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The scales didnt move


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Minimins gal x
Not too worried as i did drink two pints of water this morning, and am definatly retaining as feel bloated and sluggish (TOTM):sigh:

And at least they didnt go up!
Hi Misdee hun u def have the right attitude there girl thats 4 sure. Did u drink the 2 pints of water b4 your weigh in if so that could def be one of the reasons why the scales did not move as well as the dreaded Totm alot of peeps gain quite a bit on Totm week.
No matter what u would be still losing fat and shrinking and next week u will have a wicked weight loss.
Have a good day hun and well done for being so positive and taking the right approach and not being obsessed with the scale xxxx


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yes drank the two pints before i got weighed. if the scales go below 15stone next week then i am getting new shoes lol.


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Well I did this so when I got home I weighed myself ......went to relieve myself and had lost 2lbs when I weighed again.......so it does make a difference.


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Never mind misdee.....Them scales are gonna plummet next week...lol
What shoes are you treating yourself to? ;)


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very sad i know, but new fuishcia pink crocs. currently have red ones from last summer, but they are very worn out now.


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very sad i know, but new fuishcia pink crocs. currently have red ones from last summer, but they are very worn out now.
:giggle: not sad at all...lol....ive got 2 x black,1 x white, and a light pink pair!.Theyre the most comfortable shoes ive ever worn id reccomend them to everyone ;) :D


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
Hey at least you have the right attitude, at the end of the day if you are sticking at it 100% you will be losing fat, just cos one week you don't you could lose inches!! and retain water... speaking from someone who knows... I know weight plays a big part, but the best is being able to slip into new smaller clothes... at the end of the day when people meet you they are not going to say she must weigh xxxx stone, it is doesn't that outfit look fantastic on you, you look really slim!!!

Hey and a pint of water weighs a pound and a quarter!!!



jelly belly
hey misdee your great for staying so positive
as you say totm
that can make you gain up to 7lb
was considering crocs are they like the jelly shoes?
they used to hurt my feet
and i maybe to old for crocs



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crocs are the most comfortable shoes i own. i have lived in these red ones since last summer. even in the winter if it was dry i would wear them with socks:eek:

they arent at all like jellies.


jelly belly
cool thanks misdee
i might go try a pair on
all i remember of the jellies were how thay cut my feet to bits when it was hot


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Kazbro,not sure how old you are,but I'm 50,and love my crocs:D They are sooo light,comfy,and have never rubbed me(unusual for me as most shoes rub or pinch!)Try some on,you'll love them!


Trying Hard!
what a great attitude, you're so wise and right that it's all about the water you've drunk and good old fashioned totm and water retention. the week I put on I came home, weighed and had actually lost 1lb, it's just the silliness of bodies and water.

next week will kick ass!

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