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The real reason I'm not losing weight...

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Howdy SW chums! I have decided to tell you a little story.

I have been a bit awol (er...well...pretty much totally awol!) for a couple of weeks now. Ever since I got back from my holiday in Wales, really. I had a hard time getting back into the plan, and although I love SW, I just wasn't able to stick with it.

Over the past few weeks (including my holiday!) I have gained 4lbs. I will probably add another 1 to that tonight at WI.

I have been feeling really tired and washed out. I was feeling hungry all the time but at the same time was off my food. Thirsty, yes. Queasy, quite a lot of the time. I am heavy, bloated and feeling under the weather.

Those of you who are good at reading between the lines might be able to guess at what I'm going to say next....

I am pregnant!

We are over the moon! It's still pretty early days, which is why I've held off from telling you all for a while. But we've started telling a few people now - our parents know, as do some of my best friends. Haven't told work just yet but there's a reason for that, I won't go into that now!

So, there we go! It's brilliant but really scary at times. I have to admit I'm a bit wibbly about gaining weight, even though I intend to do my best to make sure it's mostly baby and not blubber. I fully intend to stick to SW as much as possible throughout, but my appetite has gone haywire to be honest and I am totally off cooking, which doesn't help! I am trying though, eating fruit and veg as much as I can. Although the way I've been eating Monster Munch, pizza and bread-related items, blubber is a real possibility! But, whatever happens I know I can lose it again after the baby is born.

I will try not to be too absent from the boards, as I do miss you crazy slimmers when I'm not here! But I probably won't be around that much.

Good luck everyone...I'll keep checking in and commenting whenever I can!

Hellie x
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Congratulations! I'm sure you'll be able to control your eating once your hormones settle down.

By the way, a lot of the bloatedness and tiredness might be more from eating bread/dough than the pregnancy - I really can't eat bread any more as it bloats me up and slows me down. Just a thought.
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congratulations! and dont be too worried about putting on weight during pregnancy its normal, thats what the body is designed to do to enable the baby to grow and develope healthily. really gets on my nerves when i hear people say im dieting when im pregnant they dont realise that they could be taking away from the baby.
eating healthy is sensible and of course your going to want to eat all the bad stuff its only natural. on my first daughter i went off everything and could only keep down strawberry gateux he he he. good luck with the pregnancy and enjoy it knowing that when the baby is born you will be able to loose the weight again xx


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Congratulations thats brilliant! Got to say i dont miss the early pregnany stage one bit! I found it exhausting and i couldnt even keep my folic acid down lol


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Congratulations! :family2: you got some of these to come!

My worst craving during both pregnancies where..... here goes... you'll laugh...

Cola Bottles, the children's jelly sweet...lol.

I think you will have some cravings, but they could be satisfied with just having a little of something, not like me and a whole bag of cola bottles everyday! And you will also go off stuff, I did. With my first pregnancy, couldn't stand Curry... second pregnancy, couldn't stand coffee, and I was a complete coffee addict before!


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Congratulations Hellie. That is really wonderful news. I am so happy for you!


Slow but sure....
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Fantastic news Hellie, many congratulations to you both, I'm delighted for you, you take care now, don't overdo it in these first early weeks. XXX


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Thats fab hon!!!!! I am so pleased.

I just want to agree with the above, don't worry about weight gain just enjoy your preg. You will lose it after, theres plenty of time for that.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Awww Huni, thats fantastic news to read and Im smiling for you and your OH!!!

At least you will know why you are truly gaining now (even if not on plan 100%)!!!

I dont know what else to write!!! Lol, Im really happy for you!



Never gets tired of SW!
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CONGRATS Hellie!!! That's fabtastic news!! Pleeeease keep in touch with us and let us know how your'e getting on, and obviously lots of baby photos when the time comes!!XXX
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Ah thanks everyone!!! :D

I am a bit hooked on fizzy sweets and monster munch but I've gone right off chocolate. Haven't had any for about 2 or 3 weeks. I'm being forced into taking it easy as I am too tired to do much - I need a nap after work and I go to bed about 9:30! LOL!
It's nice being able to have the odd pizza without the usual guilt that accompanies it. Not having any particular cravings though.

It's all a bit exciting really! Oh yes...there will be regular updates and photos I'm sure. I will try to keep the diary going too, keep on top of things.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
Apart from not being able to stomach healty food when I was pregnant (you've got away lightly with a bit of pizza!), my craving was sniffing a bar of soap! I used to carry one in my handbag and take it out for a smell when things got too much! That and getting Hubby to change his aftershave about 5 times before I could stand him anywhere near me :) Lol!!



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FABULOUS NEWS! many congratulations! :)


Excited about the new me!
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Congratualtions, what a lovely surprise and change of life too. Do what you can and enjoy your pregnancy too. Maybe take up swimming and light walking too, which will help with your toning and use the SW recipes for interesting ideas, so you don't get bored. Not sure what the syn's are for pregnancy, but I'm sure the SWC will tell you that. Great news. xxx

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