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The pic that made you lose weight


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I am one of the 63336
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When I turned 40 last May I REALLY took a good look at the last photos I had taken at a wedding a couple of summers back and realised I've got to do something about it. (One of them is my Minimins profile pic, the others are on my Facebook account).

I've lost 2.5 stone and want to have achieved 3 stone (0.5 stone on this new ticker) by my 41st birthday (May 19th)


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this is one of the pics - it just showed how much i had let myself go. I had always been a healthy size 12, but at this point size 14 was getting a bit tight! My face was much rounder too - look at my double chins!!



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I have a pic on my bathroom mirror, If I'm having a day where I feel big I look at it and say hey- at least I'm two stone thinner than I was then and laugh.. Always makes me feel better. Got another one on my fridge. My o/h says I look like a honey monster on that one, will scan them later and upload.
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It was this one taken December 2008. I hate this photo.



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I actually don;t have a photo which made me want to lose weight (probably cos I've avoided cameras for years).
No, what made me want to lose weight was the fat that every time we went out to the cinema or to any social event, I got really paranoid about whether the seats would have arms and if I'd be able to fit in them. The reason this because an issue was cos we went to the cinema to see Die Hard 4 (we have a 17 yo in the house as well as his dad) and I couldn;t fit in the cinema seat and had to move to a different sized one!
That made me panic as we had a social event coming up for the OH's work and I didn't want to have an issue with seats. I joined SW and had lost just over half a stone by the time the event came up - and I could fit in the seats!!!


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Just a select few. The first one was years ago and a reminder not to escalate to that size again. That's the biggest I've ever been and really don't want to go there again.....excuse the horrific photographs to follow :eek: lol Already I can see a huge difference in myself though and cannot wait till I can post a proud target reached pic on here!!



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this is one of the many cringeworthy pictures! BTW see how i try to hide behind hubby - coat and bannister? LOL Even worse i was actually 5lbs heavier than this weight when i started my diet....eeek!


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