy I think it will be!!
I'm giving myself the weekend to prepare myself, shopping, cooking and going to plan everything out.
Got two days in London this week with work, which will be sooo tricky, as the lunch is usually very restricted, and eaten quick to carry on the work, but I'm just going to do the best I can.

I know not going to class probably is risky, but I guess that's you can come in ???? I could be your project ha ha ha

Seriously I'm only kidding, but I will prob need your direction a little , as always !

Anyway I'm off to get my new tattoo, 3 hour job, soooo excited !!!!

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Oooh! New ink?! Cool!

I'll check in on ya. :) And just keep updating, cause sometimes the updating is what stops me thinking "aww screw it".
yes yes, just got back with my new , rather red looking tattoo.
Its amazing, its the green tara buddha, at the moment without colour but will be full colour by the end of the year:flirt2:

my hubba has also had a pin up girl on his leg, inspired by me on our wedding day:p its so cool !!!

Ok so today is the new day one.

Oats simple made with skimmed milk from allowance, topped with frozen mixed berries (they start to defrost in the porridge )

Diet coke

Coffee, with milk from allowance.

Worked right through lunch... Bad habit I know, must try harder.

Quorn spaghetti bolognese (was in the freezer from last time made it)
with mixed salad... Peppers, toms, red onion, cucumber, lettuce

Coffee with milk from allowance

Snack a jacks ..those new ones , can't remember the name erm ... The ones that are 3.5 syns ???

Going to have some berries after my coffee with a muller

Not a lot really is it ??

Will maybe have a little snack later, maybe ryvita and cottage cheese???

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I couldn't work through lunch! I have to eat!!!!! Otherwise looks like a good day! Get some more syns in you though! :D
I never mean to, but Monday is a work from home day, and so try to get as much as poss prepped for the week, then when out on store visits can concentrate on that.. Anyway

So yeah I just was ploughing through it and kept thinking I'd make something soon, but then it was almost 5pm!!!

May have the cheeky little bag of snack a jacks.. Or could have pack of mini Oreos he he. Xx

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Mmmmm, mini oreos would get my vote, but I did just have a bag of snack a jacks. LOL
Well I just had two ryvita with cottage cheese and sliced onion, peppers and a sprinkle of Franks hot sauce mmmmmmmmm Delish

Guess I'm making up for missing lunch !!!

Also no wine tonight... Not even one glass WOW

Couldn't be bothered going for some and but short of money, had to pay daughters trip and yesterday she was competing in a disco comp, the cost is unbelievable... Really. We were there from 8 in the morning until 430pm....what a drag it was, love watching her but not the hundreds of other kids good,bad and otherwise, and the music is shocking, any pop disco song is sped up by about 20% it's like disco speed freaks!!!

Anyway, maybe another coffee and then bed. Have a day off tomorrow as I have to work on Saturday boooo!!

Not much of a day off though, solicitors, dentist , then the well woman clinic, fun fun fun ....


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Sounds "fun". :(

I have a full day's teaching!!!!
So so tired two days of intense meetings in London , head is mashed!
have done well with food, and stayed on plan mostly. Have lost 2lb on my scales!!!!

Think I've been so busy I've stopped stressing about the plan and just doing it !

Too tired to do a diary, will get in the swing of that on Monday tho x

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Well done and welcome home!

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