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"The road to success" My lifestyle diary.

My first week hasnt been the best, due to having the wrong foods in the house and not really knowing what I was going to do.

So I didnt keep a record of the first week, as it didnt really feel like I had started properly.

I cut down on my Alcholic beverages only having a few drinks on the weekend, I also reduced the amount I was eating, but I didnt count the calories.

I also started some very light workouts, around 20 mins a day.

But tomorrow the real work starts and so does this diary, I hope to keep this updated and I will be honest, not matter how bad I have been!

You maybe wondering why I am starting on a Tuesday, well its simple its the end of the first week, I joined the site last wednesday and tomorrow is the last day of the first week and the time for my first weigh in, I hope to have lost something but will be happy if I didnt put on since I havent been counting.

Going to be interesting to see the results!
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***Shocked*** but over the moon!!!

Well happy doesnt quite cut it, had my first wiegh in this morning and I had lost 7lbs in my first week!
I think pretty much all of that has to do with cutting down on the "Wine and Beers" if I am honest.
So its a great start and a perfect way to begin my Diary.

So todays menu 08/03/2011 :-


Weetabix - Bran Flakes, 30g {98kcal}
Sultanas, 20g
Tea with semi skimmed milk, 1 mug

Breakfast Total :- {169kcal}


Tea with semi skimmed milk, 1 mug {13kcal}
Princes - Tuna chunks 130g,
Ryvita - Dark Rye, 2 slices, {80kcal}
Cucumber 50g, 2 Tomatoes, 1 carrott, {74kcal}

Lunch Total :- {304kcal}


Tea with semi skimmed milk, 1 mug {13kcal}
Chicken breast 100g, with white rice and mixed veg. Cooked with Blue dragon stir fry sauce.
The single portion came to around {430kcal}
For dessert I had Greek style natural yogurt, 50g with 31g of Crunchy nut cornflakes

Dinner Total :- {603kcal}

4 x Tea with semi skimmed milk, {52kcal}
2 x Weetabix Oaty bars white choclate {170kcal}
40g black seedless grapes {24kcal}
Tomato & Basil Cup Soup {55kcal}

Snacks Total :- {301kcal}

Day Total :- {1377kcal}

My target is 1640kcal a day or less, so I am very happy with today, I had my snacks mid morning, mid afternoon and in the evening, really helped to keep any bad urges at bay.
I also managed to drink 8 cups of water, and I must have burnt a few kcals the amount of time I spent walking back and forward to the loo!

Now lets hope I can keep this up, quite a bit of work involved with counting calories, adds time to cooking prep and keeping track of everything, but going to be well worth it!
that is really good congratulations, your food diary looks very appealing think im going to try a couple of your lunches as i struggle to decide what to eat as i dont know if i am eating the right things. Thank you

The Moog

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Great stuff :) 7lbs is a brilliant loss and your meals look lovely. I'm reading this with interest as I think these are the sorts of meals I'm going to be able to eat when I get down to target weight and maintaining.

A brilliant start. Well done :)
Jillian is trying to kill me!

Well what a day!

After reading so much about Jillian Michaels 30 day shred I took a big step and give it ago.
25 mins later and I felt like Jillian had tried to kill me, no pain no gain right? :eek:

So onto todays menu 09/03/2011 :-


Weetabix - Bran Flakes, 40g {131kcal}
Sultanas, 20g
Tea with semi skimmed milk, 1 mug

Breakfast Total :- {202kcal}


Tea with semi skimmed milk, 1 mug {13kcal}
Napolina - Tinned Chopped Tomatoes, 400g
Very Lazy - Garlic In White Wine Vinegar, 5g {5kcal}
Kingsmill 50 / 50 white bread 2 slices, toasted {188kcal}
Cucumber 100g, {15kcal}

Lunch Total :- {309kcal}


Tea with semi skimmed milk, 1 mug {13kcal}
minced beef Bolognaise, 1 smalll ladle full {151kcal}
Mild Coloured Cheddar Cheese, 10g
Courgette - With Skin - 2 Large courgettes {110kcal}
Asda - Garlic Baguette (Single piece), {72kcal}
For dessert I had Strawberries 100g, Black Seedless Grapes 100g {92kcal}

Dinner Total :- {480kcal}

3 x Tea with semi skimmed milk, {39kcal}
2 x Weetabix Oaty bars white choclate {170kcal}
Sunflower Seeds, 2 Tbsp. {100kcal}
1 Coffee, with 2 sugars, 4 tsp of coffee mate {72kcal}
1 carrott

Snacks Total :- {411kcal}

Day Total :- {1402kcal}

Couple of little notes:-

Bolognaise main meal was served with Courgettes instead of any pasta, it worked a real treat, just cut the courgettes into thin strips and pan fry them with a little pepper, salt and garlic to taste. When cooked serve on a plate with a little cheese on top and then your Bolognaise sauce. It was really tasty, great for low carb / kcal diets.

The lunch was just plain tin tomatoes with basil, garlic and salt/pepper to taste, I didnt butter the toast as I knew it would soak up the tomatoe juice.

Coffee was a treat as I was under budget again on kcals and needed to bump them alittle before bed.

I would also like to thank everyone for your kind words and support, it really does make a big difference!
Yesterday has been the hardest day so far, the first day I have felt hungry and felt quite poorly after the 30 day shred workout.

Had lightheadedness, dizzyness and sickness, took a good 15-20 mins to pass fully :jelous:

My menu was a bit messed up due to the fact I had a lot on during the afternoon and evening, so had my main meal at lunch time and lunch at dinner time.

So the menu
10/03/2011 :-


Eggs - Poached (whole egg), 1 large {74kcal}
Kingsmill 50 / 50 white bread 1 slices, toasted {94kcal}
Veg - Tomato, 6 Slices
Tea with semi skimmed milk, 1 mug

Breakfast Total :- {199kcal}


Tea with semi skimmed milk, 1 mug {13kcal}
Chicken - Breast, meat only, cooked, fried, 200 g
Home made stry fry, 5 different veg {181kcal}
Blue Dragon - Peking Lemon Stir Fry Sauce {80kcal}

Lunch Total :- {648kcal}


Tea with semi skimmed milk, 1 mug {13kcal}
Potato - Medium Baked Potato, 1 medium (299g) {110kcal}
Napolina - Tinned Chopped Tomatoes,

Dinner Total :- {211kcal}

x Tea with semi skimmed milk, {26kcal}
1 x Weetabix Oaty bars white choclate {85kcal}
Sunflower Seeds, 1 Tbsp. {50kcal}
Crosse & Blackwell - Tomato & Basil Cup Soup. {55kcal}
Fresh - 1 Grapefruit, {106kcal}
2 carrott {60kcal}

Snacks Total :- {382kcal}

Day Total :- {1440kcal}

I hope today isnt as hard, still very sore from the workout yesterday but got to keep at it, also getting the urge to check the scales, but trying so hard to wait until next tuesday :D
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Very disappointed with myself tonight, I thought I had got out of going to a family meal, but at the last moment all the plans changed and I had to go, no choice :cry:

They didnt know I had started a lifestyle change and made me a lovely meal, but damn it was high in calories, in fact the one meal and drinks was over 2000 calories approx ( I tried to work it out best I could ), and that was just the starter and main course, I didnt eat dessert, I told them I was too full and got out of that.

I will post the full "disaster" menu tomorrow.

I am so so so angry and if I wasnt so sore from the shred I would be trying to burn some calories before bed!

Anyway, has opened my eyes and I need to have a long hard chat with my family and explain my goals and targets so this doesnt happen again.

Feel like all the hard work the last week is down the drain.

Just wish I had the guts to say no, i couldnt come, or not let them talk me into have 2 glasses of wine just because everyone else was :sigh:

The Moog

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I did exactly that at New Year (only more with alcohol than food!). I can sympathise totally, but try not to beat yourself up too much about it as there wasn't much you could have done without being rude!

With a bit of luck it won't have made the blindest bit of difference to your weight loss, or you'll have just slowed it down and maybe won't quite lose as much as you'd have expected this week. One meal tends not to make a big difference when you look at it in the perspective of a whole week.
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Had time to think about last night and going to try and just put it behind me.

So the menu for 11/03/11


Eggs - Poached (whole egg), 1 large {74kcal}
2 sausages {226kcal}
Veg - Tomato, 6 Slices
Tea with semi skimmed milk, 1 mug

Breakfast Total :- {331kcal}


Tea with semi skimmed milk, 1 mug {13kcal}
Princes - Tuna chunks 130g, {137kcal}
Medium Baked Potato {110kcal}
Veg - Tomato, 6 Slices {18kcal}

Lunch Total :- {278kcal}


Tea with semi skimmed milk, 1 mug {13kcal}
Avocado, Tomato & Cucumber Salad {54kcal}
Prawn Cocktail, 140 grams,
Spaghetti approx 200g {720kcal}
Homemade - Italian Meatballs, 5 meatball {395kcal}
Iceland - Mild Coloured Cheddar Cheese, 20 g {83kcal}
Echo Falls - Rose Wine Large Glass 250ml, 500 ml {344kcal}

Dinner Total :- {2026kcal}

x Tea with semi skimmed milk, {39kcal}
1 x Weetabix Oaty bars white choclate {85kcal}
Sunflower Seeds, 2 Tbsp. {100kcal}

Snacks Total :- {224kcal}

Day Total :- {2859kcal}

Hi Chris, Glad you got sorted and decided which way to go.
A very sensible decision to put it all behind you and keep smiling. It won't be the last time by any means that this sort of thing crops up - all power for the course. Just accept that it is bound to happen and don't get all disappointed with yourself 'cos it's part of being human.

Keep posting and visiting others diaries to see how they are doing 'cos we all need each others support and encouragement.

Keep up the good work....:)
I just wanted to say well done on making the decision to change. Everything adds up-the exercise, cutting back on drink and eating healthier..you're going to do great. When you look back on the day that you were disappointed with, you can see that you still made very good choices for breakfast & lunch..so try not to worry too much, I bet you will do really well on the scales.
And I want to say thank you for telling us about using courgette strips instead of pasta..what a brilliant idea!!. I'm going to stalk you for menu ideas now! ;)
Sorry I havent updated my menus last few days, been really busy with the kids, but I did get them logged on myfitnesspal and I will copy them here at some point if I get time.

Well another week gone by and did my weigh in tonight, lost another 4lb. :)

really worked hard this week ( apart from one daft night :sigh: ) and was alittle disappointed, thought it would have been higher ( I have to stop watching the biggest loser hehe :D )

So I checked My waist and I have gone from 44in to 42.75in this week, also the rest of my body is changing, I have always had very very skinny arms, the top of my arm was nearly the same size as my wrist at one point, but happy to say I have added 0.5in.

So maybe the weight didnt come off as I expected due to gainning some muscle which is great news!

Thanks again for your support, this wouldnt be happening without it!
thanks Emmaline, my biggest problem is everything needs to be done yesterday, I just have zero patience hehe.

Its a great result, 4lbs thats 2lbs lost due to healthy eating and 2lbs lost due to not eating back my kcals from exercise, I am very happy, honest ;)

This is the start of week 3 and I need 3 lbs more lost to lose my first stone, my target in my head was to lose a stone in a month and I am on track for that, I hope.
Hope you have that dizziness complaint sorted now Chris, must feel awful.

When I used to do a step routine I would do as much as I could and then a little more and stop. Each day I would be able to increase it a bit more so that it actually took me about a month before I was doing the complete hour.
I can't help feeling that you are determined to get it all done in one fell swoop and therefore putting your body under far too much stress.

Hope you are still being able to keep to you routine..
All the best to you...:)
Well not been posting much on here due to really busy few days, just not enough hours in the day.

I have kept up with myfitnesspal and done ok so far this week, went over once but i feel like I am still losing, pants now need a belt.

I am doing shred each morning and a small walk on a night, I took a break from the shred at day 6, my legs just hurt too much, after a full days rest my legs felt so tight.

So I started the shred again found it tough but had less problems breathing and apart from sore legs found it was much easier than I started, so feel I am getting somewhere.

Spoke to my Doctor about the legs problems and he told me to keep pushing through the pain at the moment and see him if it gets much worse, he said the theres more pros than cons and is happy with my progress, so I will keep going.

Had a gait test and my feet are fine, so have some nice new shoes for walking and one day running in.

So whats next?

I am thinking of the c25k and keep up with the shred for the moment and see where that gets me.

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