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The New Me - In It To Lose 42lbs!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by InIt2SlimIt, 27 June 2011 Social URL.

  1. InIt2SlimIt

    InIt2SlimIt Member

    Slimming World
    So this is my first day on SW and thought I'd start this diary to keep me on the straight and narrow!

    Previously lost a lot of weight with VLCD's but after having my son last year i just couldn't get back into the swing of things and had no energy so going to try the slimming world approach and hope to lose 3 stone.

    Im unable to join class until next week so going it alone until then. I've been lurking on the SW forum for a while so i think i have a good enough grasp on the plan to be able to go solo for a week but if anyone is reading and spots a mistake then please do let me know :)

    So today is going to bd a Red Day and will look something like this -

    Breakfast: fiber plus bar (hexb1)

    Lunch: SW quiche made with eggs, ff cottage cheese, onion, red pepper and bacon with 42g low low cheese on top (hexa1)

    Dinner: Maggi paprika chicken (1.5 syns) with SW chips (skin on for hexb2) with free roasted veg.

    I will snack on fruit throughout the day and have a few more syns which i will update later...so does this look ok for a red day menu?
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  3. InIt2SlimIt

    InIt2SlimIt Member

    Slimming World
    So a few changes to my planned menu...Still a Red Day

    Breakfast - Fiber Plus Bar (HEB1)

    Lunch - SW Quiche made with eggs, ff cottage cheese, red pepper, onion and bacon. Side salad of lettuce and beetroot. Light mayo (1 syn)

    Dinner - Maggi Paprika Chicken (2.5 syns) veggie stir fry

    Snacks - Peach, Pineapple, Apricot.

    Fiber Plus Bar (HEXB2)

    Wasted 7 syns on half an avacado! Thought my 11 month old son might enjoy one for breakfast but he turned his nose up at it. Hating waste i decided i would eat half and then the little burger decided he did like it after all lol. Could sooo think of better things to spend 7 syns on :(

    Pink n White (2.5 syns)

    13 syns in total
  4. InIt2SlimIt

    InIt2SlimIt Member

    Slimming World
    Was craving something sweet so just had some quark with white chocolate options (2 syns) spooned over a banana. That takes my total syns for today to 15 which is a little more than i had planned...damn that 1/2 avacado :( But still on track :)

    Just planning out my menu for tomorrow which will be an extra easy day as i'm staying with my OH and it will just be easier :)

    Breakfast - Syn Free Rice Pudding (HEXA for milk) Banana, apricot, peach

    Lunch - Batchelors Chinese Savory Rice with onion, green chilli, green pepper, spring onion and left over Maggi chicken (1.5 syns)

    Dinner - Think the OH is making Maggi chicken (I'm going to turn into this lol) so 1.5 syns. Boiled rice. Roasted tomato with garlic. Asda Mediterranean Veggies which are 7 syns but will be split between 3 so i will say 2 syns worth for me and he usually adds a Tblsp of Olive Oil to the Maggi's so i will use this as my HEXB.

    Should be doing Tracy Anderson Mat Method right now which just arrived this morning but i have tons to do before tomorrow and will be out and about all day so i may have to start this on Wednesday instead.
  5. InIt2SlimIt

    InIt2SlimIt Member

    Slimming World
    Extra Easy day today...

    Breakfast- syn free rice pudding (HEA for milk) with chopped banana and apricot.

    Lunch- Chinese flavour rice, spring onion, green chilli, green pepper, onion and left over Maggi chicken.

    Snack- Wholemeal roll (HEB) Tsp extra light mayo (0.5 syn) slice of lean ham...didnt have any superfree with this but hoping it wont do too much damage as i had tons of veg with dinner (3 quarters superfree)

    Dinner- Maggi chicken (1.5 syns) loads of green beans and Mediterranean veggies (not the ones in oil but OH did add a bit of oil and a spoonful of reggae reggae sauce so guestimating 7 syns)

    So 9 syns today...may have an animal biscuit later for 2 syns.

    So far im loving SW. Hope i get a good result on the scales on Monday :)
  6. InIt2SlimIt

    InIt2SlimIt Member

    Slimming World
    Well i ended up having 3 animal biscuits last night so total syns for yesterday was 15 again. Really want to try and have less...aiming for 10 today.

    Today is going to be a green day.

    Rough menu plan -

    Breakfast - not sure yet, not really hungry. Still at OH's and he doesnt really have any sw friendly food. Had a cup of milky tea (HEA1) with an animal biscuit (2 syns)

    Lunch - baked potato, tuna (HEB1) light mayo (2 syns) with side salad

    Dinner - tomato and herb pasta n sauce with 2 Quorn sausages (2 syns) with 42g low low cheese over the top (HEA2)
  7. InIt2SlimIt

    InIt2SlimIt Member

    Slimming World
    Ok here's my official green day menu that i enjoyed today -

    Breakfast - Milky Tea (HEA1) Animal Biscuit (2 syns) Then ended up having a wholemeal roll (HEB1) with a tiny scraping of Philli Light (1 syns worth if that)

    Lunch - Baked Potato, Laughing cow light x2 (2.5 syns) Tuna (HEB2) Mayo (2 syns)

    Dinner - Tomato, onion and herb Pasta N Sauce with red pepper, spring onion and courgette mixed through then baked in the oven with 42g Low Low cheese on top (HEA2)

    Snacks - Melon, Apricot, Peaches, half a 2 finger Kitkat (2.5 syns) Pink n White (2.5 syns) and i'm just about to have some syn free rice pudding for dessert with a belgian chocolate options stirred through mmm (2 syns)

    Total Syns for today - 14.5 :( Boooo! So much for sticking to 10...will try harder tomorrow. In my defense, i'm trying to stop smoking hence all the snacking.
  8. InIt2SlimIt

    InIt2SlimIt Member

    Slimming World
    Today has been a Red Day and i feel like i've eaten loads...already had 15 syns :( so will need to be careful for the rest of the day!

    Breakfast - Fiber Plus bar (HEB1) Bacon, Cheese (1/2 HEA) Tomato Toastie (HEB2)

    Snack - Roast Chicken Fridge Raiders (2.5 syns - i thought they were free!)

    Lunch - Maggi Chicken (2.5 syns) Salad, 15ml Peri Peri Mayo (2.5 syns)

    Snack - Melon, Banana with Quark and Options (2 syns) Cup of Tea (other 1/2 HEA for milk) and a KitKat (5.5 syns)

    Dinner - Thinking of having Gammon Steak and Veggies.

    Hope i don't feel hungry later on since i've no syns left :( It's sooo hard to stick to 10 (although i know 15 is ok) I don't see how people can have trouble using theirs lol...give them to me!

    Will go for a nice bath and do my fake tan and paint my nails later to keep me occupied. Should really do some exercise too but i just dont seem to have the energy! My darling son decided 5am was a good time to get up at this morning! I did watch Tracy Andersons Mat Method but i think i'd get better results if i actually participated lmao x
    Last edited: 30 June 2011
  9. InIt2SlimIt

    InIt2SlimIt Member

    Slimming World
    Well all my hard work and good intentions went out the window over the weekend when i went to stay with the OH. Friday started well, i'd only had 8.5 syns and then i had a tiny glass of wine....which turned into a bottle of wine and then some Morgans Spiced :( Saturday wasn't too bad. Did ok during the day, and then OH did a BBQ for dinner, had some creamy coleslaw and some pre-packed pasta so no idea of the syns :cry:

    Sunday i managed to pull it back on track with a green day including loads of fruit and veg.

    Weighed this morning and i have lost 2lbs. I know it could've been more as i was 3lbs down on Friday morning (had a sneaky peek) but i suppose 2lbs is better than nothing when i've been a big greedy wine slugger :(

    Anyway a new week awaits and i have warned OH not to even offer me any wine this weekend so i hope my losses for next week will be better!

    Today is a green day and so far so good -

    Breakfast - Had this quite late so i had a co-op pitta (HEB1) with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, onion and 42g Low Low cheese (HEA1) melted on top to make a lovely pitta pizza.

    Lunch - Syn free rice pudding with an Activia Vanilla yoghurt stirred through.

    Snacks - Satsuma and a slice of Bernard Matthews Turkey Breast (1 syn)

    Dinner - To be arranged. I have a "Woopsed" cabbage that needs using so i'm thinking of having this with some Quorn sausages and mash.

    Will update later...
  10. JessiieJones

    JessiieJones Member

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    Slimming World
    Helloooo, I've just found your thread/blog & wondered how you were doing? I'm only in my 2nd week & too am a greedy wine slugger (well, wine/vodka/tequila/cider slugger!) so I do get mad when I don't lose as much as I could as I know when it gets to Friday I have the breaking strain of a kitkat (yummm)!! Are you doing another thread or not doing one any more? Loved reading this, it brightened up my very tired & very hungover Saturday morning right up!! x
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