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The More the Merrier?


I ate my willpower!
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Do you think that eating more free food speeds up your weight loss?

I still feel a bit guilty for never feeling hungry... it's strange!
yes. yes, yes and more yes! A lot of slimmers are scared to eat a lot in their first week and don't lose that much. The ones who eat loads of free foods, are the ones who lose the most. It's also important not to have any less than 5 syns a day too.

Try and remember 80% free food, 15% HEX's and 5% syns. Free food is there to be enjoyed when you are hungry! SW don't recommend you gorge yourself, but the idea is you should never feel hungry. If you do, eat! :D
Hiya, I agree with SpaceAngel. I am on my 2nd day off my 2nd week. My partner and I are doing the diet together but she didnt loss in her 1st week and I did. The only differnece is I am eating lots of free foods and super ones. I can easily eat a few bananas, apples, punnet of grapes, 2 punnets of blackberries and cherry tomatoes plus my salad for lunch and evening meal. FREE FOOD ARE FREE!!! You can eat and eat. I think my weight loss of 6lbs in my first week proves that! I have done cambridge diet and lost 5.5stone in 12 weeks on lighterlife but its gone back on. SW is a lifestyle and habit change. It obvioulsy works by seeing everyones weight loss on here. This diet needs to effect your eating habits for life! I know its strange to start off with but give it a go.
yep... eat and eat... fill your boots with free food.... I find that a lot of the time there isn't anything I fancy... so do feel hungry sometimes... but I wouldn't ever let myself starve lol..... think I will go do some wedges lol

Well done phil on your loss.. how much did your partner lose? Hope hers has improved this week... tell her to stuff herself lol


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Yes definately!! I make sure I eat breakfast now. I always struggled to eat breakfast, but I saw the dietician and he said if you don't eat breakfast it's like running a car empty of fuel. You have to put some fuel (food) in to get your metabolism going and then keep re-fueling it during the day otherwise your metabalism goes dormant and you won't lose as much weight.

Keep drinking plenty of water as that flushes your kidneys and encourages your liver to function properly and it's your liver that keeps your metabolism going (apparently - or so I read). Sorry to be so technical so early in the morning LOL

I make sure I eat something every couple of hours, even if it's only a a yogurt or some melon (super free food) just to keep things ticking over :)


Thankyou for all the helpful info!

I didn't know that about water - I just knew it was "healthy" NOW i know WHY! :)

As for the free foods, i've noticed that the more free food I eat, the less syns I eat and the less I think about food.

I'm off to have a big free breakfast :p

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