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  1. SkinnyCow

    SkinnyCow Full Member

    Did anybody watch it last night? Well.... i have had the third degree from a work collegue today. She told me that i have to come off the diet because all crash diets are bad for you.... what a load of rubbish.

    If anyone watched the programme last night then they would have heard a doctor telling Louise that she should not crash diet as it will be bad for her health and that it is dangerous.

    Louise was eating very small amounts of food, was not having any extra vitiamins or minerals and was losing muscle fat and not body fat. She was extremely tired and doing very high impact exercises. She was eating 800 cals a day.

    i decided to tell my work collegue that the CD was completely different to what Louise was doing, she was going from a healthy weight to underweight.

    I have now decided that it is obviously because she is jealous, as her and I were the only people in the office with a weight problem. I am now thinner than she is.

    Has anyone else had a problem today because of this?
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  3. DEvans

    DEvans Full Member


    I watched that show last night. It was fowl really. She was doing alot of high impact exercise and salad no carbs. There was definitely no extra proteins or vitamins in her diet.

    What the doctor said was that she was underweight and could be classified anorexic. He never said all vlcds were bad just the way she was doing it was making her unhealthy.

    I guess your colleague is jealous but if you're following this diet under close supervision then you should be fine.

  4. SkinnyCow

    SkinnyCow Full Member

    Hi Deb,

    Thanks for reply, this dr said he does not agree with any crash diet and would not usually monitor anyone who was on a crash diet as it was dangerous. I understood that he did not also agree with her doing the diet because she was at a healthy weight. He also mentioned that on a crash diet that you would have bad breath (he must have spoke to me lol) and would but the weight back on afterwards. The way i took it ,and obviously my collegue, that all crash diets were bad.

    I did not mention that i work for 3 GP's and spoke to them today about it and they said i am doing fine on the diet and my body is having everything that it needs, so not to worry about the programme.
  5. Mich

    Mich Taking Back Control...!!!

    I had a colleague who was similar size to me and was always quite chatty - however, the more weight I lost the less she spoke to me.....:rolleyes: :( When I started putting weight back on she started talking again.... says it all really doesn't it....:rolleyes:

    Haven't watched last nights programme yet but have it sky+ to watch later.....
  6. Fuzzys Angel

    Fuzzys Angel The Lovely James Hetfield

    I found the program quite shocking and scary.... It makes me angry that the new buzz word is to be a size zero, i think i'd look like a corpse if i got that A friend of mine today told me i didn't need to loss anymore weight and i need to be careful?! but i'm doing this for myself not the media or anyone else......

    Something has got to be done about size zero thing otherwise this country & the rest of the world will go from an epidemic of obsesity to an epidemic of unhealthy people with anorexia.....

    CD, LL & alike is full and nutrients and giving our bodies what it needs to lose weight and be healthly with it, the problem is these programs don't show this side and friends and families that know we are VLCD just worry because they don't understand........

    Size zero not for me, i'll be happy in a size 10 and i'm one dress size away from that.

    xxx :)
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  7. SkinnyCow

    SkinnyCow Full Member

    Hi Mich,

    You will enjoy the programme.

    This colleague that i mentioned is the only one who has not commented on how much weight i have lost. I defo think she is jealous, so i know how you feel. x
  8. Fuzzys Angel

    Fuzzys Angel The Lovely James Hetfield

    Jealously is not good, thoses with it have the problem not us...

  9. SkinnyCow

    SkinnyCow Full Member

    Hi Fuzzy,

    I could not have put that better myself. I myself do not want to be underweight, a healthy weight is fine by me. I wish they would make a programme about VLCD's.
  10. Dom1979

    Dom1979 Gold Member

    I fell asleep 10 mins before the end, did she get into the dress in the end?
  11. Skinny Cow, I saw the programme too..Scary what some girls do to themselves in the name of vanity and/or a career!

    I think it's because of people like your colleague that the programme has been very careful not to ensorse that sort of diet. Some people believe everything they see or read and are easily influenced as are the girls we saw in the anorexia clinic were influenced by these size zero models.

    I don't think so many doctors would sign the forms for CD if it were that dangerous. I think people on VLCD's are in a very different situation and will benefit from weight loss. Someone who starts out at a size 8 will definitely suffer and wouldn't be allowed to do CD anyway.

    We all needed to lose weight for our health, and if we look better in our clothes as a side effect then I for one will be delighted. We're all doing fab and No one with narrow minded views formed by watching one TV programme will stop us!! Will they?? :D

  12. gaijingirl

    gaijingirl has lying hips

    The term "crash diet" has so many negative connotations. I tend to think of a crash diet as altering your eating in such a way that not only do you drastically cut down your calories in order to lose weight but you also "crash down" on your vitamins etc etc. I don't think that VLCDs do that. Quite the opposite in fact.

    I think also that the fact he said that going back to eating afterward can be problematic and result in more weight gain and lead to yo-yo dieting is reflected in the way that both LL and CD recommend following a supervised maintenance plan that slowly introduces food - precisely to avoid this problem (amongst others!).

    What worries me about myself - and I'm going to be unpopular saying this - is that a part of me does want to be a size zero. It's nothing to do with vanity and everything to do with striving for perfection and having a very all or nothing attitude. I excelled at fat and part of me feels that being thin isn't good enough - I need to be extremely thin. I'm not sure why I set myself up for failure in such a way - but I'm working on it.
  13. SkinnyCow

    SkinnyCow Full Member

    Hi Dom, lol yes she got into the dress but was so tired that she could not be bothered. I must admit she did not look that good in it either.

    Hi Tiara hun x You are right. CD has been around for a very long time, and if it is that dangerous why has it not been taken off the market.

    I for one will not let it stop me from losing weight on CD.

    CD Rocks lol xxx
  14. SkinnyCow

    SkinnyCow Full Member

    Hi Gaijingirl,

    i can honestly say that being extremely thin does not interest me, all i want is to be a healthy weight. I would like to get just under my goal so that if i do gain an extra few pounds then i can afford to do so, as long as i keep an eye on the gains and act accordingly.

    Each to their own hun xx
  15. GreenDayJen

    GreenDayJen Full Member

    Slimming World
    i can see how people fall into that cycle of never being skinny enough. there was a time i thought i'd be happy just to be a size 14. then i go down to a 10 and i still htought i was fat. now i look at photos and realise i was a bit too thin. but now i'm a size 12 and i feel really overweight. yet anyone who is a size 12 i think looks great. personally, i think once you get to goal is when the really hard stuff starts, especially in your head.
  16. gaijingirl

    gaijingirl has lying hips


    Well that's a much healthier attitude - most of me wants this too - it's the destructive side of me - the side that propelled me to get so overweight that is attracted by the idea of being underweight. It's not a rational decision any more than wanting to be 18 stone was a rational decision. I just mean that I can empathise with people who do strive to be size zero - I think it's the flip side of the coin really - either way we're all (as women in particular) victims of the size debate it seems - regardless of what size we are.
  17. gaijingirl

    gaijingirl has lying hips

    If someone had told me when I was 18 stone that I would wake up one day and be the weight I am now I would have been over the moon. Of course I'm delighted to be so much slimmer now - but I still don't feel anywhere near slim enough. I look back at a period in the 90s when I maintained a weight of approximately 11 stone and played squash competitively several times a week - I was super toned and fit - but I remember, even then feeling that I was fat!! It makes me wonder if I will ever feel "good enough"? This, I think, is one of the cruxes of weight loss and food management for me at least. I do wonder what's happened to so many of us that things have turned out this way?
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  19. GreenDayJen

    GreenDayJen Full Member

    Slimming World
    totally understand where you're coming from. i like to think i'm clever enough not to be drawn in by what i see in magazines but i'm not sure really..

    what is most frightening i think is that these days, if you're a size 8, there are two sizes smaller than you still. there was a time when to be a size 8 was REALLY slim. it was mad that someone as teeny as louise redknapp had to drop two whole dress sizes to get to a zero.
  20. Soraya

    Soraya Silver Member

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    I couldn't beleive they got Louise R to do it - I was surprised she wasn't a size zero already she looked so thin.

    I was really worried about her calories - we only ever saw her with green salad. But she was on 800 cals a day. I started laughing (sorry). That's more than SS for goodness sake - why was she so tired she should have been on ketosis. Made me realise how important it was to do this using a balanced diet. Also, I had reserves to sue that I didn't need (fat) and she really didn't.

    Size 4 as a I like to think of it isn't normal for most adult women. It is for some people (my mum lived in china and was always being turned away from shops as the chinese XXL didn't fit her size 12 frame!) But generally, no.

    No more healthy than being morbidly obese. Not sure what the point of the program was though apart from to tell us what we knew.
  21. blitz

    blitz Silver Member

    slimming world
    I wasnt impressed with the programe.
    Her bmi was very low to start off with, she only lost 6lb before the doctor said her Bmi was very unhealthy
    The mad fittness trainer also said that the odd biscuit wouldnt normally be a problem but she had set a very tough target with a very tight deadline
    Also she only lost 11lb but dropped 2 dress sizes, she must have been really thin in the 1st place. I had to laugh when Jamie said he didnt like skinny women, she was already skinny!!!:D To say she was doing it to expose the sz 0 lifestyle was a joke. The only good thing realy said was that you have to be careful when you stop and eat carefully.
    Ive never wanted to be super thin I have always wanted to look good. If you set too low a target who will never be able to maintain it, and that it the biggest battle of all. You have much more chance of maintaining if you set a realistic target
  22. SkinnyCow

    SkinnyCow Full Member

    I totally agree with all your comments.

    Gaijingirl, i see where you are coming from hun, when i was younger (18 onwards) i must have only been 9stone and thought i was the fattest person around (all my friends were thin). Most of my adult life i have dieted, and yes but it all back on and more. So i am a serial yo-yo dieter. Lets hope this time it is going to stay off.

    Hi Greendayjen, i usually dont let the women in magazines bother me, usually to busy looking at the men lol.

    Blitz i have tried to explain this to all the CD negative people who watched the programme. I pointed out a number of things:
    1 You did not see her take in any extra vitiamins
    2 She did high impact exercise twice a day.
    3 had a low BMI to start with.
    4 lost muscle fat
    Then i explained how different the CD diet was and asked them...... do i look tired or do i look ill, which they replied no. So why are they so negative.
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