The science?


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I'm thinking about doing SW and I've read a bit about EE but I don't understand the science. If I can eat as much pasta as I want then why can I only have 2 very small slices of bread? Also why is milk restricted but I can eat as much low fat yogurt as I want? Its so confusing. Have I got this right?
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Basically, it's down to how much satiety and satiation you get for the energy content of the food. So for example 200 kcal of pasta will fill you up a whole lot more than 200kcal of bread. Essentially, by making these foods free, and restricting more energy-dense, less filling foods you naturally restrict your calorific intake enough to lose weight.


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Someone posted about SW vs calorie counting the other day - she ate lots of SW friendly food and counted it up to 1500 calories and her husband is restricting his calorie intake and eating tiny portions but he ended up eating 2000 over the day (trying to remember the numbers - sorry if I got them wrong!!)

as ^^^ said - it's all about filling yourself with high density low callorie foods so that your satisfied for longer. It is also encouraging eating foods which are high in fibre and low GI so that also keeps your blood sugar level and takes longer for you to feel hungry again.

Do a search on SW science - I'm sure there was a post a couple of months ago quoting from a medical journal which explained why SW works even though they were nothing to do with the company. Worth reading


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If I were you I wouldn't worry too much about the science, SW is proven to work - just read some of the amazing stories on this board. Trust the plan and the weight will fall off


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I've always been of the belief that I should know exactly how something works before using/doing it and I was a little synical at the start of my SW journey!! However, spending time on Minimins chatting and going to class over the past 3 months I've realised that people are losing stones and stones by following the plan and I've now lost 21lb of my own, and eaten plenty, and not exercised a huge amount (I'm not condoning this mind you, I do need to shift my arse and do more cardiovascular stuff!!) So now I completely trust those wonderful people at SW and think this is the best thing since sliced bread (Nimble bread of course!!LOL!!) Good luck and hope you have great success!X