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The perils of weighing every day


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My name is Sarah and I get on the scales every day.

You may know that I was sliiiiightly disappointed with my official weigh-in this week as there was a 5lb difference between my morning weight any my official weight. I hadn't thought it was odd that I had suddenly dropped 3lbs in one day at the weekend.

All this week my home scales haven't really budged, a bit up, a bit down...all over the place. It's the week of the month that I would expect that so I wrote it down to my ovaries. Except this morning I got on the scales and they went down to 185lbs. There is no way in betsy that I am 185lbs. I know what 185 feels like and it ain't this (I'd be a 14 for starters) and there's no way I've gone from 201lbs to 185 in a week. Not even on Cambridge. So I moved the scales slightly and they went back to 198.6 - which is more than I think I weigh - maybe I need new batteries! (The scales - not me - I feel perfectly bouncy)
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Oh, but how nice - even for a moment - to dream that you might have lost so much weight in a day! ;)

Deffo time for new batteries, though. Who knows, maybe you do weigh a bit less than you think? :D :D


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Ha - turns out I had spare mini batteries for such an emergency. I put them in, re callibrated the scales and...TWO POUNDS ON! (Oh hang on - had had a litre of water and breakfast. Duh. Okay...once a compulsive weigher, always a compulsive weigher.

I preferred my magic 10lbs overnight weightloss batteries...I should sell them on ebay!

I might even resort to the Wii Fit for external validation!

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Take your midweek weighing with a pinch of salt. I weigh but don't really take it seriously. I weighed once had a wee weighed again and was a pound heavier. I only trust the CDC scales they cost far more than my bathroom scales. :D


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Jayne - yeah I totally do - always have - I'm the one on here week in week out telling people not to worry when they STS - but the only way I can keep doing SS day in day out is by looking forward to my morning weigh-in. It's of of the games I play with myself to stop myself eating in the evenings. I was just annoyed that my data will be out for the last week because of the 'magic' batteries!

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