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THE Syn free pizza......

Please could someone tell me how this is made..i'm sure i read the other week that it's with some HE's and it was Vixxster's idea?

Am i right

Have weigh in, in the morning and will then be grocery shopping so want to get what i need while i'm out and then do my meal planner for the week.

Much love :D
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Trying to think of something to top mine tomorrow - will passata do or will it run off?


Better drink that water!
I did 100g mix with 100g water (I think) and that was 2 HEs and 4 syns I think. Mix it upand leave for 5 mins after a good mix, shape and leave for another 5. I topped it with passata and yummies and then stick it in the oven for 30mins.

THen enjoy.
What yummies did you put on?


Better drink that water!
LF mozzarella! (does anyone else when trying to remember how to spell it, think it in a strange italian accent when they type it, or is it just me!)

With red peppers, onion, garlic and abit of bacon. It was AMAZING! Im so chuffed I can eat real pizza on my diet.

Thanks again Vixx!
YUM! Haven't got much in for mine tomorrow but was thinking sausage & tabasco to make it spicy. Will use my 2 HEa's for cheese but not sure how to do the tomato bit?


Better drink that water!

The tomato bit? I just put passata on. I added some all purpose seasoning to it (you could do your tabasco/chilli powder if you wanted a kick into the passata)
Oooooh thanks all, i know what i'm having on Saturday night with wine and X Factor! mmmmmmmm
Thanks - I didn't know if it would just run off!!!


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I also use passata and add oregano and paprika to it.

You don't actually need lots of cheese, thinly spread the passata and the base doesn't go soggy and top with lots of free and superfree goodies. xx


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This sounds interesting. Do I have to bake the base first or put the toppings on when it's still raw?

You can do either. If you bake the base first it turns out much crispier than if you just chuck it all on and shove in the oven.

For people looking for a recipe for the pizza base sauce, have a look at this one. I make it all the time and depending if you use all the ingredients only about 1 syn a serving. Completely worth the extra syns, trust me ;-)


Better drink that water!
I made mine by putting the toppings on before cooking the base. Its cooked all together very tastily. I imagine that like the PP said, if you cook the base first it would be crispy. the worst you can do is try it. :)

This seems too good to be true - real pizza at last LOL

However, does anyone know how many HEB's/10 inch pizza's, the whole packet works out too ? Used to make pizza from scratch ie flour etc not bread mix. Made 2x10 inch pizzas from each batch of 450g flour etc.

I don't get how to work the maths out with a packet of bread mix and the dry & wet weight ie cooked or raw. Sorry for being thick, it happens naturally sometimes - LOL

Incidentally, I have always cooked pizza's by putting the toppings on raw dough.



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If I remember rightly Vixx said that 75g of bread mix gave a 115g pizza base (equivalent to 2 x HEBs). This wouldn't give you a 10" pizza - think of one more the size of the inner ring on a dinner plate. The bag weighs 500g so that would be 13 and a bit HEBs.
Just a quick question:confused:

When you make up the dough/pizza base can you freeze this in its raw/cooked state with vegetables on top (like you would buy from a supermarket)???

Say I brought a packet of bread mix it would be great if I could use the whole packet up to make as pizza base/dough to save time keep kneading and waiting around for the dough to be ready.

wouldn't that be great:cool:


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