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The start of something good!

Hi All
I thought I would add my voice on to the forum - I started CD 810 today.
My start weight is 24st 11lbs and I am aiming for 11st. It's a long path, but each step will be rewarding and worth the effort.
I have been reading people's stories and have been inspired - it can be done!
I live in Shropshire so if there is anyone in this neck of the woods please say hi!
Clair x :)
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Hi clairbear,

Glad to c u have started ur CD journey,its a tough thing to do so well done for gettin on the wagon :)

Have u read Awaken me's diary?...shes a true inspiration...she has lost about 12 stone in around 7 or 8 months...amazing!

Keep postin for support,keep positive +il look forward in following ur weightloss journey +cant wait to hear the fabulous results u will have on ur first weigh in.
Hi clairbear,

Glad to c u have started ur CD journey,its a tough thing to do so well done for gettin on the wagon :)

Have u read Awaken me's diary?...shes a true inspiration...she has lost about 12 stone in around 7 or 8 months...amazing!

Keep postin for support,keep positive +il look forward in following ur weightloss journey +cant wait to hear the fabulous results u will have on ur first weigh in.
Day 2


Thanks for the support!!! Yes, I have read Awaken Me's diary - a great source of inspiration; especially as she has lost so much weight.

That is one reason why I picked my CDC - even though she lives a good 30 mins away; she has lost over 13 stone herself. I think it makes a difference when you have so much to lose to meet people who have done it already!

Today was OK - the headache started about 11am, so I took some paracetamol and worked my way through it. I must have gone to the toilet at least 11 times whilst at work, the water appeared to be going in and straight out again!

Totally not liking the porridge, to be honest I am not really sure what it is, as it certainly isn't porridge!

Still feeling un-nervingly upbeat and positive about this process.

I tried and failed on CD and LL 4 years ago - this feels different; in a totally fantastic way!

Love Cxxx
Hi Clairbear! Welcome :)

Hope you are feeling ok! I know how you feel about going to the loo all the time. 5 weeks in and I'm still not used to all the water haha.
Hey clairbear,

Hows it goin?when is ur first weigh in?

I totally get how ud wanna see a CDC that has lost a huge ammount herself from,13 stone is amazin. At least she understands wot ur goin through+can offer great support+advice :)

As for the toilet trips,it does get better once ur body gets used to it.

Hope ur avin a great day :)
Day 3


I have tried the porridge 3 times now and it's just plain wrong. I won't be having those again!

Today was hard - but I got through it. Xmas chocolates have arrived in the office; I just ignored them and when offered said that I wasn't hungry. Had a couple of moments when I was stressing about work and felt my brain kicking in to eat - I calmly told myself that I wasn't hungry and that eating would do anyone any good.

Felt a bit sick this afternoon, so came home and had a mushroom omelette straightaway and am feeling a little better. I think that finishing off 250ml water in one go wasn't a good idea.

Talked to my CDC last night which was good and will do tomorrow as well.

My weigh-in day is Sunday - mixed feelings of can't wait and am scared I won't have lost anything (which is not at all realistic).

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Day 4


Another day done - another soup eliminated! Oriental Chilli smells like vomit and tastes quite near vomit as well. YUCK!!!

I am getting a little concerned over the lack of 'movements' since Monday, but not in any pain etc so will wait and see what happens.

Spoke to my CDC tonight - it is great to know that she is there when I need to talk and offer support. Otherwise I think it can be quite a lonely journey.

Love Cx
Day 5


Today has been the hardest so far this week. Work was full of frustration; which would usually result in me stuffing face with chocolate - but today it didn't. I drank water and had my packs and came home to turkey and cauliflower.

Really want Sunday to arrive so that I can see some results...

Love Cx
Day 6 - SausageGate


I knew the weekend was going to be hard - not being at work changes the game!

I woke up at lunchtime so had a shake and water; then I went out with the OH shopping which I knew could be a danger zone as we are habitual visitors of the local Starbucks. We did go and all I had was a hot skimmed milk.

That was good until I realised that going back to his would present me with his mum's amazing cooking - what to do! I decided to buy some cooked chicken and a salad box and take that with me.

Luckily, dinner wasn't started yet when we arrived and I got a moment alone with his mum to tell her about the diet and that I won't have any dinner. She was fine with it and the OH was completely oblivious to it all. Sometimes this ability can be a good thing!!!

Came home and automatically went to the fridge and without thinking stuffed a cooked sausage in my mouth. I wasn't hungry or craving anything, it is just one of the crazy food habits I have got that are showing themselves as CD progresses. Thankfully it was a small sausage and not a huge piece of cake!

Today has been the third day that I have woken up feeling happy - I don't think I have woken up happy in over two years...what a difference a few days make!

Excited about weigh in tomorrow - not expecting a huge loss as I am a slow and steady loser historically, but a loss is a loss!

See you tomorrow!

Clair x
Day 7 - First Weigh In


Weigh in today and I have lost 7lbs - I am really pleased with that as a loss!

Had a bit of a wobble this afternoon, didn't eat anything, but the old brain was talking to me about all the lovely food I was missing...SHUT UP BRAIN!

On to week two now; really going to focus on keeping to the plan and checking in here everyday.

Thanks for the support - it makes a big difference!

Clair x
Day 8 - Start of Week 2


Today has been a mixed bag - stuck to the plan (YEAH :) ) but felt awful as I have the start of a stinking sore throat (Booooo :( ). I went to the biggest chemist I could think of and got some sugar-free lozenges and am trying to ration them as they are very sweet tasting.

Had a very 'productive' trip to the bathroom this morning; felt much lighter afterwards.

I find it much easier to be at work and on the plan, I have a steady flow of water and tea brought to me; and apart from the growing Xmas chocolates and mince pies, there is limited food on offer (so far no one has tried to force me into eating the goodies).

I am a little down-hearted at the mountain I have to climb in order to reach my goal weight; but I keep telling myself that if I stick to the plan, I will get there. No questions. Setting little goals is something I haven't done before so the ones below are my first attempt.

Love Cx
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Day 9


Feeling really downhearted at the moment, it's not that I want to go and eat lots of food, it's more that I am tiring of the same flavours over and over again. Really struggled with the second soup of the day, but I told myself that if I stick to the plan, one meal at a time, then I will lose weight. Simples.

Too Much Information Alert
I am on the pill and haven't had a period in over 18 months (I take my pills without a break - the only reason why women are told to have a break is that in the 60s the doctors believed that women would want to have a faux-period - what were they thinking???) and this morning my body obviously thought it was time. I am thinking it can only be that the diet is jiggling my natural hormones around a bit. Weird. Totally got used to being period free!
Any thoughts???

Still coughing like it's going out of fashion but at least I haven't used it as an excuse to eat lots of food. Once I am out of this grumpy stage I am sure that I will feel good about it.

Really appreciating the forum - keeps me on the straight and narrow.

Love Cx
Hiya Clair - well done on your first week's loss! :0clapper:

The whole period thing, yep, pretty common. Oestrogen's stored in fat cells you see, so because your fat cells are shrinking (Yay!) some of that oestrogen is escaping into your blood stream and...

Well, you can guess the rest. It should sort itself out soon enough. :)

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