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Dear all after reading a recent thread i am now panic stricken about the consumption of bars and how it will affect my weight loss.
Most seem to say it does slow down weight loss, but no one says by how much or why?
I am now left with feelings of guilt about eating them. And on a diet this restricting that is not a good feeling to have.
it is my first week on bars this week, and i've had one every day... now dreading weigh in tomorrow.
please can someone advise.
Sarah xxx:cry:
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You can have a bar a day but thats more due to the laxative effect. On this diet you will loose weight whether you have the bars or not. I'm not aware of them slowing weight loss but have to say I no longer eat them as now find them absolutely vile!! Have a few squashed ones left & hope the taste may come back one day!

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I don't think they slow down weight loss, I usually have one a day & it doesn't appear to have affected my weight loss.
I have had to occasionally have 2 in a day, which you are not supposed to, but the only effect I got was that I needed to go to the loo, which sometimes helps on this diet.
Don't worry about the bars, you will lose weight on this diet as long as you stick to the rules.


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I had really bad problems with the shakes/ soups and had 3 bars a day instead.
My loss was definately slower than the rest of the group but I also didn't have as far to go as the rest of my group so may have lost it slower anyway.
Its hard to know for sure I guess.
I've consistently had a bar every day and I don't think it has affected my weight loss. I have one week left of foundation and have lost just over 3 &1/2 stone, so please don't feel guilty about eating the bars!! If they were detrimental to our weight loss we wouldn't be given them in this diet :)
Hi Just want to agree with the other comments.

The bars are fine, as long as you aim to have only one a day.

They brake up the boredom sometimes and are great for one of the meals when you are out and about.

I have just started week 10 and already lost 3 stone and always had a bar apart from a couple of days when I wanted a soup instead. Don't worry, you will loose on this diet. Just put your all into it

Take Care :scale:


I'm on CD not LL so it might not apply, but, the reason why Bars are used with caution is that they contain more carbohydrate than the shakes.
so in theory ,if you are sensitive to carbs,or are not firmly established in ketosis first it could nock you out & thus slow your losses.
My guess is that the LL bars are mch the same.
I've been too scared to do bars much,but what I do is either have one on a day when i've been physically active,or have a 1/2 bar + 1/2 shake.Then the other 1/2'sthe next day.


has started again!!
I have a Nut Crunch bar every day. (cant stand the others at all...) It has not affected my weight loss as far as I can tell, as by my week 12 WI I had lost 4stone 6lb.

One a day what LL recommend if you are going to use them, so I reckon they must be ok?


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They haven't slowed mine down. I lost 4st 10 in Foundation and have lost a further stone in the last 4 weeks. I didn't have them for the first 10 weeks because I had the same fears you had, but I couldn't be without them now.


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I can only agree, I lost 6 stone in 6 months with having 1 bar a day for the whole time.

Think it was just a blessing to have something to chew once a day.

On a cautionary note about them, as mentioned, they DO cause "problems" if eaten in excess! I am a struggler at the moment and last week had a mad moment of a bar binge. Phew, don't even ask!!! Windy ain't the word!!!
I didn't realise that the bars have a laxative effect - I didn't have any this weekend and do feel a bit blocked up. I generally have a bar every day and don't feel they've effected my weight loss.


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