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The Lipotrim Pharmacy Programme


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The Lipotrim Pharmacy Programmes do not require a medical referral

Lipotrim has teamed up with some independent pharmacists to introduce the Lipotrim programme into the pharmacy environment.

Pharmacists are highly trained members of the health care team and provide many medical services for their customers.

The participating pharmacists are able to offer the same Lipotrim programme as the GP programme, allowing those without significant medical problems access to fast, reliable weight loss.

The pharmacy programme works the same way as the GP programme. You need to be overweight and serious about losing it.

There are a few medical restrictions so you will need to fill out a medical screening form at the pharmacy.

If you are accepted for the programme, you will have to attend the pharmacy weekly for weight and possible ketone measurements.

There is a short video and written materials are available to assist you on the programme.

This programme is pharmacy based and run by the pharmacist and is not available for over the counter sale or mail order.

Obesity treatment in 3 distinct phases ......

Phase one is the weight loss phase and requires strict total food replacement. This is usually the easiest part of the programme. After the patient develops ketosis weight loss is assured, provided the patient continues to follow the programme. Weight targets are met when the medical indication for weight loss is reached. This could range from a few stones in preparation for surgery or reduction of blood pressure of diabetes control, all the way to the achievement of a ‘normal range’ BMI for that individual patient.

Phase two is a brief but critically important transition and refeeding phase which serves to minimise glycogen and water repletion. This structured transition period usually takes a week and is critical for the patient to regain control of appropriate food selection behaviours. Phase two involves both traditional foods and Lipotrim meal replacements.

Phase three is for weight maintenance. Weight maintenance involves eating normal ordinary everyday foods, concentrating on reducing dietary fat intake. Patients need to learn that the disciplines required for weight maintenance are different from those required for weight loss. Weight maintenance strategies, largely built on education towards a low dietary fat intake and less sedentary lifestyle, are taught in detail.

Weight loss by any method should not be expected to have a lasting effect on weight stability. Patients have to accept the responsibility for making changes from their previous eating behaviour or they will be fat again.

The failure to teach unique weight maintenance strategies has contributed to an appalling record of weight maintenance.

Weight maintenance is different from weight loss and requires long term support.

The benefits of The Lipotrim Programme

weight loss ......

Weight loss of 3 to 5 pounds per week is normal and sustainable whilst on Lipotrim therapy. Weight losses of at least 1 stone per month are typical for women, higher for men. This rate of weight loss is commonly experienced, even in those patients who have failed to lose weight on other diets.

Lack of hunger ......

After the first few days, lack of hunger is an extraordinary feature of Lipotrim therapy. Patients often report an associated feeling of well being. These two factors, coupled with the steady and noticeable weight loss, aid compliance with the diet.

For more information please contact Lipotrim UK Welcome to the Lipotrim Website
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hi all
been on the full programme now for 10 days, losing 1.5 stone in one week from 24 stone (bmi 46.1).I`m feeling alot better in myself (fitter). Can anybody give any advise on how and when to go on the next stage. thanx.


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Lenny, your post may not be seen up here - your probably better off posting in the main forum. When you say the next stage, what do you mean? are you going to come off Lipotrim and want to know how or continuing on?

Well done of your fabulous loss to date by the way - wow!!! unbelieveable!
Im planning Phase1 until I reach my goal before reintroducing food...


i want to be like betty
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hi thanks for all the info brilliant forum


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Brilliant reference page. Very realistic and informative.
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this sounds os scary :eek: i dont know why, i think the word "re feed" sounds realy scary lol do ppl get dizziness and vertigo? i couldnt imagine not eating for a few weeks :confused: but the results sound amazing, stones in weeks! ha crazy, good luck all you lipotrimmers!:D


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Just started in the pharmacy today. Found the staff very helpfull and kind :)


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Ive been following the pharmacy programme too... my advisor in the chemist is just fantastic, very supportive.
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i dont think my pharmacy rep has enough knowledge of this programme. she just keeps refereing me back to the internet. she does not even knoe what ketosis is. blimey!!
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hi all,
i started the programme yesterday this is day 2 so far so good,i wish u all luck with the weight loss, just stick with it its worth it, i cant wait to get in ketosis.
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Yeah mine is a bit rubbish too. Bit worried they wont have a clue about re feed etc.. although thats a long way off! lol
I have started the pharmacy lipotrim for the second time. The first time I lost 2 stone in 2 months but I had to have my gall bladder removed so I stopped it. I have been struggling with the first week I am so tired and hungry but have kept on. Drinking plenty of water and am focused. I nipped into Superdrug to way myself because I dont think I look like I have lost weight but my start weight was 14stone 4 lbs and according to their scales as of today Day 5 I am now 13stone 11 lbs. So with another 2 days to go to pharmacy weigh in I have obviously lost some weight. Onwards and upwards I say!

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