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The last time i start this journey.....

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by skinnynicki, 12 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. skinnynicki

    skinnynicki Member

    Day 1 deleted as I'm so pathetic
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  3. skinnynicki

    skinnynicki Member

    Day 1 (again)

    15st 8

    Hea a various coffee milk

    B - toast (tiger bread) slices 2 with butter. 1 with marmite 7 + 4 + .5 = 11.5 on breakfast. Awesome start!

    Lunch - 4 bags s+ v snack a jacks = 18

    Tea - creamy cheese mugshot - 2
    2 slices toat - HEB + 2 tsp spread, marmite, tsp jam, 15g cheese - 3+ .5+ 3 = 6.5

    Peanut butter kit cat chunky, Cadbury caramel, Cadbury ritz = 39?

    So a grand total of 77 on day 1

    This is my problem. But at least now I'm writing it down and counting it!
  4. skinnynicki

    skinnynicki Member

    Day 2 Hoping for a day with less than 77 syns! Breakfast - MullerLight Greek Fruitopolis with 28g Museli (HEB) - 1 snacks - apple, banana, frnech fries (4.5) Lunch - Mediterranean mugshot, salad - balsamic glaze 0.5, Galaxy honeycomb =11, Snack - apple, 2 chocolate covered rice cakes 5.5 Tea - salad, balsamic glaze (0.5), light mayo 1, Ainsley Harriet Mexican rice, 28g cheese HEA, Galaxy light bubble hot choc 2, Total 26

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  5. skinnynicki

    skinnynicki Member

    Day 3 Hoping for even less than 26! Breakfast - Fruitopolis and museli (35g) 1 + HEB Lunch - chicken strips, salad, balsamic glaze, 0.5 tblsp light mayo, 2 slices wholemeal bread - 7 + 0.5 + 0.5 + HEB = 8 Banana, Mullerlight Snacks - 5 x choc rice cakes (14), banana, apple Tea - salmon, roast veg, salad, balsamic & mayo (1), half tub fruyo strawberry (1), strawberries, hot choc (2)
    Total 27
    Last edited: 30 July 2014
  6. skinnynicki

    skinnynicki Member

    Day 4 Feeling really good so far - like I'm taking control again. Yes, I'm going over syns but horrifically, 27 syns is a good day for me, I think closer to 150 / 200 has been closer to the mark in recent months. I have done 2 supermarket visits and not bought chocolate. Again this is huge for me. Anyway - feeling good and like this really is the time I am going to get me back. Healthily. So today, I hope to be around 15 syns. Breakfast - fruitopolis + museli - 1 + HEB Lunch - salad, roast veg, salmon flakes, prawns, 1 tblsp light mayo - 1 2 slices wholemeal bread - HEB
    Grapes, caramel snack a jack 2.5
    Snacks - Apple, 2 choc rice cake 5.5, sweet chilli rice cake bag 4.5, muller light
    Tea - swordfish steak, grilled, stir fry veg, soy sauce
    Blackberries, fruyo .5 pot 1
    Hot choc 2
    Last edited: 31 July 2014
  7. skinnynicki

    skinnynicki Member

    I am so rubbish at keeping a diary!

    Anyway, I don't know what day I'm on now. Here's my diary and thoughts about yesterday:

    lots of black coffee and lots of water
    2 x Fruit Ryvita HEB
    Fruitopolis 0.5 = banana


    Mugshot, french fries (4.5), Biscuit thing (7.5) (totally not worth it - just greed - don't even like biscuits!)

    Yorkie (15) - so angry with myself.

    chicken, veg and rice stirfry (2 for sauce)
    2 x chocolate rice cakes (5.5)

    Hot choc (2)

    Ridiculous total of 37. This kind of synning has to be reduced. I have to get below 20.

    I have written my reasons why and need to read it more.
    I am also trying not to eat so late. Usually have dinner at around 9:30 and go to bed at 10:30 which is just stupid.

    Anyway, yesterday I didn't have anything apart from the hot chocolate after 6pm.
  8. skinnynicki

    skinnynicki Member

    Right - let's weigh in. It's tuesday so that can now be weigh in day.

    15st 2lbs so -6lbs. I'm happy with that - not overjoyed or anything but I'm okay with it. I need to cut those syns if I want more off! Only I can do it I know that but wish I had the motivation like I did the first ever time I did Slimming World. I find it so much harder now I have a family.

    Food today:
    coffee (lots), water (even more!) Feel a bit sloshy actually!

    2 x Fruit Ryvita (HEB), + banana

    2 x Fruit Ryvita (HEB)

    Pasta n Sauce (0) with HEA of parmesan
    French Fries (4)
    Greek Muller Light (0.5)

    salt & vinegar rice cake (2.5)
    dark chocolate corn thins twin pack (these are amazing! - totally worth my chocolate syns) (7.5)

    mug shot

    hot chocolate (2)

    Total for day: 16.5

    Utterly amazed I did it today!
    Last edited: 13 August 2014
  9. skinnynicki

    skinnynicki Member

    Man, I really want chocolate right now. I'm not hungry. Just utterly greedy. Why do I want it? I will be so cross if I give in but literally cannot think of anything else. Have no alternatives with me either.
  10. mockridge13

    mockridge13 Full Member

    Hope you managed to overcome your temptation. Loosing weight has got to be one of the hardest things i have ever done even giving up smoking and alcohol was easy compared to this. Yes i've done it before and am trying to make life changes so i keep it off but we have good days and bad days. Today breakfast and lunch was fine just wanted to eat so had some ham and b/root hoping to stop the rot but no just gave in to a piece of toast and an alpen light bar so you are not alone.

    You must be doing something right as you have lost 6lb thats nearly 1/2 stone well done and you are being honest with yourself which is a good start.

    Do you plan your meals or just get up and think what shall i eat today?

    How big is your family are they eating the same meals or do you feel out on a limb all alone?

    Happy to support you along the way if you need it.

  11. skinnynicki

    skinnynicki Member

    Thanks Deb

    I didn't give in yesterday and am so pleased with myself. Now have more motivation today because I did good yesterday! Magic. If I could just get below 14st 9lb I think I will have even more oomph - I've been bouncing up and down around there to where I was a couple of weeks ago constantly since my baby was born 20 months ago so any loss at the moment, doesn't really feel like a loss as I've already lost it loads of times already. IYSWIM!

    I have a partner and a 20 month old. We all eat different things - My lb eats at nursery most days, I am trying to eat before 6 and my partner gets home after 8:30. He is a real breaded convenience man and likes something different everyday whereas I happily eat a pasta dish same for the whole week.

    I don't mind that and I do feel supported. My meals are very Slimming World and have been since I first discovered the plan 10 years ago. I just am a nightmare with chocolate. CAnnot. Stop. Shovelling. It. In. My. Mouth!

    Thanks for the reply and hope you do great too.
  12. skinnynicki

    skinnynicki Member

    So chuffed with yesterday - feeling good about today although already feeling the fight against chocolate

    Determined not to give in though

    lots of fluid - water / black coffee (decaff) and diet pepsi

    2 x ryvita fruit (HEB)

    French Fries (4)

    Metcalfe's cheese corners (taste like stale doritos!) (6.5)

    Golden rice
    Greek mUller Light (0.5)
    2 Ryvita fruit (HEB)
    2 plums

    2 choc corn thins (7.5)
    2 choc rice cakes (5.5)
    Ryvita minis (6)
    (so should have just had a kit kat chunky instead of that little lot!)

    mugshot (2)

    after 6pm
    hot choc (3) - bit generous on my spoonfuls

    Total: 35 - here we are again
    Last edited: 14 August 2014
  13. skinnynicki

    skinnynicki Member

    lots of water and coffee and some diet softies

    2 ryvita fruit (HEB)

    french fries (4)
  14. skinnynicki

    skinnynicki Member

    Yesterday was a bit rubbish (and I never find time to post over the weekend. I think food was okay over weekend though - a bit too much wine but.......

    So yesterday:

    Lots of coffee but need to up the water

    choc rice cake - 3 just because it was there when I was making coffee.

    2 ryvita fruit (HEB)

    Then it went wrong
    Yorkie 15
    French Fries 4
    Crisps 10
    Crunchie 13

    Veg & chicken stir fry and rice (2)

    Total: 47.
  15. skinnynicki

    skinnynicki Member

    So today is weigh day and have lost 2 lbs, so total is 8lbs off. Still have about 5 lbs to go until I feel like I'm properly losing weight but with 11days to my holiday I am going to really try now. Really reall. It's only 11 days - If I can't do it for 11 days then I really am very weak aren't I?

    coffee and lots of water!

    2 x Ryvita Fruit (HEB)


    French Fries (4)
    3 x choc covered rice thins (10)

    chicken, wholemeal pasta, roated veg and feta (HEA)
    mullerlight greek (0.5)
    Last edited: 19 August 2014

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