Is it just me? treats!


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Up until this year Christmas has been the excuse to buy and eat everything I ever wanted!!

Even all the things which are avaliable all year (roses chocs, matchmakers, sausage rolls etc) are just there to be eaten; not to mention all the Christmas extras - which, cos it's Christmas, I feel I mist eat them as it's Christmas!

I am assuming it's not just me who does this...

So the questions is...what does everyone normally over eat at Christmas?

Mine are:
Scotch eggs, sausage rolls, dips and general buffet foods.
Chocolates (tins and boxes)
Fizzy drinks
...just a few, there were obviously more!!

This year 1 box of matchmakers is in
The house already...and that's how I want it to stay!!!
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So far this year I've been trying to write a list before I go shopping, and keep my head down whilst walking past all the lovely stuff & just buying strictly what is on my list, but it's so hard!

Sausage rolls
Posh biscuits
Cheese thins...

The list goes on - I hope my willpower lasts me though to the New Year!


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Mine is usually:

Pringles (I see a pattern!)
Full fat pop as the diet ones always run out fast
Bucks Fizz
Crackers and cheese
Toast and proper butter

For the first time in my 27 years I'm not going to be at the parents for the majority of Christmas day, so I am at the mercy of OH's family, so have to be on my best "don't b*tch about the fat on the bacon, and just drink the tea with sugar in it" behaviour!


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For me it's usually:
Pringles (yep, me too!)
Choccies from tins (my parents usually end up buying one of each tin!)
Cheese and crackers (my family have always been big cheese eaters and Xmas is even worse than normal!)
Trifle (My sister's homemade ones are fab!)
Christmas cake (always my mum's homemade ones!)
Cava/bucks fizz, wine, cider, Baileys

Will be with my parents this year again but they know I'm doing SW and will ahve stocked up with SW friendly foods as well. Will still have a few treats though on Xmas eve, Xmas day and maybe Boxing day, then fully back on track after that. :)


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For me it's usually

Pigs in blankets - (what, they are a treat!!)
Baileys - which I endeavour to have a little of at Xmas
Cadbury's Magical Elves (however they're only 3.5 syns each, so I subbed them in for my other low syn treats :) )

My plan is to have a little of each so I don't feel like I'm missing out basically, flexi synning xmas eve (mums meal) and xmas day (b's family meal) and seing what happens.


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My buffet/picky foods are usually:

Full fat dips & sauces (salsa, guacamole, caramalised onion relish, etc)
Cheese thins
After Eights
Proper full fat Coke
LOTS of alcohol

:drool: I'm hungry just thinking about it!


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I forgot mulled wine, and chocolate orange segments. Drool


has a thin girl inside!
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Pringles r def a theme here...I wonder why no1 has them all year around r why we see them at a 'treat' at Christmas time?!
Maybe we'll never know!!

We've got 2 v tall tubes in our house but not sure when or what they are for!! :-/ maybe me now while I'm poorly!! Lol


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I've got 3 tubes of pringles in the cupboard too. Definately a theme.

cheese & crackers
pate & crackers
smoked salmon & scrambled egg - ok so far til I put them on a buttered (proper stuff) white bagel....... yum yum yum


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Pringles - again!!
Vol av vents with chunky chicken in them
Cheese wrapped in bacon
Brazil nuts in chocolate
Cheese and buiscuits
Baileys (I have a recipie for it, full fat)
Sherry while cooking dinner

Oh Dear:cry: