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The scales...

I know I shouldnt do it, but it is 2 days before my weigh in, I have been 100% good, and I jumped on the scales....to my horror, it appears I have put on 3lbs.....its not my TOTM, what is going on.

I spoke to a friend who said that my body may be in shock from the 'crash diet' and is desperately holding onto everything. Is this right? x
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Dont worry hon....... If your sticking to it I promise you it will come off.. Are your scales the same as your cdcs..
I did this last week and was driving myself mad hopping on and off and I still lost 2lbs even though mine didnt show.. and you still have 2 days till wi...
Chin up .. x
Last night my scales showed id put on 6lbs! but when i weighed today its back down again I think it might be due to the water we consume dont stress my weigh ins tomorrow and im just as worried but its silly worrying over it :)


can see the end in sight!
you weigh different during the day, due to water, toilet visits etc! don't do it!!! i am 1 week through my 2 week challenge not to weigh myself as i was a serial scale hopper, and it really takes the pressure off not to rely on the numbers
Step away from the scales......

They are very very naughty & will just try & scare you. If you've been 100% the weight will come off, sometimes not when you expect it too, but it will go.
<runs off with rugbygirl's scales............... lol xx I'm getting quite a large collection now....

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