The TRUTH about 'The Biggest Loser'....

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    I started watching this show a few years back, as anything on TV that relates to fat loss & fitness instantly catches my eye.

    Now I WILL admit that I've always found the show to be entertaining. And also very inspirational. You can't help but feel something tingling in your stomach when you see the final contestants having literally transformed into a new person by the end of the show. I succinctly remember one brunette woman from last years USA version of the show, who lost well over 100lbs and on the final show looked more gorgous than half the A-list supermodels we have walking around.

    And since I've never even been in a situation where I've personally felt what it must be like to overcome such a huge body-changing goal, I can only imagine how inspirational many of the viewers who are in the same position as the contestants feel.

    However, whilst I do find it an entertaining show due to the inspirational factor, I was literally horrified to see a lot of the training methods used by the so-called 'experts' Bob and Jillian. I distinctly remember in the VERY first episode of a season, they had a number of obese individuals sprinting up hills! I was very shocked and saddened to see something that ANY exercise practitioner could tell you could potentially KILL an untrained person in that state of health. This is not an exagerration. Obese and overweight individuals suffer heart attacks all the time when merely sitting down. Think about when that heart is beating multiple times faster for the first time in years, possibly ever.

    Like I said however, I see the show as Entertainment, because like other TV shows, it is based on 'reality' although most of it is done for TV purposes. I laughed it off when I saw that initial hill sprint, and another event where they would sprint up and down a train carriage (and a contestant almost did suffer a heart attack). I honestly presumed that they didn't ACTUALLY have to do those dangerous activities, its just 2 seconds clips for TV.

    However, seems I was wrong. it also seems that Im not the only one to pick up on it.....

    Please read the following links carefully and with an open mind. The reason this whole issue has come to my attention is because I've started hearing more and more people ask me for advice on doing Biggest Loser-style workouts, and telling me how great the show is. Im all for people enjoying the show for entertainment value as Ive admitted to, but the general public don't realise how dangerous and misleading this show is. So again, please read these articles.

    Observations from a Strength Coach....: The Real Biggest Losers.....the viewers

    Minding the Media: The Impact of The Biggest Loser | World of Psychology

    After reading this I am genuinely appauled at the nerve of Bob and Jillian. Obviosuly they are qualified fitness professionals, but that means that these two, of all people, should know how absolutely wrong what they doing to these contestants is.

    When I first watched this show, I though "How amazing would it be if I could become a trainer on the show, and help people change thier lives!?"

    But now I know the truth. The truth is that Bob Haper and Jillian Michaels obviosuly know the dangers of what they are channelling to all the contestants and viewers. The truth is also that they are abusing the responsibiltiy they have of thier client's safety and well being, for the sake of getting a fat paycheque and increasing their celebrity status.

    Just ANOTHER example of how the fitness industry doesn't CARE about you wanting to lose weight, all it cares about is you giving it YOUR money. Its all gimmicks, fads and useless advice that keeps you from reaching your goals, and so keeps you putting your hand in your wallet for more. It makes me sick, it really does.
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    Haha i got a kick outta that...I love biggest loser but when you look at it that way nobody would ever watch that season so why do we watch biggest loser? Makes me feel good about my weight loss personally...why i dont know it just does. interesting post, i enjoyed reading it thanks!
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