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The New Atkins diet - whats it about ?

Hi there

I am thinking of starting the new atkins diet, the book came out in April this year.

I did old Atkins in 2002 and although the first week was yukky I thought it was great, easy to stick to and lost about 3 stone in about 3 months.

I got awful leg cramps, headaches etc but I have heard you can drink tea now (hooray)

Anyone doing this new version and what can I expect ?


Barmcake xx
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Hi Barmcake... TBH its not hugely different, a wider variety of veg allowed in the induction phase (higher carb stuff, onions, tomatoes etc), caffeine is allowed, you can start on OWL if you so choose.

Think its made simpler with the same principles... I found the science to be explained better. Apart from that the principles are pretty similar.

Be good to have you join us. x
that sounds brilliant, I really missed tomatoes initially. I need to boost so hopefully I can start on induction, I remember I stayed on induction for about a month last time can you still do that (oops)

I am going to start reading tonight !
yes it is fine to stay on induction for 4 weeks. can do longer if you wanted to. i am on week 4 and will stay on induction for a while yet till i get a bit more weight off!


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hey barmcake :) i started in jan too and still on induction :D
I did induction for 6 months, no problem. I haven't really read up on the new Atkins so I don't feel I can comment on that. :)
Hi Barmcake and welcome aboard! I'm doing the middle version, not the original and not the new lol! I'm on 4th week of induction and plan staying on it for a while longer yet :D


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Hi barmcake. I started on the 11th March, lost a stone and then stalled for almost 4wks, i have started loosing again now but im staying on the induction with the exception for a bit of onion every now and then. I plan to stay on it until ive reached my goal and prob after ive re reached my goal after my hols!
Thanks for your replies I read the book today its really good I like the fact you can have a bit of caffeine and also I had leg cramps which was apparently low salt so you take some salt or broth for that now, I was concerned about those things.

Just got to decide when to start as birthday parties galore this week
Unfortunately its parties all next week as well *sigh* lol

My nephews yesterday, and my daughter and husbands birthdays next week. I will give it a day or so then get started, I am also starting a new job today - could there be any more obstacles!

I could put this off forever though and I dont like being like a sack of spuds so I best just get on with it

Need to get some vits.

Re the bit about the salt I am not really liking that very much can you have Marigold Boullion instead or soy sauce it says, but you can just put this in your food cant you ?

My leg cramps were nasty nasty last time dont wanna go there again. I last did this in 2003 and it was brilliant I could eat out and I didnt have to make silly excuses all the time I just didnt do carbs or cakes


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I would honestly wait hun. Then you can start knowing there is now added temptation. also wait and see about the cramps. Not everyone gets them, i havent (touch wood).
Wow Jim you have lost an incredible amount you must feel very proud
Oh I am proud Barm, big headed as well I'm afraid. :D
Welcome barmcake. Great that caffeine is accepted now. I was on induction for 3 month last year, but I've read in the new book and have a few friends that claim moving up to OWL can actually get the weight shifting again if you're stalling in induction. Maybe something to do with tricking your metabolism. Good luck to you.


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In the new diet it says to have half a tablespoon of salt per day or a broth. I have some red miso soup )Gillian McKeith) could i use that does anyone know


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