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The rules of CD for the first 3 weeks

Hi Ya

I wanna know what the rules are for the first 3 weeks of the diet because my CDC has sold me mix and mousse and Bars so I can have one per day and I apparently cant have one per day until after week three and I apparently cant have the mix a mousse until then either!! Im really confused!

Can anyone help me please because I really want to do this thing right. I also hear people talking about the yellow book but she hasnt given me that!
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Hiya Happy Gal,

You should only have the shakes and soups for the first 2 weeks as anything more can delay the start of the ketosis process.

Your CDC should give you too books, a yellow and a red one to help you out.

However, I only know all this from the help of minimins, my first cdc did exactly the same and tried to give me bars, as I knew Icemoose and had been given some tips I knew not to.

An acreditted CDC will be on soon to help you out, but I think you need to call your cdc and ask her some questions if you can x


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MAM is any time, one a day though. Bars, in general it is better to wait till week 3 so that ketosis can be established properly and the bars would be unlikely to knock you out of ketosis (they are slightly higher in carbs you see) after that you can have 1 a day but some people are carb sensitive and the bars knock them out of ketosis everytime, so keep and eye on it.

But if one of my clients really wanted bars, I'd give them them in week 2.

The yellow book is the weight care with cambridge book. The most valuable book you'll get on this diet. It does cost us money to get it in so your cdc is allowed to charge you for it. Personally I don't because I see it as essential and feel they need that info so they can stay on track.

Your CDC sounds a bit evil to me. I don't like the sound of her one bit judging by your posts. Remember that YOU are the client and YOU are paying her! it's not like she is doing you a favour!!!

Hope that helps a little.

Nicole xx
To be honest my CDC makes me feel like she is doing me a favour. I feel like Im even being an inconvenience when ringing her!! And when I started asking her questions she said that she had already told me. Just take 3 shakes plus a bar per day. She said I needed 4 because of my weight. She sold me tetras, mix a mousse and bars and she never told me that it was any different in the first 3 weeks than any other time. She kept looking at her watch and seemed frustrated that I was actually still there after 15mins of arriving. So I was only there 20 mins! lol I would much rather have a different CDC but there are only 2 others in Northern Ireland and one of them is in the wilds and the other hasnt answered my calls.

So are you allowed Tetras within the first 3 weeks?



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Hiya hun, you should only be on 4 meals if you are over 5'8 or a man....so I think she may be wrong about that....I didnt have any bars my first week, my CD told me I better wait til the 2nd (she only sold them to me as she would be on hols and I was buying 3 weeks supply) and here everyone says 3rd so I gave in and had one...dint like it but dint come out of ketosis either....

you should make a point of telling your cd how you feel about her attitude, ie acting like she is doing you a favour...shes not...ur a customer!!!

Shrinking Nicky

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If I have a customer who really wants bars in the first two weeks I will let them have the peanut or cranberry ones as they are lower in carbs than the others - however I tell them all about the potential problems with getting into ketosis etc.

It is your height that effects the number of diets you have in a day, however if someone is close to the height limit or very active I advise that they take a few "spares" which they can use IF they feel they really need them. I always think back to when I was on SS (not in the first few weeks) if I went out for a run I would have an extra tetra to replace the nutrients that my body had used up.

With regard to the time I know diff CDC's are different but I always allow an hour for the first meeting & 30 mins after that. Once I get to know people I tend to know how long they need, for some it is just about the diet, others end up chatting about anything & everything.

The thing with counsellors is you need to feel comfortable with them as well as confident in their knowledge & abilities.

CDC Swindon
I am getting really worried now. My CDC is away on hols and i cant exchange the bars. But then again Im only 5ft 7.5 inches so maybe i should be on 3.
Hi Ya

Im only starting on monday so if I can do without the extra pack a day then It should get me into Ketosis sooner? And it should increase the weight loss compared to what it would be if I took 4?

If its advisable to take four then should I try to purchase some online?

you should make a point of telling your cd how you feel about her attitude, ie acting like she is doing you a favour...shes not...ur a customer!!!
I couldnt do that because she knows that she is my only option. Apart getting on a plane and heading to one of the guys on this site (which at the moment is seeming really tempting. If she told me that she is the only one who does it in NI once then she told me 3 times. I told her that I was aware of another 2 CDCs and she quickly told me that one had stopped doing it and one is a doctor who makes you wait until his surgery is finished and then wont let you pick flavours. I said to her a couple of times, 'Is this inconvenient to you' and she replied 'no no but its just...' answers. So it obviously was.


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I have a lovely CDC who has been a CDC for 15 years and she let me have the bars from the very first day, i got into ketosis on the third day so i didnt have any problems with the bars she said she gives them out to newcomers and has never had any comlaints about them knocking people out of ketosis. But do be carefull and as someone else said stick to the peanut and cranberry as they are lower in carbs. Restarted Monday October 9th tracie
Did you restart on the 9th October 2006. There is a week between your start date and mine then.

Should I go and get a wee ketosis stick thing so that I can test myself after 3 days and make sure Im in it? Should I maybe start on 3 and increase to 4 if I feel I need them?
Hi Clare

Good Luck with starting CD great choice! Just going on my personal experience I would suggest to you that you should start of with 3 CDs a day and tell yourself if I really need a fourth I can have it. If you are managing on the three then if further down the line if you are struggling to get back on track again you can add a fourth or 1/2 extra to make it easier for you. I am only giving this advice on my personal experience you would know better whether you think it would help you.

Wish you had a better CDC her negativity may make it harder for you so feel sure to utilise the forum to the fall for support.

Hi Ya Dizzy

I have already been impressed with the support of the forum. I just wish that I lived nearer to some of the spectacular CDCs on here. If I dont get on well with this CDC I will maybe consider flying to the mainland once a month and doing it that way. But hopefully I will be ok with the support I will be getting on here.

I just feel so bad that Im paying a CDC to help me and other CDCs end up doing her Job on here! :( Its not really fair is it?


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C: 16st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.8
Hi, yes it was 2006 i started sorry i should have put that in. Personally i dont use sticks anymore although i used to,i became quite addicted to them lol, but if you feel they would help you then go ahead and buy them but just to warn you there not always accurate especially last thing at night! if you do buy them your better off testing first thing in the mornings. tracie
I can only speak for myself and I am just a punter but I think everybody on the forum is here because they enjoy it and get a lot out of it one way or another.

You have no reason to feel bad about using it. Before long you will be helping out others and sharing your experiences too.


Still Climbing That Hill!
C: 16st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.8
Hi Claire, i started on monday at 14 stone and im 5,3 i did manage to lose 4 stone last year doing Atkins but put 3 sone back on again, mainly through wine and weekend kebabs!! But i could never go back to Atkins again all the meat urrghhh i do like meat but in moderation lol. CD is great no hunger and no cooking, BLISS lol. tracie
Hi Dizzy

Thanks your a star!! In fact your all stars on here arent you!![/QUOTE]

There you go Clare you are already doing it!! I've had a terrible day today and now feel so good and I can go to bed feeling all warm and happy!!!! THANK YOU. Dizzy x
Hi Dizzy

Awww I have tears in my eyes that your chuffed with my comment. lol I mean that in all sincerity too (If you knew me you would know that I have tears in my eyes when someone dies on telly or gets married on telly or kisses in the street or..... )Do you get the picture? Im just one of those people, its quite easy to warm the cockles of my heart and youve warmed mine!! Im all chuffed.

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