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The Phoenix emerges from the Ashes with JUDDD - hopefully!


JUDDD Worshipper
Hello, welcome and thanks ever so much for stopping by in my diary :D
I am starting JUDDD from 01.06.2010 because I need to get rid off my extra luggage. I am 30 years old, female, 5'3'' and 14.8 stones. I would love to achieve a size 10/12 (I'm a 16 at the moment). I have tried SiS and calorie counting in the past and lost 2 stones. However, I have not lost any weight since May 2009. You can say, I celebrate a 1-year-plateau-anniversary :cry:
I have read into JUDDD and I like the idea. I love to challenge myself, so I am willing to go the alternate day way. Let's see how far I can get.

I'd love you to pop around and say Hi sometimes... and maybe share your thoughts and ideas with me, or just give me some motivation and a kick in the backside.

I apologize for any mistakes concerning my English. I am not a native :(

Phoenix xx
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I'm sure I have hip bones
*pops in* Hi ! :D

I think it is great that we start on the same day. It is like a challenge really, although I have a lot more weight to lose than you. But maybe we can support each other?

My biggest problem is not sticking to something but to not get demotivated. I get on the scales far too often and when I see no changes I give up. I promised myself to only go onto the scales once a week, on Fridays and I hope I can stick to it. I think I have to hide the scales.

Good luck, Phoenix! I am off to a holiday from tomorrow but I am looking forward to starting on the first :) .


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good luck with starting Judd. i have been on it a couple of weeks now. My first week weight loss was 5lbs then i stayed the same. I am hoping for a loss this week. a one year plateau oh my god i would have been demented. Mine last for 2 months and i was getting really down about it as I was being really good. I could have understood my plateau had i been having the odd mars bar or pizza, i could have at least told myself my heart wasnt in it but the truth was that my heart was in it and i wasnt cheating. it is soul destroying.

I know what you mean about the scales. i get on mine every mornign and every night, oh and every time i go near the bathroom lol.

best of luck anyway


JUDDD Worshipper
Hello! So today is my first day with JUDDD. I start with an upday as recommended. Later on I will go to the supermarket and get my week's ration for the DD. I am a bit afraid of the DD, but hey I'll manage. I'll let you know how it's going.


JUDDD Worshipper
Hello! So this is my first down day. I dreaded it until last night when I went to ASDA and checked out what I can actually eat today. As you might know my calorie intake is limited to 500 cal on a down day. Not much you might think. BUT here comes my list of food for today:
Two 175g cups of jelly (9 cal each)
WW Yoghurt Peach (56 cal)
WW Yoghurt Strawberry (48 cl)
WW Thuna Thousand Islands (67) cal as dressing for
293 g iceberg lettuce (38 cal)
92 g radish (12 cal)
105 g cherry tomatoes (18 cal)
199 g cucumber (20 cal)
One 295g can WW County Vegetable Soup (92 cal)
10 ml milk (5 cal) for my tea in the morning
All in all this sums up to 374 cal! My sandwich for yesterday's lunch had more than that...
So I am confident I will manage. I'll let you know how it goes!
Good luck, sounds like you have your down day well planned out! That always helps a lot to know exactly what you are having and when on a down day! If you just go to the cupboard/fridge and think 'what can I eat now?' you are more likely to blow your down day. Planning is great!!!


JUDDD Worshipper
Woop! 7.3lb weight loss this week! It's amazing!!!

I am so happy, unbelievable. I love JUDDD and I am grateful I found out about it!!!

PS: Does anyone know how I can change my nickname on here?


I'm sure I have hip bones
Woop woop! That's amazing! Well done! Keep it up!!

I think only the admin can change the nickname - you should ask him/her :) .

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