The Leap to Managaement and Beyond!

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Well.... after struggling a bit for the last few weeks I decided with half a stone to go to make the move into management. I have been so scared about this bit but now its here I feel much more positive. I have commited in my mind to following the programme and it has helped - saying that its only day 2 so watch this space.

My first meal was Cod Loin grilled with Salt and Pepper. It was like food from the gods and I savoured every mouthful. I made myself stop as soon as I was full. I really don't want to stretch my stomach after 18 weeks of abstinence.

I have decided to not eat rubbish and buy good quality foods. I picked up this magazine a Smiths called New You. Its got a summary of all of the commonDiets out there including the Gi, You are what you eat etc. Imagine my horror when I went to pay for it and it was £6.99!
Still, having now read it from cover to cover it wasn't a bad buy. It has plent of recipies and has made me think about some of the life-long changes I want to make. The common thread were:
  • Eat Breakfast
  • Five a day
  • Plate should be 1/4 protien, 1/4 carbs and 1/2 veges!
  • Drink plenty and not too much caffiene
  • Be Active everyday
  • High fat, high sugar food and alcholol as occaisional treats.
  • Don't skip meals
I really feel like I have taken the next step. I am still not fully confidednt that the weight will stay off. For me I am taking that as a positive thing because I am not taking my new weight for granted.

I also finally agreed to have my before and after photos done. I can see some difference but its taking my mind quite a long time to catch up with the rest of me. Don't get me wrong I do feel better - I just don't feel extatic because I don't feel I am where I want to be just yet. Still I AM ON MY WAY.
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You have done so well - thank you for putting your pictures up for us all to see - it is very motivating for those still on the journey!

Enjoy being able to have food again! And good on you for getting that magazine - when you lay out the main diet tips they just seem like common sense really don't they - very manageable!

Any tips for those of us still in abstinence?


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Thanks Slimbride. The tips from me for getting through abstence:
  • Sitck to the programme and don't let yourself eat anything - even a taste of normal food.
  • If you are hunrgy go for a walkif you can if not have a cup of Boullion
  • Get into a routine and use the recipies if you're not mad on the shakes and soups.
I have Choc muffin and coffee for breakfast. If I am out I make up thermos mug and have it in the car. I have a bar and peppermint tea for lunch. I have a soup as soon as I get in from work. I then either have another Choc muffin and coffee at about 9 or some crisps made from the soup. They do say you should only cook one pack a day because you lose vitamins but it has worked for me. I try to drink water through the day but its not always 4 litres but I don't beat my self up over it.
  • Try to be more active. I haven't gone to the gym or started anything that I'm not going to stick at. I am walking a lot more, take the stairs rather than lifts.
  • Listen to your body. Somedays you feel hungry and tired / generally crap and my tip for those days is to rest and relax. This is a very low calorie diet and your energy levels will go up and down. Your body knows best - listen to it.
  • Even if you have a family don't buy foods that you really like. My children have not had crisps for the past 10 weeks and I'm sure they are also benefitting from it. If I buy biscuits I get Custard Creams which I really don't like. I don't buy crackers or wine just in case because I know the temptation for me is just too much.
  • The last thing is if you do lapse don't feel bad about it and don't turn it into a disaster. It is possible to fall off and get back on again. Learn from lapses ask your self why they happened and commit to getting back on track. Prevention is always easier though so if you gritt you teeth and stay away from the fridge then do.
Good luck with your journey its amazing how quickly you will be where you want to me. See yourself in that beatiful wedding gown and the gorgeous bride that you know you will be.


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You look great and also really good advice - thanks. I agree I am not going to cheat at all - that's where I let myself down + I just want all of this weight off now !


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Welcome to Management, Cake!

Thanks for posting your pics - you are looking GOOD!

I love your advice - it is all good common sense. You mention that you've still got half a stone to lose - you may find it coming off during the first two or three weeks of Management, while you are still at the early stage of eating.

Well, it did for me anyway. I have officially another 2lbs to lose to get to my 'goal weight'. But to be honest Cake, it is academic. I look good, I feel good. I ain't going to obsess about losing another 2lbs.

It is more important to learn good, healthy eating habits for life.

Slimbride - you asked about tips for those of abstinence?

* Do thought records when the urge to eat something comes up or when you feel 'deprived'.
* Read your green book and do any 'homework'.
* Drink your water!
*Don't miss a meeting
Good Luck!

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Thanks AJ. I still hate my photo being taken. You look gorgeous in yours - it would be nice to have a picture that I felt happy about.

Well its day 4 and I'm still feeling quite positive. I have not been feeling well for the last couple of weeks and I thought I was coming down with a virus. People have started saying I look pale. I have to say I have felt quite tired and achy and a bit dizzy now and then.I went to LLoyds to get my BP and Blood sugar checked. My Bp was slightly low at 90/50 ( it was 125/84) and my blood sugar is normal. Even the pharamcist said I looked pale and suggested I may be anaemic. It was like a light switched on - I had blood transfusions during my 4 pregancies - it explained why I have been feeling so rough and why I have found the past couple of weeks hard.

I decided just to eat last night - I won't give the details but it was food not on the programme - to comfort and nurture myself. I felt uncomfortably full afterwards and know it won't cure the anaemia. I realise I have become a lot more chilled out about my eating, whcich is a big change for me as I have always been quite a control feak ( crooked thinking or what!). It means that I can get over lapses more quickly and just get on with it. I read 'If you think you are a fat person then you'll eat like a fat person'. I have a sister who has a BMI of about 22 - she never beats herself up for eating chinese food but will watch she eats the following few days, doesn't have a major pig-out and is generally active all the time.

I haven't been formally diagnosed as anaemic and I kinda don't want to go to the docs for a blood test because they will tell me off about my diet and I don't want to go there.I would rather try and fix it myself first. I have bought some supplements which I took this morning. I have bought some spiniach, watercress and black pudding. I know it isn't on the menu for week one of management but I didn't think it would do too much damage and I can't face the thought of Liver.

My worry is that I use this as an excuse to go of the rails, I already know this is at the back of my mind. I am also visiting my mother next weekend in Ireland and I don't want her to be saying I look pale and ill because it will feel as if I have done something wrong. I am not good with negative strokes and react badly so its a tough one.

Still my journey continues today - Looking forward to my Black Pudding and Spinach Salad with Lemon and Pepper lowfat dressing. So far a day of tests today. the children woke me up with a mug of coffee and a sausage and egg muffin which I promtly gave to my husband.

Took two of the monsters out for a carvery lunch as Hubby was working and other two were at grandparents. I had two cups of black coffee, 1.5L of sparkling water and a nut crunch bar. I can't believe how quickly my children eat - They both finished their full Sunday lunches before me! We took the long walk home - about a mile and half which was lovely despite the rain.


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"I have bought some spiniach, watercress and black pudding. I know it isn't on the menu for week one of management but I didn't think it would do too much damage and I can't face the thought of Liver"

I just checked my blue book, Cake, and spinach and watercress IS ok for the first week. Day 3 onwards. I have it every day!

" 'If you think you are a fat person then you'll eat like a fat person'. I have a sister who has a BMI of about 22 - she never beats herself up for eating chinese food but will watch she eats the following few days, doesn't have a major pig-out and is generally active all the time "

Conversely, if you think like a slim person, you'll eat like one, applies. It 'aint rocket science, is it!

"I kinda don't want to go to the docs for a blood test because they will tell me off about my diet and I don't want to go there"

Did your doc not approve either. Mine didn't. Initially, I had to go to another surgery miles away and take half a day off work to get form signed! After that I just went along to our practice nurse. I haven't seen doctor since (haven't been ill). I would hope that she would be impressed once she'd seen the vast improvement in my health/appearance/weight!

"My worry is that I use this as an excuse to go of the rails"

Well, what can you do to head off this excuse, Cake. A thought record? Plan how you can counter the things your mum might say. A good start is having a supply of spinach/watercress to hand, plus eat salmon or mackeral - they're loaded with goodness. What about supplements? Iron tablets, or something else - multi-vitamins, perhaps?

My parents tried to put pressure on me when I visited them at Christmas (they live in Wales), but I refused to 'give in'. They are much happier now that I am 'eating' again.

It's hard though, your parents are always your parents! When my mum starts I just nod vigourously and say "yes mum"!


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Well day 6 of management has arrived as has my period :( . Due to go to class tommorrow but I won't get weighed because I know I always put on and it will have come off by next week.
I had an energy boost on Sunday from my lapse and used it to the full. I did my Latin excercise DVD with my 11 year-old son which was good fun. I founfd it really hard to sit still - it reminded me of the early days on foundation.

Week 2 starts Thursday - I've been looking at my book and can't wait to have yoghurt and dips again, I must get some sugar free jelly. I can have snacks this week. I've never snacked particularly other than in fromt of the TV as a replacement for meals. It will be interesting to find out how this works. I have commited to not eating in front of the TV and don't want to go back down that route. I can't wait to try some of the recipies - I am also going to make a concious effort to eat stuff that I wouldn't have before because I wasnt sure of the sound of it. Only one more week until I can have fruit!

My original goal was 10st7 which gave me a BMI of around 25.1, I then changed it to 10st 4lbs which is 24.7. I am starting to think that actually I need to lose more than that and should be around 9st 12 which is 23.6. Its amazing that I could go down to 8st 5 and still have a healthy BMI. I was watching a programme about models the other night and some of the then have a BMI of 19 - that would make me aroun 7st 7! No wonder there is such pressure on girls( and boys) to be slim. Its funny because when I started I just wanted to get into the 'Normal' range. Now I am closer I can see I have a choice where in the normal range I sit. Hopefully once I finish management I will have settled at a good healthy weight.

My 14 year old said to me last night that I am slimmer than her. She is 5'10 and weighs just over 11st. She is a size 14 and is 38,28,40. She really has no idea how beautiful she is. I explained I should be slimmer because I'm 6 inches smaller than her. I think this is the first time that I have ever been smaller than her and she is getting mixed messages and doesn't think that Mums should be smaller than their daughters. She has a great attitude to food and eats well. Saying that we are going through the teenage vegetarianism stage. I don't want to have an effect on her body image but its almost unavoidable isn't it? All I can do is reinforce the health reasons why I have lost weight, that and the height difference!
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Very informative Cake! WELL DONE!

So you went into management with half a stone to lose... and now you're possibly pushing your goals further. What does this mean in terms of management?

I'm thinking of going into management starting tonight (lol), and I'd want to lose probably about a stone more which would put me at 10st 5.... but in my heart of hearts, I think once I get there, I'll want to be about 9st 9 or 10.... so I dont know quite what would happen after that with trying to lose the extra 10lbs. Have you talked to your counsellor about it yet?

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Hi Meghan,

Well done on the massive loss so far - its so great when you fell your goal is in reach. I was going to start management a couple of weeks ago but wanted to lose another stone, my LLC suggested I do another couple of weeks abstinence and I lost 6lbs in those two weeks. I've only ever wanted to feel normal and thought a BMI of 25 was somehow a magin number. I really struggled with the couple of weeks before management and am glad that I have moved over. Its like a new beginning. I've hear that people can lose between and half and full stone on management. I hope that once I have finish management that I will find the right weight for me. I just feel at the moment that I'm not quite there.

I have always been quite controlling and in someways I'm less worried about the numbers so much now as how I feel in myself and now I can see there is light at the end of the tunnel. Me - chilled out - I can't believe it!

I think we all find a size that feels comfortable for us but for us long-term dieters it make take a bit of fine tuning to find out what it is.

If you feel ready for Management - go for it! The girls in my group have continued to lose 1-2lbs a week but I'm sure that wil slow as the weeks go on, so why not?


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Well last night I told the counsellor that I wanted to switch starting now, and she was supportive. She told me that management was NOT designed for weight loss, but maintaining.. but if I felt ready to move on and still wanted to lose a stone or so then that was okay too. So, I know this isn't the best, but I'm not going to be following it religiously. I certainly wont be adding things I'm not "allowed", but I'll not be eating every day either...

Basically, I've stock piled a LOT of packs over the last few months... and I wanted to stop buying the £66 worth so I could start getting through my extras... and I really want to be getting the information and the bits of protein. But I think I'm going to stick to the week 1 regime of it for the first 4 weeks of management, to be fair... and have a protein meal 3 times a week or so, and just 3 or 4 packs on the other days.

So... I'm with you guys in management now lol, albeit not quite 100%.


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good luck meghan and keep posting to let us know how you are getting on xxxx

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Meghan - sounds like a good plan to me. I have found this first week pretty good and to be honest I would be happy to do it for another couple of weeks no problem. Each of us have our own strategies for getting on and if its going to help keep you on track then it makes good sense. How exiting though? Its so nice to eat something and be guillt-free. I have really enjoyed the food I have had this week - something I'd stopped doing before the diet. I am definitely moving out of autopilot mode - you know where you sit down with a family pack of crisps / pack of biscuits etc and munch away and then suddenly realise they are all gone but you don't really remember any mouthful?

I can't wait to see how you get on. Have a great first week - welcome to the world of white protien and green salad! lol

Chris - its amazing how quickly this point comes around. I remember starting at the end of October thinking I would not get to goal until February and it felt like a lifetime away. I have to say it has flown but in some sense it was a lifetime away - I have emerged a different person and feel very differently about food and how I use it. You have already lost a stone and you will be pretty close to goal by the end of your 100days. It is worth it and I for one am very glad I have taken this journey - when I think of how I was feeling and what the alternatives could have been!
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Hehe I know, its so great to just CHEW and TASTE things that aren't LL branded!!! The first night I had a bowl of king prawns, and last night a bowl of crayfish tails (definite shellfish kick), and both were absolutely delicious. I did finish off both bowls, and both were gone before I got to the "oh god I'm full" phase, though I'm not sure if I stopped being "hungry" before I finished. I'll have to try and be more aware of that.

I know I'm NOT out of the munching for the sake of it mentality like I thought I was... having some time off from the diet really helped to confirm that some bad habits are still lurking around... which is part of why I decided to do management anyway...

I think I might do what you and amanda jayne have done and do a diary on here, but not until I'm following management properly - so week 4 or so I'd guess. I check both of yours every day though!!! It's nice to know there's someone else going through management at just about the same time as I am!!!

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:) Well done Meghan - you finally did it -:)

Well after my night of Saturday I've got back on the plan. That was until last night. The girls had made a cake and I made the fatal error of have a taste of still warm iced cake - so I ended up with 2 slices. I defnitely have to be careful around carbs and need to stop kidding myself I can stop at just a taste. Because the cake lead onto other stuff. Fortunately I have stopped buying the things that were my downfall like crisps and crackers. So the damage was limited to some toast and popcorn.

I am back on track today and I am defnitely learning not to beat myself up about lapses and to recover from them straight away. AJ inspires me on how she does not deviate and is so strong in staying completely on course.

I am of to Ireland tomorrow and I am definitely sticking to the plan. I figured I had two choices. I could just chill out a bit over the weekend and share evening meals or I could say to me sister that I am sticking to the plan. Its funny because the lapse yesterday has made me realise that giving myself permission to deviate could be the start of the slippery slope and I just don't want to go there.

I've had my meal for lunch today and that way I don't have to around food in the evening which tends to be a tougher part of the day for me. I had grilled Haddock loin with watercress, spinach and rocket. I think the dietry Iron and the supplements are starting to kick in now because I defnitely feel a bit better than I did last weekend. I had a desert today - Sugar-free Mango and Passion Fruit jelly. It was lovely and I have to say I feel very satisfied. Its just a shame I've got budgets and a monthly report to do otherwise a nap right now would go down very well. Of course what I should be thinking is - a long walk in the spring sunshine is just the trick! Maybe later?


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You just reminded me that I bought a packet of sugar free Strawberry jelly, which is now setting in the fridge! Mmm thanks!

Thats so good to hear that you're finding ways to get on top of lapses. I'm too scared of deviating at this point, and i know that if i listen to my "wants" (which are heavily carb based) I'll be in serious trouble in terms of stopping.

Even on management I'm still scared about what happens AFTER - right now I'm able to stop myself being naughty by telling myself I'm not allowed - lets hope the crooked thinking rights itself before the end of this. Scary stuff.


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"giving myself permission to deviate could be the start of the slippery slope and I just don't want to go there"

You are so right Cake. That's exactly what'll happen.

"I am definitely sticking to the plan. I figured I had two choices. I could just chill out a bit over the weekend and share evening meals or I could say to me sister that I am sticking to the plan"

I have occasionally said to myself "what does it matter if you have 'this, that or the other' now instead of week 3, 6, 7 or 8? But I have resisted even though I have wondered if it may seem a bit over-cautious.

I think if you give yourself permission to 'deviate' it sends the wrong message to your subconscious and other lapses start cropping up. Each time they become more difficult to deny and the struggle starts. I only know this because of previous experience with other diets!

With LL the parameters are very clear and the food list is very specific. Stick to the rules and you'll be ok.

Use the 12 weeks on Management to re-educate yourself to new, better,healthier eating habits gradually, that you can carry forward to the future.

Be vigilant to the 'crooked thinking' which is always there, ready to exploit your vulnerabilities.

Have a super time in Ireland!

"Even on management I'm still scared about what happens AFTER - right now I'm able to stop myself being naughty by telling myself I'm not allowed - lets hope the crooked thinking rights itself before the end of this. Scary stuff"

Meghan, stick to the plan one day at a time. The crooked thinking is here for life, I am certain. All that will change is our reaction to it.

Being aware of it is not enough. Taking the time to analyse what's going on is important, but still not enough. Acting on what you've learned is good, but ultimately learning the lesson adds to your foundations and makes you stronger.

In the long term, (rather like grief, I think) you learn to live with the thoughts/feelings/urges and hopefully will develop better, more effective coping strategies, but it never leaves you.

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Well back from my Ireland trip and had a really good time. I stuck with the plan until this afternoon. I was at the Airport and was feeling really sickly and faint. I had a choc pack, a bar and a sugar-free jelly this morning but knew I needed to eat something. Unfortunately I was stuck in a limited part of the airport so I made the mistake of buying some chocolate and a sandwich. Of course it sets of Carb cravings which I gave into and I could really kick myself. I don't think I am just making excuses but I am not feeling too good on this stage of the diet and I am even thinking of taking tommorow of sick but I have a journey to Slough and an overnight stay that I need to do for work. I will get back on the plan tommorow and feel incredibly disappointed with myself for not following the regime ( again!). Deep sigh. I really want to do this. I know I haven't put anyweight on despite my lapses but this isn't how I wanted to do management. Maybe I just need to take the lows with the highs. Its mad because I am starting week three tomorrow and I am looking forward to eating fruit and yet I wouldn't eat it today but did have a very large Cheese and Ham Sandwich?

I really don't know how to get through this slump or why I am sabbotaging this part of the journey? It may be the lapses that are causing me to feel ill or it maybe that I am anaemic. I should have my group tommorow but I am going to have to give it a miss because of being away.

I am following Ajs advice and just taking one day at a time - for now thats all I can do.