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The ramblings of Phatmomma take two...

The ramblings of phatmomma....
So i thought i'd start a diary, no secrets, just the truth so here goes....

Last June i had a gastric bypass surgery. Unfortunately for me the weight loss fairy had the day off on that day so it didn't all miraculously fall off me as it has with some of my friends... But by November last year i was approx 4 stone down and there it has lingered. Not through my surgery failing but with myself, who researched thoroughly, who got complacent and started having too many 'treats'.....

So about 6 weeks ago i joined w/w but with work and commuting before my relocation i never went after that first week. Three weeks ago this Tuesday i headed over to my local group, as i've now relocated and have more control over my food, and weighed in exactly the same as i was the first time. Stopped to class, brought a calculator and fell in love with the pro points plan.... I'm blessed that i can't eat huge amounts, although amazingly crap goes down quickly and easily, and am finding living with my pro points and the odd treat is working well. I've never felt so in control, especially now i've brought a new battery for my kitchen scales and discovered my 60g of muesli i guesstimated each day was in fact closer to 100g's...

So my results? First week weigh in left me 4.5lb lighter, week 2 only a 1lb, but with my mis weighing i can't control....

So this week i've started riding my bike and trying to walk more, and Just Dance 2 on the Wii is fab :)

I'm looking forward to weigh in on Tuesday although my point counting went haywire and i lost track at a family bbq last night. I don't think i was bad enough that it will impact too much. And if it does then i've learned a lesson about mathematics....

So anyway, good luck to you on your w/l journey, i hope i haven't bored you too much xx
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Thank you Jo. I intend to be so true to myself this week it's unbelievable.. It's lovely to feel the support from fellow healthy lifestyle followers...
So week 3 WI tonight and lost a whole 1/2 lb. I'm not disappointed as i had one corker of a weekend where i lost track and didn't deprive myself, i thought i'd be a sts or at least a gain so the exercise i did must have helped :)

My pledge for this week is to track everything and also to do at least 30 minutes exercise everyday. Probably a lot of fast paced walking or if the weather turns then i can feel a disco diva inside waiting to escape to the wonderful world of Nintendo where the fairies dance on the Wii.....

I've just brought the wwpointsdiary app for my android so this should be a help as it looks fab, have you got it?

See you next Tuesday for an update, if i don't come back before..


Serial Foodie!

Im in the same boat as you... had a band fitted but im actually heavier than when I had it done! Ive done my first week at WW and lost same as you, 4.5lbs and about to have my 2nd. i totally relate to the struggle that follows the surgery but wanted to say well done for the great losses since. xxx
Well half way through the week and i feel fab, i'm in control and moving. 12 activity points earned, 7 of which were today. Am feeling on top of the world, i've had a good day and had some really nice treats, foodwise i've indulged my sweet tooth and gone over my dailies but after tracking on the w/w site i still have about 35 weeklies and my 12 AP's left so not bad after all.

Each day on the 'diet' and i use that term lightly, i feel more and more positive that these last lbs will go... only 58 of the little boogers to go :)

So today has been busy, i've ridden my bike over the 3 mile walk i did the other day with DH who is indeed my rock on this wljourney. God it was a killer, my legs were aching and anyone would think i'd just finished the tour de france lol, however the sense of achievement and pride is fabulous :) Bring on weigh in day, i'm ready for you lol xxx


Serial Foodie!
You sound so motivated... its rubbing off. No way am i going to cycle but I will make sure I get moving today too. I must say, WW is much easier than I thought it would be! I never tried it because it sounded as though I would be deprived but the PP system allows for everything! Glad you are feeling fab... those 58lbs wont know whats hit em xx
You sound so motivated... its rubbing off. No way am i going to cycle but I will make sure I get moving today too. I must say, WW is much easier than I thought it would be! I never tried it because it sounded as though I would be deprived but the PP system allows for everything! Glad you are feeling fab... those 58lbs wont know whats hit em xx
Karen, if you'd told me two years ago i was going to cycle (even one year ago) i'd have laughed my socks off.

As it is my surgery has made a lot of things more doable, like the fair ride last week with DD no 2 :)... This lifestyle change that w/w laughingly call a diet is so very doable and i'm loving it :) I go back to my old home in 2 weeks and i reckon my mom will see a difference :)

Pro points rocks xx
Well today the phatmomma family have been to the seaside. Took food so i could keep in control and things were fab :) Did the fair at Brean then headed off to have a look at Cheddar Gorge. Not been there for about 15 years, another lifetime me thinks and it was brilliant. I guess it hasn't changed much but to me it looked different, don't know why!

So after enjoying the spectacle of a flashy sports car, duly driven by 1 young chav and friends, of going into the back of a Discovery (and coming off worse) we had our healthy chicken n salad dinner before heading off on our little walk...

Oops i digressed, did i mention that a whole 2 minutes before the car prang my car had been sat waiting to park up? It could so have been me the idiot ran into, thank heavens it wasn't, the kids thought it was brilliant enough as it was....

So anyway, i digressed again. Anyway we had a lovely 1.7 mile walk up the gorge hill. My god my legs are aching now, i'm wondering if i'll make it up the stairs to bed. I think i will but don't think i'll be doing much on the exercise front tomorrow....

I so have to start looking at my phone clock before heading off on these walks/rides as i keep forgetting too and then have to guesstimate my AP's...

While at the fair (i mentioned it earlier) i was eyeing up a ride called 'Wipe Out', you can only imagine why :) Well i've decided that by October (if not before) i will be 2 stone lighter and i will be going on that ride with my 14 yr old daughter. I have two girls and they think their moms a wuss when it comes to fairs, far from it as a slim person i loved all of the rides, the scarier the better... As a fat person my only fear of the fair was the safety barriers not fitting over me.

Today as i watched people getting on the Wipe Out ride i tried to work out if i was bigger than others or around the same. If my OH had been close to me ( i was in the queue for the haunted house ride with DD no 2) i would have asked him as a chunky lady went on it. I'm a bit like the ladies on Gok Wan's show 'How to look good naked' in the fact that after losing almost 5 stone i don't know what size i really am. By that i mean when fatter i knew which people in my circle of friends were around the same size as me and those that were smaller... Now i'm stuck as to where i am in the big picture...

Anyway enough ramblings, i have stairs to crawl up...

Oooh, oooh, i never mentioned i came back from the seaside with enough points left for a magnum mini lemoncillo lolly yum yum xx


Serial Foodie!
sounds like a great family day. Totally understand about getting on rides etc. Ive promised my kids we are taking them to Disney Florida in September next year so Im having to aim for that. Sounds like a long time to lose weight but im 34 yrs old and never managed it fully before lol. Good luck with your 14 st goal... show them girls what you are really made of :D

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