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The start to my 7 stone loss!!


Journey to 10 stone loss
Hello, welcome to my little thread for my weightloss... I started slimming world 7 weeks ago, in the need to lose about 7 stone!!

I want to lose this weight because:
:- I dont want to be fat anymore!! (i have since i was in junior school!)
:- The rate I'm going I won't live as long as I could. :(
:- I want to be healthier & happier!
:- I want to be able to run around an play with my son & future children.
:- I want to be able to shop in 'normal' clothes stores. Not the 'fat' shops.
:- I NEED to loose the weight to help with my knee surgeries!

I nearly had gastric bypass surgery, i need to lose the weight as number 1, i am very over weight, 2 i need to lose it so i can have my knee/ligament surgery again as weight is a big problem with recovering. My consultant referred me to have it done, i was half way through my pre-op diet when i thought things through properly. I really wanted to try a healthy diet first before such major surgery at the age of 22. Ive done plenty other diets but they 'never worked' Well i cancelled my surgery an joined my local SW group.

Joined slimming world on 27th September 2011 - best decision i ever made!

Achievements so far (updated 29/1/13)
half a stone award
get into the next stone bracket
1 stone award
Lose the weight of my son (16lb)
1.5 stone award
2 stone award
Fit in 1 size down clothing
Had a month of losses
Get slimmer of the week
loose 10lb in Feb (lost 9.5lb)
club 10%
gone down 2 dress sizes
2.5 stone award
Loose 8lb in March (lost 11lb)
Get slimmer of the month
Loose 24lb in 12 weeks. (26June - 11Sept)
3 stone award
dropped 3 dress sizes down
3.5 stone award
Lose 50lb
Be the weight I was when I got married (2008)
4 stone award
Be the weight I was before my accident (2007)
Fit into the dress i bought for my birthday (sept)
Club 20%
4.5 stone award by Halloween
5 stone award
Get slimmer of the week again.
5 stone
Drop 4 dress sizes on top
Drop 4 dress sizes on bottom
5.5 stone
Try for slimmer of the month (jan)
Got Miss Slinky 2012
Lose 8.5lb in Jan (lost 15.5lb)

2013 New goals:

6 stone award
6.5 stone award
Try for slimmer of the week
Try for slimmer of the month (Got Jan, try again this year)
Get to target when know what it is!
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Journey to 10 stone loss
Thanks, I didn't think you calorie count for this? Or do you have a better loss that way too?
Well done on your loss i'm doing extra easy what about you? You've got such a positive attitude I've found for me this time it really clicked- i'll look forward to following your progress.

Well done on your loss this week!! keep it up!!

It's good that you have a positive attitude, knowing what you want to achieve and why, i find it helps to motivate me to work harder towards my target weight!!

Good luck on your journey! x


but you can call me Toni!
Wow 8lbs in the first week! Well done you, keep up the good work!

Hope you find lots of tips and inspiration here. I've only been here a couple of weeks but it's helped me lots!


Journey to 10 stone loss
Thank you!! I'm on about week 7 now,

Week 1: -8
Week 2: -1.5
Week 3: -2
Week 4: -2.5
Week 5: +3 (sad but expected. Never drank so much in my life for Halloween party lol)
Week 6: -5
Week 7: -1.5
Week 8: +0.5 (again drinking. Weekend away for a friends hen do)
Week 9:


Journey to 10 stone loss
Well weighing is tonight! Had Chinese on Sat. And 2 tubs mini Pringles, so I hope I still do ok!!


Journey to 10 stone loss
got my 2 stone award on Wednesday! cannot believe ive lost 2 stone in 14 weeks :)


Chippin away at it
WOW!! Well done you!!!
Be proud of yourself xx


Journey to 10 stone loss
Another good weighin yesterday, lost 4lb. Got slimmer of the week and my 2 and half stone award :)
Well done :) x


Journey to 10 stone loss
Well not been on here for a little while, im now down 3stone 1.5lb :) 3stone 12.5lb to go!!!


Journey to 10 stone loss
now 3stone 4lb gone forever :D


Journey to 10 stone loss
ugh had a bad so many weeks after recieving my 3 & half stone award!!

16th may:.. gained half a pound which wasnt expected. 100% and was in gym everyday (which think is why i gained) :/
23rd May:.. i again gained. 1lb this time. i was gutted as kept up the gym everyday, and 100% food wise... which made me go off plan for the week after, had takeaway, no gym. an was my nieces birthday.
30th May:.. i gained 1.5lb :(

My sons 1st birthday the for the next week so i had a week off plan then went away day before weighin so had 3 weeks off plan.
6th June:.. on holiday

13th June:.. on holiday
So the BIG shock.... 3 weeks off plan totally. alcohol. lost of bad food. (they didnt seem to do 'healthy' options on holiday :( )
20th June:.. +13.5lb
:sigh::cry: i was gutted!! But 10000% on track for my first week back :)

First week back on track from my holidays,
27th June:.. get ready!
-14.5lb !!!!
:eek::eek: cannot believe i did that :D:D
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Journey to 10 stone loss
Wow over a stone in a week, tell us your secret!!
thank you claire! & no secret, 100% week, used all syns. EE plan with a green one. (i was on holiday 2 weeks before an had bad week before holiday too)


Journey to 10 stone loss
Well my weigh day has changed back to a Tuesday! So hoping i do ok tonight!!

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