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The Temptation is Killing Me :( - Warning Food Mentioned


Skinny girl in a fat body
Hi everyone, I am in work at the moment, just been in a Management meeting. I have arranged the buffet which has just arrived. There's crisps, sandwiches, onion bahjee's, dips, sausage rolls - everything you get on a buffet. I have just laid it out on the table and I know in 15 minutes I have to unwrap it :cry:

Anyone who knows me will tell you - I just looooovveee buffet. If my family go to a party etc. they always bring me some buffet back - its a standing thing "don't forget Miriam's buffet" lol.

The thought is killing me. How do I stand there and watch another 9 people eat what I love. I know I will resist the temptation, but it makes me feel better to write it down. :cry::cry:
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just think of summer and slinky little clothes that will fit, also think of how you felt when you ate food like that - was it really that good? The guilt must have kicked in at some point.

The way I'm dealign with things is Not I can't eat that grrrrhhh, but I can eat If I want - I just choose not tooo
Writing things down makes me feel better as well!
I'm not sure what to say but maybe try imaging all the crap that goes into food! That normally puts me off!
Good luck x
I can feel you Mia but, every time I get tempted I say, I will eat this and will be back to square one. I also promise myself after reaching target I will treat myself to it. Whenever I get tempted with something I noted down as treat for later, it will be there 4 or 6 months later but it is not worth ruining my success so far to it.


Skinny girl in a fat body
It's over girls :)

I never went into the room whilst they were eating then went downstairs and had a chicken soup. Came back up, cleared it away and took it downstairs for the staff to finish. Never even licked my fingers :)
BE STRONG, BE STRONG!!!!!!!! Summer hot Mia, here she comes lol x
well done you, it feels so good to be in control doesn't it?
you should be proud


Silver Member
Just think of how you will feel afterwards. I ate yesterday, I didnt even enjoy it that much, I still ate then had to deal with the emotions. Not to mention how hard it is to get back on track. Keep string, pop out to the bathroom if you feel it's over powering you and in that time you can re-focus. X


Skinny girl in a fat body
Thanks everyone. I don't know Carly, its a funny feeling. Maybe it's just my head that's hungry and not my stomach. I will get used to it soon (I hope)!!
This probably wont be much help in the office but thought I would share anyway.
I'm only on day 4 of my diet, the hunger has gone but my cravings haven't!

Family are supportive but the house is still choc full of goodies and whenever I see a family member eating something nice / fancy breaking and having a nibble, I go and brush my teeth!

Might sound silly but it stops the urge to grab those tasty crisps / biccies and I have fresh breath to boot :)
Mia said:
Thanks everyone. I don't know Carly, its a funny feeling. Maybe it's just my head that's hungry and not my stomach. I will get used to it soon (I hope)!!
I hope so too Mia :)
Well done Mia.....sometimes its so hard to resist (especially when its you thats had to lay the food out AND its your fave type of food) but you did it and u should be mega proud of yourself :D xx

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