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The Milk Week, think I have put weight on, I'm Gutted!!!

Hi Everyone,

Feeling a bit fed up and disappointed this lunch time. I know its naughty but I have jumped on the scales coz it is my weight in tonight and for the first time in 6 months I think I have put weight on. I am gutted. I dont understand whats happened, I am still abstinent but this week has been my second low calorie week so I have been mixing my shakes with milk instead of water and I am convinced that I have put probably 3lbs on. :cry:

How is that when I am still only having 1,000 calories a day. I lost 3.5lbs in my first week 13 so I assumed this time would be the same. I am doing LL with my work mate and she thinks she has lost 3 lbs.

Everyone is expecting me to have lost even though I have said I dont think I have, gutted to find out that I have probably put on. Has anyone else had this problem in milk week.

Really p'd off!!! :(
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Hi Sandra,

Just remind yourself that it's not possible that you've gained weight. It takes 3,500 extra calories (above what your body needs to get through the day) to gain a pound of fat. At 1,000 calories, you're still getting about 700-1000 less than you need every day, just to get around as normal. That would mean that after 4 days, you're still down a pound of fat or so, even if your scales are telling you something different!

The most likely reason you're not getting the reading you're expecting is water retention - anything from a change in the weather, your diet, stress, illness or monthly cycles. Our bodies are complicated and wonderful machines that have to do a lot more than process our food, and often we forget what else it might be doing in there :) Stay strong, don't let it throw you and the water will definitely come off.

Thanks Kimmer

I know I am not being logical because I cant put body fat on like you said, when you arent taking in enough calories to do so. But I so wanted to lose this week, I have even started going to the gym to do a circuit training session and I have gone for a long walk (well a long walk for me :)) this week, which is usually unheard of, me and exercise didnt use to get on at all :character00116:.

Thanks for the voice of common sense, I am sure it must be down to the water intake, and it wont put me off, I will just carry on, just take me an extra week or two and whats that matter after so many months. :D


Happily pro pointing!
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Have to say I didn't do it, just stuck with the programme, at the end of the day it is my decision and our LLC didn't push us on it. What can they do?

I try not to take too much notice of the scales at home. You might find you are just fine when you go for weigh in.
Are you sure you are not weighing water you have drunk today? Have you 'been' in the last couple of days (that certainly effects me).
At least it is back to normal this week and you haven't come off plan.

And as kimmer says, you can't possibly have put on 3lbs of fat.
No probs - I had a couple of weeks that the scales stayed the same, and it drove me crazy - up 1 one day, down 1 the next, and so on...I caught myself a couple of times going 'this isn't working - perhaps I should be eating anyway'. Thankfully, I was encouraged to keep at it and ride it out. The LLC's scales were down 7 lbs last night - so you do get what you're owed in the end!

Good luck,

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Me thinks you are worrying about something before you even know if you need too..... ;)

Wait till you weigh in tonight - then you will know whether or not you need to be stressing! Don't put yourself through it unecisarily!!! :D

Even if you did, it will no doubt dissappear in a snap next week as it may just be your body adapting to having milk. But I say, why drive yourself crazy til you know if you need to!!

And get rid of those scales!!! Scales at home ar a bad idea!! Your will not be the same as your LLCs, so its a real soul destroyer when it mighntn't need to be!! :D

Hi Guys

Just home from work and checked in to see what advice you have offered. Lovely hearing from the voices of reason :D

Yes I know its bad to weigh yourself in the week because your weight goes up and down all the time but it is so tempting, and I work in a Docs Surgery so every room has weighing scales calling out to me to jump on and just see :p (Every set of scales gives a different weight, how bad is that) So I know only to trust LL scales really.

I think I have been convincing myself all week that I wouldnt loose because of the milk, do you know Alibongo I never even considered not doing it, just thought it was obligatory, wish I hadnt bothered now :jelous:

Anyway thanks for all your advice and I will pop back on later after my weekly weigh in and give you the news. Whether it be good or bad as you said Alibongo I havent broken the abstinence and back to mixing with water now, so no problems for next week hopefully.

Stayed the same!!

Thought I'd pop back and say thanks again for your support. I have actually stayed the same, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for a good loss next week.
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Glad to hear you stayed the same Sandra and you're right you'll probably get a really good loss next week.

Well done on what you've done so far though, you've done brilliantly!

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