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The really slow loss team!

Discussion in 'Slimming World Teams & Challenges' started by Woodland girl, 27 February 2011 Social URL.

  1. Woodland girl

    Woodland girl Gold Member

    Anyone like to be in the slow loss team with me? Lol
    I was loosing about 1.5 a week, now about .5 if I am lucky!! So many others are amazing a loose 2-10lbs a week I was feeling pleased for them but disheartened!

    Anyone else feel this way? Like to join my little slow loss group to cheer eachother on? :)
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  3. tillysouth

    tillysouth Enter your zip code here

    Hello Tracy,
    I am a very slow loser. It is quite difficult to keep motivated but it helps to know that you are not the only one who loses slowly. I was so discouraged that I gave up for three weeks - that doesn't help at all! I think you have done very well to keep trying. Even small losses will get us there in the end. Shall we try and focus on how fantastic we will feel when we reach goal? Good luck to you, and keep posting.
  4. Woodland girl

    Woodland girl Gold Member

    Yeah! Great to hear from you tillysouth! Cheered me up :)

    I agree that giving up will not improve things, so we need to remember that!

    Had a chat with a sw buddy this morning and I am going to try a few new things

    1. Change breakfasts. Vary them a bit more
    2. Drink more water
    3. Not give up! Lol

    Exercise is a tricky one. I want to keep going with the couch to 5 k although people say exercise slows weight loss- I need to look at it from a health point of view as well as what clothes fit rather than weight. I do feel so good for doing the running

    Glad you are back on it and let's get this off 1 lb at a time
  5. Holidaygirl10

    Holidaygirl10 Silver Member


    I def fit into this category;)
    Really small weight losses, even put on half the week before:(
    Stick to the eating plan all the time:confused:
    I do a lot of exercise now and the only thing I can be positive about, is, I do feel so much better.:)
    If you read my weight loss diary you will see I have some problems, currently, and that is why tablets are supposedly slowing weight loss down:(
    However, keep positive, take one day at a time, as I have learnt to do, and support each other.
    People are just sooo nice on here:D
  6. Woodland girl

    Woodland girl Gold Member

    Great to hear from you holiday girl! I am still a slow looooser but lost 2.5 this week. Eek!!
    So, stick with it, slow or fast it is coming down! X
  7. bma123

    bma123 Full Member

    i may just join you on this i have good weeks and bad weeks and its so disheartening i think i struggle after a couple of good weeks then lose momentum....any tips please????
  8. Woodland girl

    Woodland girl Gold Member

    Hi bma123

    Welcome! I am not very good at the tips, but I guess my big one would be
    Don't take your eyes off the goal.


    Even though it is slow, it is still working. Just think about how bad we feel off plan when we are not taking control. This part, getting control and eating well is so much better.

    Plan yummy meals, drink lots of water and use syns :))

    We can and we will do this!!!!
  9. bma123

    bma123 Full Member

    struggling at mo got no motivation feeling low and then eat and feel even lower.....help getting up with bad heads to which then makes me feel worse?????
  10. Holidaygirl10

    Holidaygirl10 Silver Member

    You poor thing:eek:
    I am lucky to have some good support from the doctor, Occ Health,MIND and family,during my current long term sick absence from work. I have the time to walk the dog and exercise, which then makes me feel better about myself.
    I am on sleeping tablets which has done the trick re sleeping but wake up very heady. Walking the dog helps being out in the fresh air. Not everyone has that luxury of time that I find in excess at the moment:eek:
    Drinking enough water is a good tip, though I have to put lemon squash in mine (sugar free).Do you like herbal teas, may help headaches?
    I save my syns for the evening and that helps if feeling low or anxious, or just had a bad day;)
    I keep as motivated as possible because I want to get back to work (half pay looming up:eek:) and I want to feel good, even if the weight is not coming off.
    Message me any time if feeling low, we can motivate each other:)
  11. bma123

    bma123 Full Member

    thanks really need support me thinks, on anti d's at mo, just wanna sleep all time but have to get up for school run i think if it wasn't for my boys i would never get up....don't think it helps being on 125mcg thyroxine and having pcos too.
  12. emmamcc1989

    emmamcc1989 Member

    Hey guys, can I join? - wouldn't say I'm a really slow at weight loss, as I've had weeks where I've lost 4lb, but after getting ill and ending up in hospital for 5 days in january, my weight loss has tailed off, and I weigh more now than at christmas! My problem is that I exercise crazy amounts (I got all the body magic awards last week after they discovered how much I do! Lol), and as I was ill I had not done any exercise until 3 weeks ago, and then all of a sudden I've put on weight! Lol! I'm due to weigh in tomorrow and have only used about 10 syns all week (though haven't had the urge to use anymore!) And I'm hoping for a good loss to get back on track! I just feel like I'm not going anywhere very fast! Had hoped at this stage I would have about 2 stone off, but my gain last week put me back to 13 and a half lbs off! :( apologies for no paragraphs, I'm on my phone!
  13. Holidaygirl10

    Holidaygirl10 Silver Member

    bma:don't be hard on yourself.:tear_drop:
    It's not easy when you feel low and you have little ones to deal with;)
    I had 3 under 5 at one stage, and had no family around me, as we moved away from Kent, where we come from. Just a wonderful hubbie, fortunately, but I have always been prone to depression.
    I have been told tablets will slow down, maybe even prevent, weight loss, by doc/occ health and my support from MIND. It's best to think of it as a healthy eating plan, and any weight loss is a bonus:(
    It took me a while to accept that, but feel great, despite very little weight loss:D
    The exercise is helping my moods as it makes me feel so happy and positive and a huge sense of achievement. Still have bad days,lose motivation, but there is normally someone on here to pick you up:D
    We are all here for you
  14. bma123

    bma123 Full Member

    thanks i do need people like you sometimes its great to have someone to understand my sis in law just makes fun of it cause she don't seem to struggle as much and she says 'well just don't eat' and that helps y? thanks again
  15. Crys

    Crys Full Member

    Can I join you? I know I've only done one week, but this is my second time round, last time I lost 16lbs in 17wks, so less than 1lb a week. My current aim is 1lb a week now, though tonight was a bit disappointing as first week, I hoped for and expected 3+ (I lost 4.5 in first wk last time).

    I also have PCOS and hypothyroidism, which does make it slower.

    Good luck to all :)
  16. Woodland girl

    Woodland girl Gold Member

    Yeah! So many people on our team! This just goes to show that loosing under 2 lbs a week and under 1 lb a week is normal. Lots of us go slow :)
    We must count other victories too. Food no longer has the power over us, we do: we are improving our health and taking back our lives. No more guilt!!

    Even more hugs to those of you with pcos and on medications. You have a more challenging ride, but it can be done.

    Have a great 100% day
    Tracy xx
  17. Holidaygirl10

    Holidaygirl10 Silver Member

    Thanks, Woodlandgirl, we can do it,slow but sure:D
  18. Pommette

    Pommette Trying - very!

    Hi everyone - I'll join you too if I may. I live in Spain and I'm doing it on my own. I only target myself with 1 lb a week but that way it stays off! I lost 2.5 st 3 years ago, got bored and stopped. Managed to maintain for over 2 years buth then put 5 lbs on at the back end of last year so my New Years resolution was to lose it again.
    I've stuck to it since Jan 7th and my loss is very variable. First 2 week manged 2 lb a week but it's been as low as 1/4 lb! then last week another 1.5 disappeared!

    Otherwise see you here and see if we can support each other.
  19. Crys

    Crys Full Member

    Just have to bear in mind that 1lb a week over a year is 3st 10 :D
    Well done on your progress Pommette :)
  20. emmamcc1989

    emmamcc1989 Member

    well after tonight, i think i might have to leave you!! i lost...... 6lb!!!!!!!!! can't believe it!! the last few weeks ive been so good and put on 4lb in 2 weeks (despite following the plan 100%) and then i stepped on tonight and my mouth nearly hit the floor!!
  21. Crys

    Crys Full Member

    wow, well done! you dont need to leave for the sake of one week though hon :)

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