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The skin thing


The Minis Bad Boy
I am worried that when I lose all my weight the skin will drip of me. When I lsot 4 stone last time I was no where near my target weight but I noticed I could pinch and lift just skin.

Does this go back over time? Or is it forever a stretch marked droppy mess?

I know you can use oils and such to gt rid of the marks. But I want to know that when i take my top off I dont have skin failing everywhere and it does go abck over time.
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I have a lot of weight to lose and I'm worried my skin will be droopy too. My mum said that as I'm doing it slowly my skin will have a chance to catch up with me and it won't droop but will shrink with me. I don't know if she's just being nice though. At the end of the day we'll be at target, droopy skin or not.
It does depend on how far and how badly the skin was stretched before you started losing weight, everyone is different too so some have none whereas some have loads! Oils and lotions help but wont work miracles, personally I'm going down the surgical route. I can be referred when I get under 12 stone so it's given me something to aim for too. It's up to you, if it really bothers you do something about it.
I think I'll have to wait and see how bad it is. I'd be really relucant to consider surgery for anything except a breast reduction
hey sulley :)
my friends hubby lost about 8 stone in 7 months, he had some loose skin, but it went back over time (not quite sure how - one of the body's mysterious ways). I think it's important to exercise & tone, but also has to do with your skin's elasticity, and obviously, the younger you are, the more you have :)
Hope that helps. for me, it's just about getting to target, ill worry about the skin when the fat's no longer there :p
I too am really worried about loose saggy skin and don't want to get to target and find i am covered in loose skin. :cry:
I think i'd rather be slightly overweight and have less loose skin.
I have about 7-8 stone to loose so a lot of weight and just know i'm going to be left with saggy skin. :cry:
I have heard that if you have stretch marks you have less chance of your skin "bouncing back" as the stretch marks are a sign of the skin being permanently damaged? :sigh:
I have stretch marks so am really worried about this.
Would possibly look at the surgery route if I get to target and have lots of loose skin as I'm not going to be happy, though not sure I'd be able to afford it.
While I want to look good in clothes I also want to look good naked! And being single I wouldn't want to be getting naked in front of someone with lots of saggy skin and would rather be slightly curvier.

I too used to be worried about the excess skin but after losing over 100lbs, and puttting some back on, I had decided that having the excess skin is a price I am willing and just have to pay.

As for being naked in front of someone, if they want a perfect body there are lots of internet sites with photoshop adjusted flesh on display. Just remember, real people dont look like that.

For an answer that may not be what you want to hear I have lost the weight and have loose skin - not anywhere near as much skin as there could have been but still not a shirtless at the beach bod. I am told that losing weight gradually is the best option to allow the skin to gradually retract (so didn't help myself). However given the option of being that most sexy of things morbidly obese or what I have - no question.
Hi all,

Interesting to read..

I am about 23stone now (official weigh tomorrow) and whilst the loose skin has crossed my mind... you know what? I don't care!

I'm going to deal with the issue in hand - losing weight- and then worrying about the next bridge. Don't go worrying about anything that's out of your control, and at the moment we don't know how much loose skin we'll get.
It's got to be better than all this not so loose fat around us.

You're working hard at losing weight, stick at it. You're doing really well. When you're at your goal - i'm sure there will be something the doctors can do to help with the skin issue.

That's what i'm thinking anyway. If I thought too much about the loose skin issue, i'd never get to the goal I need.

I'm just going to keep my CHINS up and worry about the skin when I get there :)

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Have any of you read that poor girls plight in closer magazine ? she has lost over half her body weight ,she was the uks fattest teen and she got refused a tummy tuck on the nhs ...im appauled by this i have worked full time , paid my taxes all my life i would hope the nhs would help me ....doesnt look like it thou
Hi all,

Interesting to read..

I am about 23stone now (official weigh tomorrow) and whilst the loose skin has crossed my mind... you know what? I don't care!
I'm with you, my goal was to be healthy. I've never been bothered about my looks before and I doubt I'll suddenly start when I lose the weight ;)
Exactly purple_Kathryn, when I get to a healthy 'normal' size then I'll worry about other things.

If we try to tackle every problem the same time I think we'll fail miserably. I always say "when I'm thin I won't have anything to moan about" lol
Although, I'm sure I'll have something different wrong with me.. like the question I always ask myself...

What do thin people ever complain about?? :jelous: lol
Thin people are hilarious. They complain about gaining 1lb :D

I used to think "Seriously, 1lb. What the heck is your problem?" Now, of course, I realise their problem is that 1lb is a hell of a lot and means they've eaten 3,500 calories more than they needed to.

It's funny how losing weight changes how you see things :)
I lost 10 stone from Jan to Aug this year. I'm 27 and have always been overweight (until now), and very fit. I'm afraid to say I was left with a lot of loose skin - inches hanging of the bottom of otherwise toned and muscley arms, could pick up my "belly apron" with both hands, thighs looked like they had melted.

I actually had a tummy tuck, arm lift and thigh lift (privately) on Friday. Before that I could live around the skin to the point where people wouldn't have had any idea, but it was a pain - always wearing support undies, never a top above the elbow, and wouldn't have dreamed of wearing a swimming cossie even at a size 12/14, and hard to find skirts and trousers that fit.

So you may well get loose skin. It will get better over time, on the surface, but I don't think bulk amounts will ever go back to normal. But you can hide it under clothes, you can get it dealt with surgically (for a cost), and even with it you look way better than you did before.

I think some people are luckier than others, I was pretty unlucky given my age. But how much it bothers you will depend - for me I wanted to be able to go swimming and feel confident in other exercise clothes, and being single and in my 20s I wanted to be able to start dating without being scared about how to "reveal" my secret.

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