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The news is making me mad!


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Sky news is harping on about a miracle diet that cures type 2 diabetes. Well we all know it's this diet. Steve's 'almost' diabetic fasting blood sugar was halved by it. They are saying a strict low calorie diet is the cure......yes it's low calorie, 600 cals.
It is.... 3 diet shakes (read high protein, low carb), non starchy vegetables (read low carb) & tea.
Why oh why will they NEVER say low carb???:mad:

Rant over...I'm back to me now :D
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Yeah, I'm a type 1 and I have more than halved my insulin intake on Atkins. I know a lot of type 2's that have done really well on low carb diets. For me Atkins is no longer just about shedding the pounds (although that is good too :) ) it is now more about the tight control I now have on my diabetes.


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That's wonderful Leanne :D Three of our parents died from type 2 related problems & watching me mum go blind & die of chronic kidney failure will be with me forever. PS....she weighed about 6 stone so it wasn't weight related x
Eugh how irritating!! I am hoping for a day where I can tell people that I am doing Akins without them looking at me with horror on their face & the question 'oh that's the diet that you can only eat bacon & eggs' WTH??? who told these people these things?
I've never felt happier & healthier in my life. Atkins is nutrient rich & I can honestly say the only WOE that I can vouch I will be on for life. It's the only thing that works for me.
I have PCOS & insulin resistance related to this so I am the type that carries the refined stuff on my stomach, hips & bum. White carbs make me look like the Michelin man so bloated & also make my periods irregular.
Atkins sorts all of that out & keeps my sugar levels stable & also no more mood swings.
Win win win situation :D

Feck the begrudgers I say ;)


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I agree Sharon, they will never say low carb, as some believe the diet is not well balanced. I think with careful consideration to what we eat we CAN low carb, and still have a well balanced diet. The only thing I am not really having are bread, potatoes rice and fruit. I have my green veg, and my white meat, and when necessary I add a little fibre in the form I can have it in. This country is bonkers.

Just to add, I always feel at my best when I am low carbing. Listening to my body is more important, than listening to someone who knows nothing about me or my food intolerances


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Probably just one of those things where scientists don't want to extensively test low carb because it 'might not be healthy'

It's the same in the smoking world. It's proven that devices such as e-cigarrettes help smokers quit, but scientists over here won't test that because it 'might not be healthy'

That and the government can't tax on it at the moment...


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It's all about the money the grain producers make & the bonus's doctors get from prescribing all the drugs we've ended up on from eating all this crap!

I only started LC when I was due to have an op for IBS damage & the surgeon told me after 30 years of eating 'healthy' foods they were what was causing my problems. I would never go back to high carb, high fibre, low calorie muck again.......now, where's my cheese :D
Its funny that you say that Cinta. I suffered years of bloating, severe constipation, haemorrhoids & IBS and once I start this WOE everything settles. I no longer have bloating/cramping/constipation.

I for one think that my statement above & all of the other REAL statistics like the ladies with diabetes speak for themselves.
Atkins works and I guess the ironic thing is that it is free....

No need to go to a weekly meeting paying €10 for someone to weigh me.
No need to pop to the shops and load my trolley up with these diet companies cardboard 'food'.
No need to buy these pretend 'low fat' items because in fact they are full of sugar.

If people only knew the real truth about Atkins they wouldn't be moving from one diet to the next losing a few pounds failing then starting another diet failing then starting another diet & the cycle continues.

Atkins is the most natural WOE you can follow. I usually get very bad cramping in the second half of my cycle until AF arrives & I haven't had any at all & therefore forgetting about it altogether so when it arrives it arrives :p

MAHOOOSIVE Atkins fan right here!! :D


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Well they haven't studied that bit yet, but I'm guessing we all know whats coming when they introduce loads of carbs back into their diet, and no one can live on low cal (read carb) shakes forever without falling off the wagon


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Yeah and they all get kick backs from manufacturers/ growers anyway in some form. Like the wine companies probably funded part of the study that said red wine was good for the heart. But just in case I'll still have the odd glass of red, but that's really because I like it, and if my heart does too thats fine, but then my liver might complain, your right Drasim you can't win no matter what you do so you may as well do what you like!

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