the thread iv dreaded making.


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hi im not sure if anyone will remember me.well i almost gotto target and crashed and one eating day turned into 4 months and here i am havig gained all the weight back:cry:iv been back on the cd 5 days now and am feeling great im weighing at home and my packs are being posted to me till im back down to 9st 2lb where i got to befor then i will go to meetings again my cd counciller is fine with this.i gained 3 stone in 4 months is that even possible :cry: il post more soon xxx louise
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Hey, you'll be back down to goal in no time. Try and look to the future and not the past. I've struggled really badly on this diet and finally my head feels in the right place for it.

Good luck and go for it!:D


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Hey you've done it once so you KNOW you can do it again. Lots of luck and stick to it x


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I`m sure you`ll lose it in no time.
Can i ask, did you work your way up the plans when you finished cd, or did you just stop it & start eating as normal.
I due to come off cd soon, & am so scared about not being able to stop myself.


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dont worry about it hun. we all make mistakes.
you're back in the right place! thats all that matters now.


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hey hotty, i remember you. your pics were amazing you looked so different. im sure you will have the weight of in no time :) best of luck we are all here for support xxx
I gained close on over a stone in month so know it's definitely possible to put it on fast. I empathise totally as I'm back on CD (where every day is feeling like a month) but hoping that because I put it on fast, I'll lose it fast.. I'm also still worried about maintaining after I lose because I seem to do ok for first few months and then the (bad) eating and weight creeps back in and I always vow to go back on CD again but kept postponing. Made up my mind this week would be it and so far it's been ok but I hate myself for having to go through this again - especially over the Christmas (nice food, drink and party) season :(


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Poor you and well done for starting again. I'm sure you'll have learnt from your experience and that will not happen this time. Best of luck.


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put it behind u and well done on getting back on track, this is my 3rd attempt so we all loose the plot sometimes, its amazing how fast the weight can go bak on,good luck u will be fine

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Awww hun, I've been there. Mine crept on over a year and it's an awful feeling I know. But you've taken the brave step and recognised that you've done it! The hard bit is over, just get yourself back in the zone, and enjoy the feeling of losing weight again.
Good luck, I know you'll do fine! x


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Well done for getting back on it, it's so tough and the first 5 painful days are over so hopefully things will go great from here! Sure you will have a fantastic first week loss to really motivate you xx


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Welcome back, we all yo-yo diet every now and again, but you know CD works for you and you can do it. So keep focused and you will soon have dropped all that weight you want to be rid of and you will be back to your best self.