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  1. Double Dee

    Double Dee Full Member

    Hi just wondered what everybody's last straw was to start the CD...... Here's My Story

    2 year ago i give birth to a beautiful baby boy Reece who i love with all my heart, however after i give birth i weighed 19st 10lb at my six week check, since i was had decided that i was havin no-more children i started my battle with the doc's to have a breast reduction, which i have wanted to get done since i was 16 now 27, so the first thing the told me to do was lose weight and come back.

    So 18 month down the line and weighing 13st 13lb i have yet again been turned down, even tho i had been advised off the doctor not to lose anymore weight as i was puttin a strain on my spine.

    So the appeal started and i received a letter back from the plastic's (who might i add haven't even seen me) saying my Bmi
    was still to high. So i saw my doc and asked what the biggest damage i could do to my back if i lost the weight and she couldn't tell me so here i am and vow to prove the docs and have my op.

    Bonus is i get married this year so losing the weight is a bonus.

    Oh and i Lost 8lb at my first WI. Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. slinkysarah2b

    slinkysarah2b wants big losses!

    Aw well done to you! Well it will be a double whammy for you then with your new weight loss this year! Go show 'em girl, you can do it!

    All the best x
  4. slinkysarah2b

    slinkysarah2b wants big losses!

    Oops, forgot to mention my last straw....had 2 children close together (17ms) 9 years ago...and struggled ever since trying all sorts of diets, you name it, I've done it. CD was the only one where I really lose the bulk of my weight and it felt so good...I remember it well 2 years ago and thought, enough is enough...I don't like my body, I don't like what I've done to it...I don't like looking at photos of me..and I want to be a super sexy slim mum!

    Back on CD 100% again today..picked yet again yesterday BUT I know I can do it and I WILL!

    Let's go for it! x
  5. tel77

    tel77 Full Member

    the doctor should be thinking what strain your breasts may be putting ion your back and not the loss of weight .good luck on your journey

    ps.have you tried another doctor for a second opinion?
  6. tel77

    tel77 Full Member

    oh forgot i started this diet as i never thought i had much of a problem ...until i buy new clothes and the ones i like dont look good on overweight people..also i stopped smoking and put on even more so its time for it all to
  7. Double Dee

    Double Dee Full Member

    My doctor is fighting for me, it's the plastic's that won't see me.:cry:
  8. Double Dee

    Double Dee Full Member

    Well done for packing in smoking too, i did it in Dec and have to say the best thing i ever did. xx
  9. Latina Inglesa

    Latina Inglesa Full Member

    Great post!

    I wanted to lose weight for my wedding in 2006 but never did, I was around 20 stone. I then wanted to lose weight before having a baby and never did, I was around 21 stone when I got pregnant in 2007.

    I have been trying to lose weight since I was about 15! I did manage to lose some when I was about 17 and kept it off until I was 19 but then it piled back on.

    In January my sister gets married in South America and all of my family over there are going to see me, some people I haven't seen in over a decade. I can't bear to think of them not recognising me or being shocked at my size (I weigh about 10 stone more now than I did the last time I saw them) so I guess that is my last straw :)

    I also don't want my daughter to grow up with a fat mummy, I don't want her ever to be embarrased or follow in my footsteps.

    Looking forward to reading everyone elses :)
  10. Memphis

    Memphis Full Member

    Saw some photographs from a night out that made me burst into tears.
    I think I have a reverse body dysmorphia. I put something on and think I look fine. Then I see photos and think 'oh my gawwd!!'
  11. lighterby3stone

    lighterby3stone Full Member

    For me it was my mother. I see how much she struggles to do the simple things we take for granted, and it's all because of the extra weight she has carried since she was a teenager. I decided I don't want to be like, I don't want to be an old woman before I'm old (Mum is only 59). Bonus is I will be nice and slim for my wedding next year.
  12. eyeontheprize

    eyeontheprize can see the end in sight!

    OMG i am the same. i never realised i had gotten so fat until i saw a particuarly bad picture and thought ''JESUS CHRIST!''
  13. sleepybird

    sleepybird wants a pony

    Ditto, mine was seeing photos pasted on facebook. I was motified x
  14. furrysmudge

    furrysmudge Gold Member

    "Saw some photographs from a night out that made me burst into tears.
    I think I have a reverse body dysmorphia. I put something on and think I look fine. Then I see photos and think 'oh my gawwd!!' "

    That sound's so like me! Even the first time I went to see my CDC i wore a long red jumper and black skirt and thought I looked good....she sent me the pic by email....and I've never worn that jumper since! It will be my 'before' pic when I get to target. Anyways, my last straw was when I was diagnosed with a cyst in my achilles tendon which is very painful, and the surgeon said although I need surgery, he is not willing to do it because of my weight and there would be too many complications.....xx
  15. Latina Inglesa

    Latina Inglesa Full Member

    I'm the same! Think I look fine then when the photos come back :fear:

    Oh well, just think of how much we will love those photos when we get to our goal weight! :D
  16. eyeontheprize

    eyeontheprize can see the end in sight!

    ouch Suzie! Achilles injury = pain. You have my sympathy! X
  17. Memphis

    Memphis Full Member

    Hey, good to know I'm not the only one! Weird eh? You'd think we'd be more critical of what we see in the mirror too.
  18. Louise R

    Louise R Full Member

    I see myself slimmer than what i am, i can walk around town feeling fab, then i catch a glimpse of myself in a shop window and 'Bang' i realise i am not just a bit overweight like i thought, but obese. Been kidding myself. I have 5 kids, daughter age 8, son age 6, daughter age 4, son age 2 and daughter 16 months. I feel embarressed for my kids when i take them to school, especially when everyone else seems to be skinny with nice pretty summer clothes on, and there is me with my oh's t-shirt on as nothing else fits and my 1 and only pair of trousers that fit that need to be washed and dried every day! I used to be confident and outgoing, now i am just miserable and depressed. Final staw. Ordered Dc the other day, am on day 3 now and feel so great that i am doing something about it. I am nervous about my 1st WI though!.
  19. Luci-De-Milo

    Luci-De-Milo is going to do this!

    Well for me it was three things that happened at once.

    It started when a pair of very expensive but incredibly gorgeous boots I saved up for, for absolutely AGES, arrived and... they didn't fit! I was so shocked, I've only been fat for about 2 years now, before that was a size 8/10, and I never would have even thought of something like boots not fitting. They are currently in their box, and when I reach my goal I'm going to wear them on my first night out! :)
    Anyway, at the same time, we got our family hols pics developed, and OH MY GOD I looked like a whale! I was so upset, I hadn't even realised how bad I'd got. Then I looked at some pics of me a few years ago, in a tiny top and mini skirt, and thought.. I want to be like that again, I want to be HAPPY.

    The biggest thing came two days later, I went to a birthday party with friends, and after a few hours I found myself sitting in the corner with a drink, alone, and suddenly I realised how different my life was just because of the weight I had. Before, I would have been excited about the party all day, gone shopping with my friends for a new outfit, once there I would have danced with friends and chatted to loads of different people. What had I done instead? All day, absolutely dreaded the party, spent all day in front of the mirror not trying to see what I'd look good in, but rather what made me look the least fat, I had absolutely no confidence at the party and didn't dance at all, barely spoke to anyone... it just so wasn't me. The biggest worry, was that I'm starting university in October. I just thought to myself, Fresher's week is the time when I'm going to be meeting everyone, mostly at parties, is this what I want to be like? If I'm overweight when I start, I won't talk to anyone cos I'll feel too insecure, and then how will I make any friends, and how will I have fun?! So.. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
    And there you are. A pair of boots, some photographs and a party later, I'm on CD. And I *WILL* be at least 9 stone before university. Ah I got upset writing all that... silly me. Sorry I've gone on so much!
  20. Izzycat

    Izzycat Full Member

    Yes, photo's on facebook did it for me too, along with my massive 36GG boobs! My shoulders were killing me every night - poor OH had to rub them!! lol
    i am happy to report that they are now a manageable 34F, although OH not too impressed - but on the bright side - his hands arent killing him so much!!

    I had been listening to Paul Mckenna CD's and i think they brainwashed me into thinking i looked ok, when infact i was far from it.

    CD is working for me, although i am on week 8 and its getting a struggle - especially as its my birthday next week.

    reading all your successes and issues really helps me - i am on here as i am feeling empty - and wanted to take my mind off it.

    Thanks all xx
  21. loselose

    loselose Full Member

    hi great post

    well it all started when my mum past away 2years ago and i was overweight 11.7 stones and 9months pregnant 3 weeks later a had a boy. since then i turned to food all the time, always stayed in with deppression and piled on 4stones.

    ive been trying to lose it since then
    had lots of trouble with my relationship with other half and it was all to do with my weight.

    so enough is enough
    hopefully il lose 3stones by august fingers crossed

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