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The results are in!!!!

Boy or Girl??

  • Boy

    Votes: 5 62.5%
  • Girl

    Votes: 3 37.5%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Do you want to know? In my day they didn't tell you what sex the baby was but technology is better now.

Don't think I'd want to know before hand

Irene xx
Yes we want to know. We found out with both the girls, and of course they want to know too! I get alot of people asking them whether they want a brother or a sister like they actually have a choice iyswim. Better to tell them (esp. Dd1 who is Autistic) and let them get used to the idea of boy/girl before baby arrives. :D
I guess its about 50/50. Some people do not want to know, but I have heard of sonographers letting it slip!!
They are wrong occasionally, so I say its likely it will be rather than it definitely is. The only way to tell for certain is through amnio test as far as I know.
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I knew what my two were without being told (women's instinct?) :D Just had a feeling that Chris was a boy and when I was expecting Amy at my 20 week scan I asked the sonographer "How's she doing?" and she said "Oh you know you're having a girl then?" and I said "No but I had a feeling she'd be coming into our lives". :D

Every scan I had, Amy was turned away and we could only see her spine so it was quite freaky that I knew she'd be a girl lol!
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When i had my first one (he is now 33) mums to be didn't even get a scan. I was convinced he was a girl and when he was born and I was rather off it having been sick and had lots of pethidine I remember saying to the midwifes can you sure it's not a girl

Irene xx

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