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The start of a whole new me!...i hope

Im starting this diary in the hope it helps me! I started slimming world 2 weeks ago and have only managed to lose a dissapointing 2lb...so i hope rambling to myself here will help keep me on track!

Today has been a real tought day, 2 of my 3 kids are poorly so they kept me up all night. I woke up after 3 hours sleep and had some weetabix before cleaning beds and scrubbing matressesto get rid of the smell of sick.

Not sure what it is, mabe the lack of sleep so therefore lack of energy, but ive felt so hungry today, its the fist time ive managed 3 meals and used 12 sins...and im still wanting to eat! In fact im really struggling to not go into my kitchen and raid the kids treats....be strong linzi!!

Time for bed in the hope tomorrow is a new day and i can get back on track! Im going to go buy a trampette too and start with my excersize, at least with that i can do it in front of the tv and dont have to find a babysitter..

Come on girl you can do it!!
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Well i woke up feeling a lot more positive today...then it all went downhill lol. I thought my kids were getting better but my youngest (8 months) has come out in a rash and keeps been sick bless her. So i didnt even get my breakfast till 2pm lol...not the best start but hey ho

Brunch -grapes melon and yogurt
Dinner - Cous cous and chicken

Snacks - yogurt, orange and a huge cookie (11 syns) I know its a lot but its the only syns ive had so im allowed lol hifi bar (hex b)

I have decided today to join my local gym to try and get fitter too, just got childcare to sort first, but hopefully shouldnt be a problem :)

Im now going to have a look through the recipes on here and do myself a mealplan for next week and make a huge effort to cook properly every night! It just seams the more i eat the hungrier i feel at night! I think im going to make myself some sw ferrero rochers and keep them in the fridge, so if i do feel like picking i can have 1 or 2 of these and they will hopefully curb my sweet craving too!

Hang in there girl you can do it!!
aww, I hope ur kids get better and 2lb in two weeks is great....that means you are more likely to have lost fat instead of water or muscle....good luck on ur weight loss journey... :)

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