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The Pressure is ON!


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Chaps, Chaps, Chaps!!!!

Yesterday I went out and bought the most gorgeous suit for my daughters wedding in a few weeks time - size 12 (boutique size 12 - 'had to get that bit in!!).

It is gorgeous. The skirt is LOOSE :D at the waist band but hangs really well and the jacket is really, really fitted.

This is the problem ...... in order to look perfect (which is my aim!!) I could really do with losing another few pounds - like 7!!!!

I have 15 days to go ....................... and while I have continued to lose weight continually throughout the WONDERFUL LL diet and am now a normal BMI I have been adding bits of food here and there for the past couple of weeks (not every day but maybe every 2/3 days).

Now I have to go cold turkey (well stay away from the cold turkey :D and everything else for the next couple of weeks).

But I am worried that I will sabotage myself by thinking "Oh, I'll just nibble today and start SS again tomorrow" and before I know it the big day will be almost here and I will be stuffed (in more ways than one!).

Today I am planning to visit family and it is on just such occasions that I would 'pick' i.e. a little cheese or fish and salad and maybe a glass of wine.

But I have decided that I am not going to do that today - I am going to make whatever excuses I have to make and stick to my packs.

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The Diet Guy
15 days is nothing possum!! You can and will do this, make water your best friend and just hang in there, 7 pounds will be history in 15 days and you'll be so pleased with yourself that you did it and no food in between will give that sense of accomplishment as when you reach a goal.

Well done!



Hopeful for the future
I'm sure you can do it Possum,
Just visualise how well you'll feel and how gorgeous you'll look in the photos, on the day. You won't have to worry about what angle you're at, when the photo is being taken, and just revel in those fab compliments and comments about the mother of the bride.......
As you said you owe it to you!!!!

You've done brilliantly - normal bmi and now wanting the icing on the cake by looking gorgeous on your daughter's special day!!

You CAN DO IT!! Follow Mike's great advice and use your imagination often for inspiration.

Good luck xx


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Thanks Chaps :grouphugg:

I'll keep you posted. I'm going away over night and am all 'packed and watered up'.

9st 7lbs here I come!!!!


p.s. You should see the Hat :cool: - not the type of hat to be worn by someone lacking confidence (if you know what I mean!!)

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