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The power within clothes??...


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I dont know if you guys are the same but ive just thrown out all my really baggy and huge size 30 and 32 clothes... i didn't want to and it was quite hard to do!..

But four full bin bags later i feel much better , i thought i needed the secruity of all those clothes , but now they are gone i see i dont want or wont be getting into them again so getting rid was the best thing!... and ive got room now to buy lots more smaller ones...

But yay i finally did it and chucked my favourite HUGE clothes away!! lol.
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Did the same thing about 3 weeks ago, very liberating... sold a lot on ebay actually and got about £300 so went on a shopping spree and got 6 dresses in size 18 (used to be 22-24) so am well chuffed, feeling sexier and more shapely....

Trouble is now I am an 18 i can get clothes from most every shop - god help the credit cards :D

Good onya sister! x x


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Well done you two, i cannot wait to fit into smaller clothes at the moment i am still wearing some old size 24 trousers that have stretched with me, i went to buy new ones a month ago and only 26 would fit and i didnt wanna buy size 26 i cant wait to be an 18 and be able to shop anywhere.
I did the same. First clear out I had, I gave something like 6 bags to Oxfam :eek: I kept one skirt though, a size 28 skirt ( wasn't the biggest I ever wore, that was a 32 :eek::eek:). I kept it to remind me that I will never ever be that person again. I also have this pic on my fridge door...just to keep the incentive up ;)



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haha thats so koool :p... love that pic
MY GOD - Ali you look completely different, WHAT an achievement.

It's not until you see pics like that do you realise just what IS possible...

Julie x
Thanks :D
Julie I have a pic in my albums that shows the differences since I started my weight loss journey...hang on and i'll post it here lol


New Clare

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Wow! Ali you have changed soooo much!
Thanks for sharing those photos with us... you are an inspiration! :)
YAY for throwing them out :D

I`m not brave enough to do that yet!



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Well done Ali you look soooo much younger! x
Cheers :D I feel loads younger, and have loads more energy :D
Lise...take a deep breath, bag those clothes that are too big for you now, and give them to the charity shop...you won't be needing them anymore :)
Ali I keep coming back to this thread just to look at your amazing photos again and again. The change in you is amazing!

I've got my bin bags ready and will be taking all my biggest clothes down to the charity shop today because as you said we won't be needing them anymore! :D
Thanks Clare :)
The first time I took bag to Oxfam, it took me a week to take them there, as I had convinced myself that some of the clothes ( which I really did like )were not that baggy. That was until hubby pointed out that a woman who was a size 24 had no need for clothes that were a size 32 no matter how pretty the clothes were. Was the kick up the bum I needed :D


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Just wanted to reiterate how much of an inspiration you are Ali!!!

I'm really looking forward to being able to throw my big clothes out!

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