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The Truth About Size Zero


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Wednesday at 9pm on ITV.

From what I could gather from the advert, Louise Redknapp tries to either get down to a size 0, or she follows the diet of the average person who's size o.

Looks pretty interesting - Unfortunately I will be watching
The Dresden Files, so if anyone watches this I would appreciate your comments about it. :)
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Yes, it's about Louise Redknapp and her excrutiating journey to get down to a size 0. Gripping viewing to see how awful getting a figure like stick insect Posh must be like, urgh! I can't imagine any of us would want to be a size that doesn't exist?! Does size 0 mean that you don't exist or that people can see right through you? Surely you have to be a number of some sort lol?!!!!!!!!!! ;)

I read that it was really awful for Louise and she felt ill and depressed and really struggled with the restricted, stupid limited calories to get down to a size 0 and that's bearing in mind that she is tiny anyway!! :eek:

I will watch this on Wednesday with interest and be glad I have no plans EVER of being a size that doesn't even register on the number scale. I mean, who lives in a house that is number 0?



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Apparently she only weighs 7st 10lbs anyway (is 5ft 4in, and size 8), and she got down to 6st 13lbs - although was very unhappy at that weight.
ill be watching looks really good, i stsrted a thread ages ago about everyones veiws on size zero and i dont think its normal to be honest. i understand there are some lucky people out there who are naturally skinny but not that skinny, it looks dreadful and i would be happy at a 12 (only one dress size away) let alone a 0


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its American size 0, british size 4. Asda are now selling this size. I had a look at a top the other day and it would have fitted my daughter as a dress when she was about 6.


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I'll be watching out of morbid fascination and curiosity as there is no way I would ever want to be that thin. I don't think posh looks nice at all. Whenever I see pictures of her with Katie Holmes who is slim but healthy looking, I realise how revolting that size is! It's just a skeleton with a bit of skin stretched over urgh. That being said, I will enjoy the programme to remind myself of why I could never do it.


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I had no idea that they'd started selling those sizes over here! Although I'm not sure why I'm so shocked, as it has been such a big deal in celeb world for so long, it was only a matter of time before people over here started copying it... and there must be a demand for that size for shops to start stocking it.

Here's some more information I've found:

Louise's size 0 'experiment' - Jan 5 2007
Former Eternal crooner Louise Redknapp has apparently admitted that she risked her health to slim down to a size 0 for a TV show.

The 32-year-old mum-of-one, who is married to football pundit Jamie, 33, says she spent a month on starvation rations at a boot camp in Los Angeles, according to The Daily Star.

Normally a trim size 8, the model went on a crash diet to see what it's like to be a skinny waif. Famous celebrities, who famously boast a size 0 frame, include Victoria Beckham and Nicole Richie.

The blonde says the experiment left her a wreck - she had no energy, trouble sleeping and lost her libido.

She said: "I've felt pressure to be stick-thin and wanted to highlight the damage young girls can do to their bodies.

"I hope my experiment helps people to see the real dangers of the extreme skinny look."

The show, The Truth About Size Zero, will be screened on ITV1 later this year.

Louise Redknapp
LOUISE REDKNAPP discovered the dangers of crash dieting when she slimmed down to size zero in 30 days for an ITV1 documentary.

The sexy star, 32, dropped two dress sizes to US size zero (UK size 4) by fasting and enrolling in a punishing fitness boot camp as an experiment for The Truth About Size Zero.
Louise, who was left feeling ill, tired and unable to sleep by the gruelling regime said: “I completely underestimated how hard it would be.”

She was also was reduced to tears when she came face to face with the health dangers of size zero when she met anorexia sufferers at the Rhodes Farm Clinic, North London which treats victims of eating disorders.

Explaining why she embarked on a mission to become stick thin, she said: “I grew up in the entertainment industry. I’ve always felt even at a size 8 that I’ve never been quite skinny enough.

“There was always the pressure that if I could have lost half a stone it would have been better.

“It’s such a lot of pressure on a young woman and if I was feeling that, I know a lot of other young women were also feeling that”

For the programme, Louise visited her old stage school the Italia Conti Academy of theatre Arts to warn pupils about the horrors of crash dieting.

The mum of one, who is wed to ex-footballer Jamie Redknapp, added: “If every woman who wants to become really skinny could just spend 30 minutes with a doctor telling them what’s going to happen to them, I think you’d get very few of them carrying on with it.”

Also featured in the programme are Louise’s pal actress Denise Van Outen who was told to lose weight when she moved to Los Angeles and ex-Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm who was dubbed “Sumo Spice” when she resorted to binge eating.

Nutritionist Dr Adam Carey who monitored Louise during filming and warned her about the dangers of crash dieting, commented: “The current vogue is macabre. I think it’s obscene and it’s very unhealthy.”

Two months on from her size zero diet Louise has put the weight back on, regained her curves and returned to a size eight.

The Truth About Size Zero, ITV1, March 7, 9pm

The Sun Online - TV: Louise's size zero warning



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I just saw Louise Redknapp on This Morning. Her journey to get to an American size zero is shocking. I shall definitely be watching the programme tomorrow night. I hope this documentary will bring about a turnaround in this ridiculous media bombardment of stupid, skinny celebrities. Well done Louise for being brave enough to do the documentary and show size zero for what it really is.


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Thanks Sparkle for all the information:)

I missed it last week, must watch it tomorrow night.

Love Mini xxx


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She just said how awful it was for her. She cried a lot during the documentary. She said the food deprivation was terrible and also the worries to her health (infertility especially). The documentary tomorrow night features Dr Adam Carey (the handsome dr that used to be on Celebrity Fit Club).

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow night ITV1 9pm. :)
She just said how awful it was for her. She cried a lot during the documentary. She said the food deprivation was terrible and also the worries to her health (infertility especially). The documentary tomorrow night features Dr Adam Carey (the handsome dr that used to be on Celebrity Fit Club).

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow night ITV1 9pm. :)
Thanks Janey

I'll make a note to watch tomorrow night. Silly about this morning I just always assume anything worth watching will be on near the end of the show so they can get you to sit through the whole prog. Which I just can't!

Dizzy x

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