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The principle of Red & Green days


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Has it changed any? Started 2 weeks ago on EE with practically no results so going to try red and green days to see if that helps. Had a look at the SW website and thought I'd have a go at their sample 7 day red and green days. I'm not that clear on it and wanted to know if it is still the same as I used to do it - so 2 HEXA and 2 HEXB? Really want to see a good result next week so want to get this right.
Any advice?
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Mrs V

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Hi there. I do Red days and EE days during my week for variety.
Yes, you can have 2 HeA and 2 HeB when on a Red and Green Day.
I tend to have just the one HeA and 2 HeB. Its up to you what combination you think would suit you better. Always make sure that you have the 2 HeB though as this is your fibre section.
I only do red & green days :)

On a red day I use my HEa on milk & sometimes some cheese, but like Mrs V, I really only ever tend to have 1 Hea. My Heb choice's on red days go on my porridge of a morning (28g) & new pots in skins (198g raw weight), then cook these in a variety of ways.

Green days, HEa will be milk & like I say, sometimes some cheese, so if making rissotto I'd use some parmesan as a HEa. HEb on green days for me go again on porridge oats & then Alpen lights or something similar.

For me these plans work great as I don't get a carb overload, yet still have the allowence in the plan so I can eat them.

My hubby is a big meat eater so for him red days are great.


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You just need to be aware that the 7 day plan on the SW website is the extra easy plan and not red/green. SW are pushing the EE hard now and consider it their 'main' plan. Some of the details will differ so if you are going to use it be careful when counting HEs and syns.


I WILL be thin!!
Circes, SW website has a sample menu for all choices, I clicked on the red and green one to try and follow that :)

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