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The *Muscle Building* Monday Thread!


Why Be Normal?
S: 192lb C: 192lb G: 138lb BMI: 33 Loss: 0lb(0%)
Morning All,

I am off to my CDC in a bit, then home for breakfast and some chores, and out again for Zumba. I will "test" my Zumba shoes today.

I hoping they do not slide too much (as some have warned) and aren't too tight -- because even though I ordered a size larger than normal, they run very small.

Later this evening I have aquafit... so two classes in one day. Not the norm (at all) for me, but it is a good thing -- as I have been very slack with my fitness since Thursday's missed class. I need to get back at it.

I have my fingers cross for a two pound drop -- but even one off will put me at my next mini-target. So, I'll be happy about that.

I hope everyone has a good day -- I see the sun, maybe it'll melt the frost on the car and roads here. :) They were spreading salt last night when I picked DS up from the train station.

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I ♥ CD !!
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morning all good luck with weigh in minime, and enjoy zuma, usual routine for me playschool drop off shopping and housework ,good luck anyone weighing in and everyone have a brill day
morning , hope evryone had a great weekend .. we went to my parents for sunday dinner ( which we do every other week) and now I am on the 1000 plan it was so so nice to be able to join them and eat some rather than sit with a bar or shake !!!

i have weigh in this morning after my first week of 100% 1000 plan and know I am faccing a gain .. my CD said I may STS or gain a lb .. but by wednesday / thursday my scales showed I ave gained 6 lb :eek::eek: Now I am very aware that I carry a LOT of water when i start back on carbs ( which the 1000 plan introduces ) but i thought that the small amount of carbs on this plan would minimise this gain ... but sure doesnt look like it :cry: I have been fighting the urge all week to panic and jump back on 810 as i so want to loose this last stone , but I also want to keep going to the gym as I need to tone and also get fit for the Race For Life in may ...... so I have stuck woth the 1000 and my scales this morning show that I have lost since wednesday ..... so although it will be a gain this week I am loosing again now after initial re carb ..... so am feeling happier :eek:

So WI today then home for lots of water and brekkie ..... I am going to concentrate on reading and following my Beck Book this week as I started last week and havent had chance to read it every day .. so this week i plan to make the time every day to follow the plan and change my thinking on food !!

I ave a ton of clean washing to sort and a little bit of ironing and then will take the kids out for a walk in the sun this afternoon ... if they ever stop their whinging !!!!

Hope everyone has had a fab weekend and has a good day today :D


Mrs Taurus

Silver Member
S: 18st2lb C: 17st11lb G: 12st1lb BMI: 36.8 Loss: 0st5lb(1.97%)
Morning all, am determined to get back on track today.....infact I am fed up with food, so looking forward to a de-tox!
Think I need to invest in the Beck Book, if I could just eat normally let alone loose weight I would be much happier, it's getting my head around not having to have drinks and takeouts at weekend to feel like it is weekend, if that makes sense.
Mr T got a small boat last weekend and we are hoping to have our 1st voyage in the lakes on Saturday, I have ordered a tetra to take and if we do eat out am vowing to steer clear of wine and have a protein salad as my weekend treat,but as I say I need help to stop thinking I have to have food n booze as a weekend treat.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr weekends are my worst downfall, I am so weak maybe Beck has advice on this?
Glad to be back and have a great day all xx


One day at a time!
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Morning all, have a day off today after a few nights so feeling good and positive. Have lots of running around to do today so might have to consume most of my water this evening but will def have it. WI is tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it - had to take movical last night (sorry if tmi!) and waiting for it to have desired result - maybe that will result in an extra pound off the scales lol. Have a great day everyone :)


Why Be Normal?
S: 192lb C: 192lb G: 138lb BMI: 33 Loss: 0lb(0%)
@Katie -- Sorry about the cross posting this morning. Good luck with the weigh in. A walk in the sun sounds fab.

@MrsT -- Yes, Beck does help with resisting bad decisions on the weekends, and other tough situations. The steps you go through help you formulate a commitment, planning skills, and coping techniques. You learn to tell yourself that: You need to decided what is more important, i.e, that food, drink, etc. or being healthier, thinner, happier... because if you want the latter then you have NO CHOICE. The answer is, "No!" I really recommend this book -- of course, you have to commit to reading it and doing the exercises, too.

@Minxie -- Good Luck with your weigh in, as well. And, I struggle to get the water in when I have a busy day, too.

I saw my CDC, was weighed... and, although not impressive, she weighed me at over a pound off (not quite two). And, I'll take that -- it puts me at my next mini-target, and a loss (any loss) is going in the right direction. I doubt I'll make my St. Pat's challenge -- as I am still about 4.5 pounds away from it, and I do not think I will be at goal before I leave on my trip to the U.S. -- but I will be closer then, than I am now. So, I'll just keep at it.

Mm .. good luck with your zumba shoes :) I would love to give it a go but there arent any classes at times when I can go due to the kids ... :/ I love aqua fit too but our leisure centre doesnt do a class !!

Mrs T - The Beck book is fab although I have only read day 1 so far .. i really need to make time to do it properly and that is my project for this week .. I will take an hour each evening to read and follow the steps !

minxie - I hope the movicol works for you , its the only thing tat worked for me on SS and I took 2 every other day , good luck with weigh in tomorrow too :D

Well I have just been to my weigh in .. my first week on 1000 plan was hard , by thursday my scales showed a 6 lb gain and I was so temoted to give up and go back onto 810 ... but I know I need to step up the plans now to get my body back into eating and boost my metabolism .. so I stuck to it and lost 4 of those 6 lbs so showed a 2 lb gain today ... may not sound good but I am very happy ... i know that carbs have a huge effect on me and the 1000 plan contains carbs so I know that now i have had my 'recarb' gain i can only keep loosing :D
I started on the 11th on a day I worked and also worked the weekend. Today has been a lttle challenging since I am home with my kidlets. I spent the morning reorganizing my kids toys and trying not to think about eating. I have been able to prepare their meals and not want anything but, I did catch myself licking my fingers while making their breakfast the other day. Good luck CDer's

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