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The taste of ............


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Could anyone tell me how much difference there is in taste to a pasta and sauce being made with all water compared to the having milk and water? I could forsake my milk allowance and make it with that. Or have extra milk and syn it? Or is it perfectly alright when made completely with water.

Thank you :)
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Personally i dont think there is much difference. I always cook mine is water and add the smallest amount of milk (no more than i would put in t cup of tea) from my HEXA allowance.


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I never use milk at all for ir cos im milk greedy for my coffee!
tastes fine to me with water hun x


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Hi all, well I've just had it and it was absolutely fine made with all water. I did mine in the mircowave and added my HEXa worth of cheese whilst the sauce was thickening. You wouldn't be able to tell that it was made with just water. Defo having one of these again I had the Wholegrain Carbonara... yummy :)


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I can't taste a difference at all. I think it tastes better with water than milk as it always burns when I make it with milk. For a touch of creaminess you could add in a spoon of 2% Greek yogurt (1/2 syn for the whole pot so negligible syns)


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...or Total 0% which is totally free ;-)

I sometimes add a dollop of VLF fromage frais to 'creamy' things up a little, for free.

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