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The truth about PCOS

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No not at all, I have PCOS and I haven't been told I wont be able to have children. I havr just been told it may take a little longer. x x


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No, some people may have more difficulty conceiving than others, but it's not an impossibility.
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thanks for replying!

iv been so worried about this. the dr just confirmed i have it, but never went into detail - i made the mistake of reading online about pcos & all i seem to have read is bad things.

one of the main things that stood out was not being able to have children, and at 19 thats a scary thought!


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Look at the positive of being diagnosed just now, at 19 you are young enough to make lifestyle changes that will make the symptom management easier. Could be a whole different story if you were diagnosed in later life. At least now you can plan on what next steps to take.

Chin up kid :D
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I have PCOS and I had my 2 children, both naturally. It took us 6 months to conceive our daughter, but only 3 months to conceive our son :)
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Nice to hear some positive stories about PCOS...
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I was diagnosed at 22 and now at 34 have 2 beautiful daughters conceived naturally :)
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thanks guys. you's have reassured me its not all bad!!

just another wee question; did you find with pcos you had mood swings/emotional? im finding this a lot recently. not sure if its because of pcos or something else!!
No it doesn't! I'm answering this both personally as a PCOSer and professionally. I can't tell you how many women get told they will never conceive naturally with PCOS, and sometimes end up with unwanted pregnancies as they don't worry too much about contraception.

If your periods are irregular, or you are having a longer cycle, then the frequency that you ovulate is reduced. Which makes getting pregnant a little trickier.

Some women find they need a bit of help, but not usually to the extent of IVF.


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I was diagnosed at 19 and thought a bit like you that I couldnt have children naturally ...6 months later oops I found out I was pregnant. I had a healthy little boy who is now 10. I also have a 7 year old boy and a 5 year old girl. Although I have found that my symptoms have increased as Ive got older and now at 30 my periods are really irregular and often missing for a while so as much as having a child young is something I wouldnt advise I am very glad I had my children younger rather than waiting till now and I would have struggled.


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I too have PCOS. My 10 year old was conceived 1st month we tried and my 6 year old was conceived the 1st month I took clomid :)


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At a Drs appointment I was told I wouldnt be able to conceive naturally due to the PCOS. I had to have a routine pregnancy test as I was trialling a new insulin and, yes you guessed it, I was pregnant!!


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I hope you don't mind me giving my experience, I have PCOS and couldn't conceive.

I had 2 cycles of IVF, didn't get pregnant and decided that it was just too much of an emotional toll.

10 years ago we adopted a 11 month old boy and I can honestly say it was the most positive, life enriching, amazing experience of my life. :) So even if you can't conceive naturally (and a large proportion can) it doesn't mean there are no options open to you.

Also, I had awful PMT, awful periods and really bad mood swings. 3 years ago I had a Merena coil fitted and it has changed my life completely - no periods, no PMT, no pain, no mood swings. Ask your doctor if it would be suitable for you.
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I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 16, now at the age of 25 I have 2 gorgeous children both conceived naturally. With my son it took us 9 months to fall and my daughter took about 6 months and was on the first month of taking metformin and dieting.xx
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well my and my df have been trying for around 16 months and haven't been able to conceive.

i'm currently loosing weight in the hope that i start ovulating again - i haven't in over 2 yrs despite loosing weight in that time.

i'm now being seen my a gyno and have to loose more weight before we get given any kind of help :/

i suppose everyone's experiences are different
It does make it harder but it is not impossible! I have many friends with PCOS who have gotten pregnant without IVF. Some had to take Clomid or Femara, some did IUI and some did do IVF. Everybody is different.

We did Clomid and it didn't do anything for me.
Now I'm trying weight loss w/ Cambridge diet and we are adopting but still TTC.

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